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Rules of Survival Hack

We released the first Rules of Survival Hack for the PC, and our team is working to get cheats together for the IOS and Android versions of the game as well. ROS is even better than our PUBG Hack because this game allows for 300 players at one time!”

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Our Rules of Survival Cheat allows you to see every enemy in the game at all times. We also display items, player names, and even more.

Rules of Survival Hack

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Do you include a Rules of Survival Aimbot?

Yes, the Rules of Survival Aimbot comes with every membership, so you get access to every feature we offer.

How does the Aimbot work?

  1. Setup the ROS Aimbot key in the menu
  2. Start any game
  3. Find the enemy with the ROS ESP
  4. Press the Aimbot key
  5. The ROS Hack locks onto the enemy
  6. Press fire and take the enemy down (even across the map)

Can I get detected using the Rules of Survival Cheat?

Our Rules of Survival Cheat is undetected, and we update it anytime a new version or update is released by the developers.

No other ROS Hacks offer the number of features we do. Check out what you get included with any VIP membership.

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Rules of Survival Cheat


ROS ESP Always see the enemy anywhere on the map
Name ESP: Displays the name of each player (harass people)
Distance ESP: Shows how far away players are located from you
Item ESP: Displays item names close to you
BB ESP: Draws a box around every player for easy location

ROS CHEAT RADAR See the enemy on our radar with dots
Enemy: Show on the radar in red
Moveable: Move the radar anywhere on the screen
Sizeable: Adjust the size of the radar

ros hack iwantcheats

ROS AIMBOT Instantly fire and kill anyone
Lock On: Press the aimbot key and the crosshair locks on
Stay Locked: The ROS Aimbot will stay locked until dead
Instant Change: The aimbot will change to the next player
Instant Kill: Bullets hit accurately even when moving

ROS MENU Adjust settings in the game
Mouse Driven: Use the mouse to adjust the settings
Millions of Colors: Change colors on the fly
Fully adjustable: Adjust ever aspect of the ROS Hack

Rules of Survival Aimbot

How do I download the Rules of Survival Hack?

You’ll need to get a copy of Rules of Survival and install it on your PC first. Don’t worry the game is free so it won’t cost you a thing, once the game is installed follow these steps.

  1. Register on our forum
  2. Sign up for Rules of Survival Cheat Access
  3. Go to the secret VIP Rules of Survival forum
  4. Download the cheat, and that’s it

Cheats Rules of Survival PC

Rules of Survival: An Exciting Battle Royale Genre Game
If you were looking for a game that resembles the type of battle portrayed in The Hunger Games franchise, you are in luck. The Rules of Survival Hack which is now available on PC gives you a PUBG feel with more players.

The basic concept and the goal are not new; to survive until you are the last one standing. Simple, right? Not really! Over 150 million people play the game on Android and iOS, and when an island filled with 120 players at a time, you can imagine how much of a challenge it can be to overcome all of them.

The good thing is that instead of jumping in alone, you can initially team up with 4 of your friends to have the upper hand once you enter the vast island in the game universe. Collect a huge variety of ammunition, drive around in vehicles, and upgrade your character to look unique as in favorite games like Fortnite and Battlegrounds.

ros hack iwantcheats

Rules of Survival Gameplay
PC players cannot play with mobile players, but we have a large fanbase on both platforms. However, since the mobile version is widely played, I will talk about that. As a player, you get airdropped at a strategic location on the map. Once you hit the ground, you need to hurry up and collect weapons, armor, and other vital resources to survive the coming ordeal.

After that, whatever strategy you choose to adopt is up to you. Either you go defensive and wait for the massacre to end and then creep up to kill the survivors or you lock horns with your opponents from the get-go. Like most of the games in the Battle Royale category, the map is surrounded by a dome which restricts movement, meaning you can’t go roaming around, away from the battlefield.

The circle, where you play, deals damage to you if you are near its border. The more you move closer to the center the lesser the damage, but that also takes you to the frontlines amid raging battle. It also means, every moment of the game is filled with thrilling action and that you are engaged with foes at all times. The great thing is our Rules of Survival ESP feature allows you to see all items and people so you’ll never die again.

ros cheats

One game can last up to fifteen, twenty minutes, or more, depending on your skills. If you unfortunately die and get kicked out of the game, you can immediately be part of another arena, so there is no waiting. Non-stop entertainment!

The mobile version has a drawback, which can be taken as a challenge or a glitch to laugh at, you have a limited line of sight, so if you’re standing beside some players, you won’t know unless one of you starts to murder the other.

ROS is free to play; it features in-app purchases starting from 99 cents going up to $100 in the Android platform and from 99 cents to $19.99 on the iOS platform. Much like other mobile games, at some point in the game, you will be pushed to buy items, weapons, or upgrades that pop-up at critical times when you are tempted to buy.

