About IWantCheats and What We Do Here

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IWantCheats is the best place to go for undetected cheats and hacks on your favorite first-person shooter PC games. We have the only undetected aimbot in the world for BE and EAC games. Our head of operations is Christy and we love her!

We are a passionate and hardworking team, who love what we do. We have two main code developers as well one artist ready to create your next logos for you!

Along with that our web guy is always online helping out where he can or if someone needs advice about something technical-related then don’t hesitate in asking him because he’s more than happy help all day long!!

And finally there are 5 mods here giving answers on any questions asked by members so far.

We are NOT taking on new staff right now but we will post here when we do decide to hire again.

Here’s the deal with IWC:

If you’re not ranking up fast enough…

If you get your butt kicked by all the teens in shooter games.

If you’re having to play hours or days to unlock everything.

Then IWC is here to give you the tools and help so you can get better.

We give you game cheats with over 40 amazing features to make the game more fun – give you better value for the money you spent – and we make you always want to come back for more.

With the popularity of cheats like our Warzone hacks, people are turning to cheat programs in order to get an edge on their competition.

Some gamers download game cheats while others turn instead towards addons that affect other aspects outside just gameplay such as weapon selection or character level ups – check out what some pro players think about these types here!

How IWantCheats Can Make You Have a Better Gaming Experience

We are a big believer in making video gaming better and allowing users to cheat in games to win every round.

We have been online with a variety of websites for more than eight years and over a million users who have tried our cheats.

When you use the cheats you will never want to go back to playing any other way, it makes the game that much fun.

So sign up now on our forum and join the best game hack site in the world!