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Bloodhunt Hacks

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In Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt, 45 players are pitted in a battle royale to be the last Kindread standing. It is an intense struggle with fast-paced mechanics that rewards both strategic thinking and quick reflexes. One of its key features is giving blood points for killing other vampires which help you get your chance at becoming an Elder–the only way out! We still have the only undetected Bloodhunt cheat in the world!

Our Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt hacks will give you the upper hand in every round and show you where all players are on the map, no matter how sneaky they think they are. You’ll never be killed or lose your loot when playing with our cheat! Download Bloodhunt now if you don’t have it yet.
When you start Bloodhunt, you will instantly realize that the game is different from others in its genre. You can slide by tapping Crouch while running and climb infinitely high if you hold Jump against a wall. However, both actions have additional mechanics to master for example jumping while sliding gives your jump more distance than normal so when combined with sliding down slopes it makes distances even greater! Our team just released new COD Vanguard Hacks! download-cheats-product-image

Wallhack Cheats for BloodHunt

Since most of the player base uses cheats to see other players, it’s no surprise that I use them too. It’s not like they’re going to stop me from using their own product! My favorite cheat is Wallhacks because it allows you to see anyone on the map at all times without any repercussions.

The best thing about this hack is how easy-to-see friendly units are when playing against enemy bases with buildings and obstacles in front of them; there will be a green outline around your allies so you know who should shoot first–no more shooting wildly into an area full of enemies just hoping for luck.

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BloodHunt Aimbot and How it Works

Your fingertips will be a blur as the enemy turns green before you can lock on and kill them. Use our Bloodhunt aimbot to take your game to another level, never worry about getting killed again with this highly accurate system that locks onto enemies in no time at all. Once locked on hit the aimbot key and watch the enemy die in seconds before they know what hit them. Check out our aimbot features below.

  • Bones (will always aim at the best visible bone)
  • Toggle aimbot
  • Custom aim key
  • Visibility check
  • Custom Field of View
  • Smooth Aiming
  • Lock-on Delay

Bloodhunt Hacks ESP Shows All Players

Never worry again about enemies sneaking up behind you if our BloodHunt ESP has got your back and alerts us of all players at all times. With just one tap we can see every player’s position regardless of where they are situated on any map – be it an enemy or friend; meaning never being surprised by someone coming out from somewhere unexpected ever again because our powerful technology will always keep tabs on them for us. This is a list of all the ESP features included with the cheat. Love first person shooter games? Try out our CSGO hacks now!

  • Custom ESP Colors
  • Custom ESP Font
  • ESP Font Shadow
  • Name
  • Distance
  • Bounding Boxes (2D, Head, 3D)
  • Headdot
  • Health (bar or text)
  • 2D Radar
  • Ignore friendlies


As a gamer, you know that Bloodhunt is the most popular game in recent memory. You probably also know our company as one of the top providers of game hacks! Below are just some examples of what we have to offer: We’ve got everything for your next match–from ESP to Wallhacks, full aimbot, and more!

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