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MIR4 Hacks


Our new MIR4 hacks allows you to see every enemy at all times. This way no one will catch you off guard! The cheat also displays all loot and info that your character seeks while playing the game, so there’s nothing hidden from view anymore- which means more time for adventure instead of scouring hallways looking behind furniture or in corners trying desperately not death claw some poor soul. Check out our new Warzone Pacific cheat we released this year! We have the only undetected MIR4 cheat in the entire world!

Get around the map with our new speed hack! The video below shows off how fast you can move from place to place using the speed cheat we just released. Simply enable the hack in the game cheat menu and then you’ll have faster speed at all times. Other speed hacks have been detected and ban players but ours is 100% safe and won’t get you banned. Get our MIR4 speed hack download now when you become a new VIP!

We just put out our fly hack as well that lets you fly around the level as seen below in the video. Take off and fly anywhere you like and never worry about getting banned. Our cheat also is very light on your system so you will still get high frame rates when playing.

A good idea about “ESP” is: these cheats let players peek outside their own heads by revealing information on where enemies could be hiding; it provides gamers with seeing what other people don’t know

The “ESP” hacks are a type of gameplay enhancing technique that displays player information such as health, name and rank. It’s kind of like having an always-on KDR/HP Vision for your entire game experience! The best part?

Anytime you want to use these tips in real life just remember there is no need to actually tune up anything because they’re permanently tuned at higher levels thanks from all those hours spent online playing across various platforms including PC games or consoles alike.

ESP Name Tags

The Name Tag is a small device that displays the player’s name and allows them to be identified by other players in game. They come color coded according their team affiliation, with enemies being red or blue/ white for those who want it done away from anything else about themselves while allies are green- yellow. You can download MIR4 on Steam if you don’t have the game yet.

The use of this item does not allow you any form over healing without revealing your position but can help out teammates if given time enough so make sure there isn’t much going on around when using these tags!


Weapon ESP

Weapon ESP is a cool way to see what players are carrying in the game. It displays information such as weapon name, distance and position of any dropped weapons that you may come across on your journey through cyberspace

A lot can happen within seconds when it comes online gaming; from capturing new items off enemies’ dead bodies or finding hidden loot chests deep inside vast caverns!

Weapon ESP provides those with an analytical mind ample opportunity for exploration by providing valuable data about one’s arsenal before venturing forth into unknown territory – whether knowing exactly where to go next after level completion.

Player Box ESP

The Player Boxes are a way for players to know their hitbox in-game. They can be either 2D or 3D, depending on what mode you’re playing as an enemy (red) versus ally (blue).


MIR4 Aimbot

We all know that game bots are used for cheating in any type of shooting or fighting video games. But did you also realize there’s a specific term called “aimbot” to describe these types programs?

A cheater with an ‘Aim Bot’ can automatically aimed at enemies and shoot them without having to move his/her mouse!

MIR4’s extreme efficiency at racking up tons of kills in online multiplayer shooters has made it one of the most controversial game hacking methods out there.

We didn’t make an MIR4 aimbot because it isn’t needed. The aimbot helps you stay locked onto every enemy, so that even an hour-long session is not enough time for your competitors to catch on!

How Aimbots work

With advanced game hacking techniques and automation software, a user can be automatically aims at their targets without the need for human input.

It’s an incredibly clever combination of wallhacks, VACs and ESP that offers many benefits to the user.

Some people find it hard to aim for very specific targets with just the move of their hands, so they use Aim Assist which is an amazing feature in games like Call Of Duty and many more.

The aiming system of the weapon should not be trusted and will cause your crosshairs to snap towards whichever target you are aiming at. Please check out our CSGO hacks that have been undetected for years!


MIR4 Speed Hack

The new MIR4 Speed Hack will give you the edge in any fight, no matter where it takes place. The cheat works for both PC and Mobile users of this popular free-to play game that released back in August 2021!

If you are looking for some mir4 speed hacks then look no further than this hack. This will help get from one place to another without any problems at all! You can download it free of charge on our forum, so come check us out and find what else we have in store 🙂

In the world of MMORPGs, players are often faced with a problem: how to get from point A to B in as quick time possible. The best way for most people would be using speed hacks but many patches have been released by developers disabling these and preventing them from being usable any longer.

The Mir4 speed hack will make your journey through their open-world as smooth and efficient as possible. No more worrying about getting stuck in a nasty patch with our speed hack.

What are the benefits of using a Mir4 speed hack?

In this case, the game is racing and you need to reach certain points before your opponent does. But how can we race against time if there’s no clock? Enter speed hacks!

These programs modify code so that runners move faster across maps or through courses; they’re perfect for those looking without limits when it comes down right now who will win an intense match between two opponents.

How does Mir4 Speed Hack work?

Speed hacks are often considered one of the best ways to increase your speed in games. Why? Well, for starters you can travel at breakneck speeds and do many cool things with this hack!

