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Naraka Bladepoint Hacks (2022)

Naraka Bladepoint hacks have been released and you can buy now on our forum by clicking the “Order Now” button below. The Naraka hacks will help you win every round you play. The use of Aimbot cheats in gaming is a split decision. If you enjoy shooter games take a look at the new Call of Duty Vanguard Hack were releasing soon.

On one hand, they can help you to win more battles and gain the upper hand on opponents who are not using Aimbot hacks themselves; but then again there’s always that chance for detection which could get your account banned or suspended with no warning whatsoever.

The great news is we never had even one ban on Naraka Bladepoint! If you don’t have Naraka: Bladepoint yet you can download it on Steam.

If I were going to choose either private Wallhacks or free Cheats for myself, I would only select VIP or paid cheats. Using any type of free Naraka Bladepoint hack will end up getting you banned in minutes.

Chinese Buyers: 我们的Naraka Hack适用于游戏的中文版,所以请在涨价前注册并购买。


One of the advantages of using cheats is that you can quickly win each match. With cheats such as wallhacks and aimbots, it’s much easier for players because they know where their opponent is – while the opponents don’t know where you are located. This gives them a huge advantage in battle; when going up against an enemy player with a hack on, they will be eliminated before he or she has time to fight back at all!

One thing you should know about cheats is that they can make matches easier. It’s a lot more satisfying when your opponents don’t even have the chance to fight back, like with an aimbot or wallhack which allows you to see their location and not worry about them hiding around corners waiting for their opportunity. If you love Battle Royale games make sure you check out our Modern Warfare Warzone Hacks!


Naraka Bladepoint Hack Features

The current features we have for our Naraka Bladepoint hack are listed below. Keep in mind our service will update the cheats as soon as a new patch is released. You can download the product as soon as you sign up and we add new features weekly.


  • Activate Bot
  • Custom Aim Key
  • Custom FOV
  • Custom Aim Speed
  • Human Aim


  • Full box radar
  • Resize on screen
  • Move to any location
  • Display all players


  • Full ESP color changer with 1 million colors
  • Enable ESP
  • Player ESP
  • Name ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • 3D Box ESP



  • Mouse driven cheat menu
  • Cheat watermark
  • Full FPS display
  • Resolution display
  • Current local time

Protection Suite

  • Undetected by anticheat
  • Triple-layer driver protection
  • IWC security blocker


  • Player visible color
  • Player invisible color
  • Crosshair color
  • Crosshair size
  • Save settings
  • Load settings
  • Move menu

Will the Naraka Aimbot keep me undetected?

Aimbots are a popular type of hack that lets you lock your aim on an opponent and make sure you never miss. Aimbotting is seen across games like Call of Duty, League Legends, etcetera. Naraka: Bladepoint also features the use of this technology to ensure quick kills with accuracy so enemies can be taken down quickly before they have time to react or retaliate!

In order to keep you undetected, our Naraka Aimbot uses a triple layer of anti detection code. It’s so effective, we haven’t had one user get banned using it at IWantCheats!

If you want to rank up fast in the game, using cheats will help. Higher-ranked players have access to more areas of the map than lower-ranked ones which allows them not only to get back into a match quickly but also collect rewards for that area faster. The higher your level is, the quicker it’s possible for new items and features to be unlocked so if you’re just playing for fun don’t risk getting caught by cheating or ban stuck from the server! Don’t forget to check out our SoT hacks if you enjoy Naraka.


Naraka Bladepoint Wallhacks & ESP Cheats

Wallhackers use cheats to see through walls and other obstacles, giving them the opportunity to kill opponents they would not normally be able to see. For this reason, many games ban players that are caught using wallhacks. Publically available cheat codes are most likely detected when used while private ones can go unnoticed for a long time before getting banned.

Wallhacks get their name from the ability to see through walls – players can know where opponents are without having to look for them. This gives you an advantage in battles because they have more time and space, so it’s easier for them to deal lots of damage with less risk or injury.

ESP stands for Enhanced Sensory Perception and helps players process information more effectively so they can see opponents and steal loot without them knowing by using their senses. Wallhacks allow gamers to see through walls in order to spot an opponent even when hidden behind something like a wall or foliage – this type of cheat has become very commonplace. Naraka cheats have gotten harder than ever to detected because IWantCheats has the best code to keep you safe when using wallhacks and ESP online. We just released our new Splitgate hacks and you should try them if you enjoy Naraka.

What is Naraka Bladepoint?

Was your armory missing a few blades? Then Naraka: Bladepoint is just the game for you. This free-to-play battle royale shooter has players roaming Morus Island in search of weapons, gear, and glory as they collect resources to upgrade their arsenal while shooting enemies with guns that transform into katanas. From shotguns that split apart into swords or grenade launchers turning into crossbows, this innovative new title offers an exciting twist on traditional combat mechanics! So if making it out alive isn’t enough motivation then maybe winning big will do the trick; who knows what treasure awaits each player at the end of all 24+ rounds where the only one can reign victorious.

Naraka: Bladepoint is a hybrid of the popular Battle Royale genre and tactical shooter games. The realistic graphics, dozens of weapons, and melee techniques make it feel like you’re playing an innovative take on combat with many different skills to master. Fast-paced gameplay makes this game immersive as well as enjoyable for all types of players looking for something new in their gaming experience.

You can find the Vajra at almost every location in this game. Each one is a weapon and has different advantages, so it’s important to choose wisely before you start adventuring around! You don’t want to be stuck with an underpowered Vajra that you’re not even strong enough for yet when the battle becomes dangerous because enemies will quickly overwhelm your team if they outnumber them. Plus, upgrading weapons make battles much easier- just visit any of the many grindstones across the map and pay some gold coins (of which there are plenty) or gems (which also show up often).

The grappling hook makes traveling simpler by giving players on their adventure more mobility than ever before possible from previous games without picking up items like warp rings or teleport.


Naraka Bladepoint PC Game FAQ

Is Naraka Bladepoint Free to Play?

Naraka: Bladepoint is a free-to-play online game with optional microtransactions. You can purchase cosmetic items or weapons as you progress through the game, but after purchasing it once, all gameplay content is unlocked for your enjoyment without additional cost. Even though there are some paid features in this massively multiplayer role-playing strategy simulation video gaming hybrid title (such as combat boosts), these extras allow players to customize their characters and get more out of the world they’re immersed into.

In Naraka: Bladepoint you’ll be able to buy some weapons from within the immersive virtual reality environment that will give users an edge when battling against other gamers; however, if purchased early on in gameplay then all future expansions of time spent.

How many people can play in Naraka Bladepoint at once?

Naraka: Bladepoint has 60 players in each match. Only 20 managed to survive the final battle, as they’re engulfed by a never-ending horde of bloodthirsty enemies and traps that line their path towards victory. The game’s fast matching skills ensures you’ll be back into the action quickly, but it also leaves an intense sense of urgency for every player – if one falls behind or is killed too early on, there will always be another waiting around with no hard feelings when your time comes up!

What are the Naraka Bladepoint cheat requirements?

  • A Windows 10 PC with an internet connection.
  • DirectX 11 graphics card, equivalent or better. (GeForce GTX 650 Ti or better).
  • At least 2 GB of RAM.
  • 1 GB of free space on your hard drive for game installation

The private Naraka Bladepoint Hacks we offer at IWantCheats will keep you safe and allow you to win every round you play. Our team will create the best release and our files can be instantly downloaded once you sign up. If you enjoy this game make sure you check out our New World hack we released recently.


Last Updated on September 12, 2022