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NEW GTA 5  DNS CODES! UNLIMITED MONEY 100% WORKING After patch 1.36/1.29

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139 Responses to NEW GTA 5 DNS CODES! UNLIMITED MONEY 100% WORKING After patch 1.42

  1. tastien says:

    DNS codes for PS4?
    Please .
    You can give me 50 000 000$
    Id: tastien
    Plt: PS4

  2. tastien says:

    After patch 1.34

  3. HITRA540 says:

    After 5 min :O im best now xD
    Have alot of money and
    Share on my Netherland facebook page !

  4. Doctorres87 says:

    recieved Bank $1,383,741,830 cash , Really Tnx mate , I get my Money and is working like a charm with
    last patch 1.3 🙂
    I support you with share on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest 🙂
    I send you all my friends to you and I have some friends 😉 Tnx again !

  5. dalphin says:

    can someone do this for me it wont work for me im on 360 my gamertag is DALPHIN MATCHEW

  6. gtasa023 says:

    someone can give my bilion dollar? xbox one gamer tag: scrimpysmile863

  7. Jacob says:

    The DNS codes aren’t working for me
    Can someone help me out? Or even maybe lobby me for cash?
    360: Goat Pamaaj

  8. ABOVE_THE_LAW_01 says:

    i need money bad am down to $600.00 i dont need much RP but cash i need if you can help that would be awesome. ABOVE_THE_LAW_01 FOR PS4

  9. Wolf says:

    Can you give me 300,000,000 money please?
    Ps3 Mordenkrad

  10. Noor shaker says:

    Can someone sack for me ps4 id:Thekingluffy077. I really need money and level thanks anyone who will hack for me

  11. xgenkiller says:

    Where is the dns codes

  12. dawidlowca says:

    can someone do it for me
    my psn ; dawidlowca

  13. Matthy200038 says:

    Bro I received money and the generators 900000000 $ on ps4 My gamertag is Matthy200038. Thank you admin

  14. Vwheelz says:

    Hey Admin can you please help a brother out and generate me 25Mill on Xbox one : RuskiaMafia. I would really appreciate this man.

  15. Michael says:

    I have completed the offers numerous times please help me out Admin I’d be very much appreciated!

    Xbox one
    Oh Kryptek

    $10.5 billion
    Level 420

    Please help thanks!

  16. nick says:

    i need money bad please help tool won’t work for me I’m on ps4 my name is nick23939

  17. NME_PHIL says:

    Please help me admin could you please send me and rank 50 so I can get back to where I was thanks I’m on ps4 username NME_PHIL

  18. Jeff says:

    Can someone give $25 billion
    My console is Xbox 360
    Gamer tag: chiefjeffjeff
    Thanks in advance

  19. Dylan says:

    I need money real bad. I don’t care how much. Gamer tag. IDGT DALTA 02. JUST LIKE THAT. thanks man

  20. Nick says:

    I wasn’t able to get it working so I was wondering if it was patched if not I could really use a couple million

    Platform: ps4


  21. sean says:

    Hey Admin can you please send me billions of money and rp please and thank you..

  22. Colton says:

    Hey I need some cash please. My PSN ID is KMKZ_Conway and I need 35,000,000. I’m very thankful for any help.

  23. TheJiin says:

    Can you give me 10 billion on ps4 my psn id is TheJiin

  24. cy says:

    How about 500 million and rank 200 for me? Psn id: vexatious cy


  25. J3 says:

    Can you please add 1 billion $ to my account, Juliobl1 on PC

  26. Steven says:

    I need money and completed 3 offers. 1 billion would be nice and 1000 rp if cool ps4 id is lilred100

  27. usman says:

    plz someone i really need money on gta 5 pc
    my username is “usmanking123”
    plz plz

  28. Rudy says:

    Can someone send me one billion dollars.for ps4 my gamertag is Killer187851 big k

  29. Rudy says:

    Someone please help me

  30. Rudy says:

    Admin can you please send me some money

  31. John says:

    I need 30,000,000 badd!

  32. mike says:

    can you give me 100 billion
    PS3 faze_rapid_44
    and rank 100

  33. Above Logicz says:

    Hey Admin, could i possibly get 100 mil? If i could, that would be great.

  34. JayBae says:

    Hey Admin i was wondering if you can help me out. I need cash now and maybe 90 million would be great. I tried downloading the hack tool and it didn’t work. Could use the help thank you. PS4 : LikeWhoa1200

  35. wajdee says:

    admin ♡ please help me with some money 300million please wajdee1000 ps4

  36. Maal says:

    Hii can some1 plz jus send me a laarge ammount of money ps4 addy: Maliik786

  37. Maal says:

    Preferably around a billion that way money wont be an issue thank you. Ps4 addy: Maliik786

  38. Caleb says:

    Hey can you help me out with some money please ? I really need help. I lost my old account and I can’t make any money. I would really appreciate it … My xbox one gamer tag is ufailhaha249 …thank you very much

  39. Caleb Reed says:

    Hey can you help me out with some money please ? I really need help. I lost my old account and I can’t make any money. I would really appreciate it … My xbox one gamer tag is ufailhaha249 …thank you

  40. Caleb Reed says:

    Thank you admin

  41. roy bourgeois says:

    hey Admin im DaChamp1980 xbox one send me 8 billion if you could thanks

  42. Sammy says:

    Hey Admin my Xbox one Gt is ITSsammylolhmub can you please give me a billion dollars? Thank you

  43. Jordan says:

    Can some one give me a billion dollars on xbox one gamertag is MediocreLake281 that would be awesome.