MIR4 Characters Classes

Legends are always the life of a party. Why? Because they’re good at heart and never forget their roots! Choose from 4 different classes to be sure that you don’t get killed off by someone else’s legend – only come back as one yourself (or maybe bring them with you?).

  • Warrior: Pulverizes enemies with a big sword, then takes their heads as trophies.
  • Wizard: Magically, you will find yourself in a world where the four elements are energies that exist around us. You can call on them to help empower your spells and rituals with their natural power!
  • Taoist: The soothing and relaxing effects of these spells will help you to relax, relieve stress or just have some fun.
  • Lancer: The lance is a powerful weapon that has been used for centuries to Column 5 penetrate armor and break through defenses.

MIR4 Free Loot System

MIR4 is a game of strategy and tactics. In the new MIR 4, players will be able to claim loot from special treasure chests without risk – if they participate in an elimination! That’s right; this isn’t just for one person but rather everyone can get their share including those who didn’t fight alongside you on that last expedition against Tiamat or Ancient Dragon Orc Shaman King(?). The rules are simple: 30 seconds per player competing over what might lie within while another 30 beats them out with time left before it disappears into someone else’s possession.


MIR4: The Best Mining Spots

Darksteel is a mining temptation for MIR4 players looking to make the most of their time and grind as much ore they can. There’s many spots that offer great returns, but these three in particular will give you top-notch grades every single day!

One of the newest games to join up with ” Legend Of Mir” series is MIR4. This game has everything you would expect from an MMORPG, but it also offers plenty more!

You can participate in non-fighting activities like crafting or hunting prey for food if your character lacks skills needed elsewhere on their skill tree – which helps make this title feel less repetitive than most others when played alone because there are so many possibilities at hand waiting just around every corner ready get enacting new strategies each timeround!!

As a hobby player you could spend your free time looking for locations to mine certain resources like Darksteel. These metals are crucial because they can be smelted into Draco, which traders then use as tradeable tokens that have value on the open market – this means it’s possible someone might buy them from us!

The best way to earn Darksteel is by completing daily quests and in-game achievements. However, if you want an easier (and faster) method than what’s offered on any given day then here are some places where high level MIR4 players will be sure find plenty of resources without much work!

From the global map, click on a place called ” Snake Pit Are” which is north of Bicheon Castle. A high level area with four floors will become available for players comfortably within levels 61-95 in that region alone!

The more you miner at these mining spots and defeat enemies here who get stronger as your progress up through each floor – so watch out because they do pack quite the punch when we mean business!!

  1. Snake Valley 1F: In the bottom right corner of this map, you will find a small mining spot. surrounded by 32 level Skelegor warriors and going straight south it’s easy to recognize where they are located on screen!
  2. Snake Valley 2F: The second mining spot can be found in the center of a floor. gamers will know they are on their right track when surrounded by zombies and wraiths with fire around them, waiting for eager players to take down!
  3. Snake Valley 3F: The third floor general mining spot can be found towards the east of the third floor. Gamers will pass through a hallway patrolled by demons and zombies, where they’ll find multiple spots for miners with more good loot!
  4. Snake Valley 4F: The last general mining spot can be found in the southeastern corner of this room. Follow along with winged bulls until you come to a jump point, then go up into it!


How to Get Golden Dragon Fruit in Mir4

The first way to get the Golden Dragon Fruit in Mir4 is by earning it through two methods. The second method will earn you more than just some new currency, but also an exclusive outfit for your character!

Let’s take a look at both of these options and how they work so that we can help you decide which one sounds better suited towards what kind or gameplay style (or whatever criteria best suits YOU).

Getting the Golden Dragon Fruit in Mir4 is all about patience and careful planning. You will need one thousand regular dragonfruits, which you can get by trading with other players or gathering them through farming on your own island.

Once they’re collected up into a stack high enough so that it reaches Joyful Bird of Bicheon Castle’s height (around six stories), talk to him!

He’ll give exchange-seekers access to his Divine Gift Box – be sure not let anything distract from this quest though because if something happens before hand then there might not always another chance for success.

To get a thousand Dragon Fruits, you will have to grind for at least two full days.

You’re in luck! The Divine Dragon’s Gift Box gives you ten Golden Fruits and a bunch of other useful items, such as ten Mystic Dragon Material Summon Boxes. There is also one Magic Square ticket for your convenience so we’ll make this worthwhile indeed.

To get your hands on one of the rarest and most sought after fruits in game, you’ll either have to pay real money or grind for ages. The Golden Dragon Fruit can only be obtained by buying a bundle with them included- there are several different ones available at varying costs depending on how many days worth of work it takes!

Those that do have a Golden Dragon Fruit icon in the bottom left corner of their treasure chest, as you can see above. They cost thirty dollars each and there’s only one copy per character!

Gambling is a huge online industry, but it isn’t for everyone. If you are one of those people who has no interest in gambling and would rather just play games with real money instead then please do!

The point I’m trying to make here today: Don’t let yourself get tempted by the addition of video game loot boxes or other ways that may seem tempting at first because there’s nothing worth risking your life savings over as long-term investment strategy anyway right?


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