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Crossfire Hack

The age-old question of “Where can I find Crossfire Hacks” has been on everyone’s mind at some point since the game came out.

The answer may seem obvious, but it still needs to be stated: only IWantCheats has undetected hacks for Crossfire!

A player base as large and active as this one deserves constant attention from developers so they know what players want in their games – especially those who play constantly online like many FPS gamers do today.

No matter how frustrated you get with certain aspects about CF; such irritation will soon disappear when you use an aimbot to win the round.

With IWantCheats’ powerful Crossfire Cheat you will be able to dominate your opponents with ease. The best part? We support all regions!

Get your own customizable Crossfire Hack that will make you feel like an AK47 Popper. With our Aimbot for CF, there’s no need to deal with pesky recoil or risk getting shot by someone else in games like CS:GO and Fortnite!

The Crossfire game currently has millions of people playing each month. If you want to be the best CF gamer you have to get hacks to help you during each round.

With our Crossfire Wallhack and Cheat you will be able to see where all of the enemies are at any given time so that securing a kill becomes very easy for yourself. If you enjoy CF use our Warzone hack and dominate in BR mode!


Our Crossfire Hack Features


  • Auto switch target
  • Custom FOV
  • Custom aimkey
  • Automatically selects target and aim position


  • Name
  • Distance
  • Health ( bar or text )
  • BB’s ( head, 2d full body, 3d )
  • 2D radar


  • Updated daily
  • Added time for down time
  • Triple layer protection
  • Undetected
  • Works on W11 and W10
  • Download the Best Crossfire Cheats

Crossfire Hacks Undetected by Anti-Cheats

Don’t waste time looking for Crossfire Hacks and Cheats on websites that could put your account in danger.

Here at IWantCheats we take security very seriously, which is one of the many reasons why our cheat will be better than any others! Stop searching anywhere else because you’ve come to right place.”


The IWantCheats team has developed the world’s most powerful Cross fire hack with an aimbot. Our cheat is fully featured, including 3D radar for enemies on your screen!

With our target aim style aimbot, you can rage or play legit like a pro. You will always be the best player in any game with full control over your hacks and customizable for all needs!

Crossfire Hack VIP is Better than Free

Make sure you only purchase VIP hacks for Crossfire any free cheats will get you banned and mess up your PC!

For example, try out Smooth Aim to stop aiming slowly while looking through 3D radar which gives an instant overview of where enemies are located on screen at once so no one gets away surprise attacks from behind-the third dimensionally speaking. 😉

There is a way to get around the weapon recoil and make your aim accurate no matter what. Our cheat for Crossfire comes with No Spread option so you can always be on top of things!

Crossfire Aimbot Amazing Accuracy

We have a Cross fire hack with an aimbot that will make you unbeatable in-game. The Triggerbot can be used alone or together, depending on your preferences and needs for control over the game!

Watch our videos below to see how this works best – we guarantee no one ever beats us now after using cheat codes from Cheat Happens.

Crossfire is a game that will test your skills, reflexes and technological knowledge. To get the most out of it we offer our users packages with amazing hacks like the Crossfire aimbot which makes gaming even more fun!

Secure access right now by joining one package or all three for only $1 per day (after subscription).


Don’t Use Free Game Hacks for Crossfire

You may find free game hacks released for Crossfire but don’t download them or use them. Many sites will offer free cheats on game hack forums to install a virus or something on your PC.

Make sure you only use paid VIP cheats from a reliable website where you can use default settings with your cheat.

Several Crossfire hacker players who use our VIP cheats always come in first and beat out every other released cheat online. So play with confidence using the IWantCheats products.

Only our Crossfire hack for VIP users will keep you and your account safe when using Crossfire exploits and aim bone to win.

Crossfire Cheat Menu Works in Game

Our new Crossfire cheat menu allows you to adjust every setting in the game on the fly.

No other Crossfire hacks allow you to adjust menu location, size and more. We also give you the ability to use the mouse customizable menu position for color customizable radar position.


Our working cheats also include a panic key so if you need to turn off the Crossfire aimbot and ESP quickly this is a must have with any cheat.

Our menu also includes a full radar to allow you to always see the enemy! Move the radar around screen and resize it so you can always see when aiming for the enemy down the site.

Crossfire Game Hacks for the PC

Download the best Crossfire hack now when you become a member at IWantCheats!

  1. Register on the game forum
  2. Purchase Crossfire in our product section
  3. Go to your Crossfire VIP forum to download the cheats


Crossfire is Super Popular Online

Crossfire has been around so long it actually has the largest player base in the world. We have a hot thread on our forum where a user has default settings on to take out everyone in game and he always wins.

Friendly aim and bone scan helps set our cheat apart. You can post replies in our forum and mods will help you get the game setup for cheats.


Last Updated on January 29, 2023