The graphics are not super realistic in the sense that they are anime-like, so don’t expect a hardcore ambiance with sweat-dripping, grease-covered strong characters. The anime appeal, however, is not what you would expect.

Have Final Fantasy style characters in mind! I do not say the graphics are bad. They are fantastic and enjoyable, especially considering Rules of Survival has a vast universe and is a mobile-based game. Our team just released brand new Bloodhunt cheats for everyone who enjoys superb aimbot and vampire-type BR games.

Rules of Survival ESP

Tips and Tricks for Rules of Survival

  1. Rules of Survival is an entertaining game, even though it is based on the concept of repetition. The game can get too challenging for some to the extent that they contemplate leaving the game altogether. You don’t have to worry though if you think you fall into that category, as here I will discuss essential tricks and tips that can help you conquer the island.
  2. Beware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for foes using the camera views that let you see behind your back without changing the direction of your movement or stopping. This way nobody can sneak on you from behind while you are busy focusing on the enemies in front of you.
  3. Footsteps are visible on the compass placed on top of your screen. Look to that regularly to gauge if an opponent is near you, so you are ready to retaliate at all times.
  4. The map shrinks; therefore, you should be aware of the boundary at all times. Linger too long in one place, and you will suffer damage. You need to strategically make your way to the middle of the map, by avoiding opponents as well as the shrinking boundary to snatch a win in the arena.
  5. It is common knowledge that when you are getting shot at, duck or find a place to hide. Throughout the game you will find plenty of covers, however, if you face straight fire in an open field, you can’t do much. To avoid this problematic situation, gamers have developed a simple technique. Move erratically, strafe, duck, crouch, stand up, jump, do anything to destroy your killer’s aim until you can fight back or find a haven.
  6. Practice and practice hard. By that I mean, get familiar with all the controls on your mobile screen. You wouldn’t want to accidentally tap on the wrong option during an intense fighting scene since it could be lethal and could cost you the game.
  7. Be careful when escaping a vehicle. Don’t try to act like a commando and exit a car while it’s in motion. You will take damage, which is the last thing you want while you are surrounded by over a hundred foes armed with modern weapons.
  8. Learning how to use a parachute is critical when it comes to Rules of Survival. The game involves the use of strategy, which means you have to learn to descend faster than others and collect the crucial weapons, resources, and shields. Open the parachute early, and you have more leverage to fly farther to the extremes of the map and open the chute at the last moment to descend faster and make use of being the first few down. The best way to do that is to judge the plane’s direction and set a marker for your landing spot. Make sure you are don’t end up near too many opponents, or the beginning could be your end.
  9. One of the hardest aspects of the game is gunfighting. Aiming in mobile games is usually very hard since the controls are not that smooth compared with a controller. Expect to spend a lot of your time perfecting your aim before you win your first fight. Excellent previous experience with shooting games certainly helps. In any case, aim for the head and the upper torso to get fruitful results or check out this video for help.
  10. Make a mental blueprint of the places your opponents are situated by looking at where they drop. Doing this will give you a bright idea of what you could expect if you venture into a specific area. You wouldn’t want to end up in a war-torn region, with lots of potential opponents. Make your way to the rooftops of houses. They usually have a stack of weapons and are a great place to hide and scout.
  11. Your first instinct after landing would be to scramble for a heavy gun to fend for yourself. However, that is not necessarily the best way to start off. Since there is a high probability that other players are very skilled, you need to fetch a helmet and a backpack. Backpacks increase the number of items you can carry so you can stack up on ammo later and a helmet saves you from lethal headshots.
  12. The best weapon to use for the close-range battle is a shotgun as it has a nice spread of pellets that riddle your opponent with holes. For long-distance gunfights, any rifle which has a scope attached is an excellent choice. At times you can take advantage of being on high ground and shooting your foes with a scope-equipped rifle. If all else fails just get the Rules of Survival hack we offer and you’ll never lose again.

ROS Hacks

The IWantCheats Rules of Survival Hack is packed with features to help you win and get that chicken dinner every single round. Even though the game is of a repetitive nature, I never yawned for a second. Check out our top-rated Warzone hack that’s still undetected today.

The immersive and the relatively short battles always keep you on the edge of your seats with your ears up ready to defend yourself in the wake of an enemy attack.

Fortunately, for all new players, the game offers exciting FPS mode and a new map that allows 300 players to enter, making the game even more hard and exhilarating. Hats off to the graphics; they are impressive among other things. The game is free, so everybody with a compatible phone or PC can play and enjoy it. You can also use our new HWID Spoofer to stay extra safe when playing our new Black ops Cold War hack.

ros hack iwantcheats

Last Updated on January 29, 2023