  44. Albas says:

    Can someone give $2 billion on pc online (( Albas17 ))

  45. sarah says:

    hi can u give 5000000 rp and 1 billion dollar please

  46. Semih says:

    Admin can i please get 50 mill i want it so bad because al my friends have a yacht a grotti and more and i just have a zentorna

    Pls admin

  47. Sharmin says:

    Admin can you give me 1 billion dollar an

    5000000 rp please?☺on ps4 and my gamertag

    is: sharminsh1212

  48. Sharmin says:

    Please help admin

  49. Cerebus says:

    Can I get a money drop? I have a new account and I’m only level 3 atm. And I would greatly appreciate it if Admin would give me RP and Money. <3 I'm on Xbox 360
    Desired:50,000,000$ And if you can do RP I would like to be level 100ish

    Who ever does this (if anyone) I love you!! XD thank you

    • Admin says:

      i will send you 50,000,000$ and up your level 100 , take the operation 12, after check your account , enjoy money and level Cerebus .

  50. Esa says:

    admin hit me up please
    50 mill

  51. Sharmin says:

    Admin can you give me 1 billion money and some rp please
    Gamertag: sharminsh1212 on ps4

  52. Sharmin says:


  53. Wayne says:

    HitLa_Da_Produce is my ID admin hook me up
    Cash and tp dnt matter how much please and thank you!


  54. liam thompson says:

    hit me with 1 billion plz desperate for some money and rp many thanks

    username is leebobdonkey

  55. Semih-015 says:

    Admin can i pls get 40 mill pls

    My ps4: semih-015

  56. DustyFrost311 says:

    Hey my PC accounts name is DustyFrost311.

    Could you put like 200.000.000 to my account and some RP too ? 🙂

  57. Sharmin says:

    Admin please give 2 or 1 billion I havent got much money please help
    Gamertag:sharminsh1212 ps4

  58. VINICIUS says:

    Give some money and RP
    RP: 2.500.000



  59. Vinicius Dias says:

    Hey my PC accounts name is vinho89

    Could you put like 500.000.000 to my account?

  60. Ivan says:

    Hello admin I am wondering if you can give me 500million on ps4 and my account is XxError15xX

  61. War. says:

    Yo admin please could you hook me up with some money? 60 mil in on 360 and my gamertag is Cerberus340

  62. Help me Admin says:

    Admin please give me $10,000,000

    Gamertag xbox one:D Genos Cy (all separate)

  63. SparkzRemixed97 says:

    hey any chance for like 4 or 6 million thanks.

    psn- SparkzRemixed97 ps4

  64. Semih-015 says:

    Hey my PS4 acc is: semih-015
    Could you give me 1 billion
    And pls could you give me some RP doesn’t matter how much

  65. Wesley Kutlak says:

    Hey Admin, Help me Please ??

    My nickname: Kutlak_BF
    Plataform: Ps4

    Give money ?

  66. Jake says:

    Can i have 1 billion dollars please! my xbox gamertag is “Flipgamer” Thank you

  67. Jay Webster says:

    Admin please give me 1 billion need some new stuff gt: jj5102hunter

  68. KieranM-99 says:

    Could you give me 50million dollars

  69. D0mca says:

    Could I please get 10 Millions? I would like to become a CEO.
    Name: _D0mca_
    Plattform: PC

  70. Semih-015 says:

    Hi admin could you pls give me 40 million
    And some RP you can choose how mich

  71. diddy says:

    ps4 account diddster187 please give 50 million dollars

  72. diddy says:

    can I also have RP that will allow me to play the game with access to a high end needs ID diddster187 PS4

    thanks – appreciate it as I’m a bit of a noob online gta.

  73. m says:

    Ps4 Account: Mo_Cho246
    I need cash if that’s ok around 30 million will be great.
    many thanks

  74. GlockMagic says:

    hey can i pls have some money i have 4$ left XD

    QC_GlockMagic on PC

    ty very much

  75. HarmanA94 says:

    Really broke right now would really like it if you could get me some money 100 million or more works please and thanks. My gamertag is HarmanA94

  76. Hey can someone help me in gtav online i need money 2 billions would be fine thank you i would really appreciate it,my name tag is: wolfshadow7904 and im on the ps4 thank you man:)

  77. tj23 says:

    admin can you help me out with 3bil K7NG_SHAWN

  78. Aidil hafiz says:

    Hey admin can i get $900,000,000?My

    console is ps4.My id is

    aidilhafiz2003.And a level of 120.I

    really need that money and the level.

    Thanks admin.

  79. Alicia says:

    Can you do this for me?!?!

  80. Lucifer says:

    Admin send me 1 billion and make me rank 120 please, I’m on ps4 and my username is Poopypantz88, don’t judge lmao I didn’t make it

  81. schmidtan says:

    hey can someone please send me 300.000.000 in gta v online at ps4. name tag is : schmidtan1337

  82. IAmAPM says:

    Admin, Please could you give me 20 Million?
    PS4 Name IAmAPM

  83. Andreas says:

    Hey, can u plesase help like 40 mil, ps4, name fetsnyggifez
    Thank you

  84. SquirmyCobra640 says:

    Pls přidejte mi alespon do gta 5 online 60.000.000 Milionu Dolars…..A level mi nedávejte ten nepotřebuji…. předem díky..

    Xbox one
    Nick name:SqurimyCobra640
    60.000.000 Dolaru v hotovosti

  85. siermonte says:

    Hello. Can someone give a large amount of money? id: siermonte PC platform. Thx c:

  86. gxalax says:

    PC ID LosiRAA can i have some money ?

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