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We have just launched a brand new, more advanced and comprehensive Valorant hack aimbot that utilizes your graphics card driver. Our new product is 99.9% undetectable and has never experienced any downtime. Avoid bans completely and enter the exciting near-future world of Valorant with powerful battleground confidence matched with an industry-leading game enhancement that cannot be compared with other products on the market.

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person hero shooting game developed by Riot Games. Your experience will be tested on a global and competitive stage, you have 13 rounds to both attack and defend your side while using to the best of your ability a variety of tactical strategies and precision shooting. Our Valorant cheats are designed to give you a much-needed increased edge over your opponents across competitive and unranked modes as well as Deathmatch and Spike Rush that are available as game options.

The Best Valorant Cheats in 2022

Regardless of your Agent (character) or game mode choice, our Valorant cheats are fully compatible and enhance the unique abilities and allow you to charge up at a faster rate through kills, deaths, orbs or objectives in the game. Our aimbot for Valorant supports all weaponry, both primary and secondary, including pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, machine guns, assault rifles and of course the beloved sniper rifle. Valorant, similar to most multiplayer shooter games, if not more so, is very difficult to fire accurately when moving and aiming down the sight. You will need significant experience to master this skill to compete with pro players, or you could simply use our new aimbot for total domination.

IWantCheats.Net is changing the cheating landscape completely by offering a new aimbot product that does not actually hack the game. Our software can use any graphics card to provide you with a groundbreaking game enhancement to give you pinpoint accuracy, thus ensuring that you hit your targets from a considerable distance and avoid being hunted down before achieving victory.

For our customers, we are committed to creating Valorant hacks that do not compromise on quality or safety. We pride ourselves in providing the highest-quality work with complete transparency about individual product costs, downtime statistics as well as detailed feature lists. We have some of the best prices and discounts in the industry. We won’t charge you $100+ for cheats and always price every product for affordability and fairness. If you enjoy tactical shooter games, check out our CSGO hacks and cheats.

Best Valorant hacks to use in 2022

Valorant Aimbot Hack: 99.9% Undetectable

Let us introduce the game-changing Valorant Aimbot hack that is going to catapult you into an unmatched level of battlefield domination. We have a powerful aimbot that will allow you to land perfect headshots while using a variety of weapons from your Valorant gun and equipment arsenal. With the aimbot’s accurate penetration, critical distance checks and smooth aiming from afar, enemies won’t stand a chance against you as you deal maximum damage while predicting their movements.

Our new aimbot product for Valorant uses a completely different mechanism to achieve the feature-rich enhancements that we list below. It works by using your graphics card driver instead of actually hacking the game. What this means – is you will never get banned or risk the chance of being detected. Although this specific product does not include an ESP, you will realize just how outstanding the gameplay can feel when you have zero fear of being caught by various anti-cheat software such as Riot Vanguard used by Valorant developers.


Aimbot Features:

  • Aimbot with Aimlock
  • Triggerbot with auto-shoot (New!)
  • Optional Aimbot pause on left click (New!)
  • Optional Recoil feature (mouse pull down) (New!)
  • Aimbot random hitbox for legit play
  • Load/Switch through multiple configs (New!)
  • Aimbot Pause hotkey
  • Aimbot Panic/Quit hotkey
  • All settings are editable mid-game
  • Hardware ID locked
  • Slots limited to 30 users

More Aimbot Hack Features:

  • Customizable aimlock/aimbot speed
  • Customizable aimbot flick speed
  • Customizable aimbot tracking speed
  • Customizable aimbot FOV (Field Of View)
  • Customizable Flickbot FOV (Field Of View)
  • Customizable aim key & flickbot key
  • Customizable hitbox (head, upper torso, torso)
  • Customizable hitbox height


Please Note: Due to the Valorant aimbot running through your Graphics card it will have a slight effect on your game performance (FPS). The better your GPU the fewer fps you will lose. The average loss is 20 fps among users. Once you sign up for one of our Valorant hack products, we will communicate the best tips to help you gain the highest level of performance to ensure the cheats work perfectly based on your current PC hardware.

Valorant hacks with Aimbot firing

Valorant ESP, Wallhack and Radar Hack

Our Valorant hack currently doesn’t include any ESP or wallhack features so we can keep you 100% safe and ban-free. Check out the video at the top of the page to see how our product operates in-game. Match your gameplay style with our Aimbot and a suitable Agent, while harnessing their lethal abilities to create outstanding opportunities that other players will imitate for years to come.

Wallhacks are very useful tools that allow a player’s eyesight to pass through solid surfaces such as walls so they can locate opponents or allies more easily. On top of this, it allows people with high ping problems (bad internet) who have difficulty seeing objects because these things often come up slightly too late when clicking around corners due to lag. Playing with a wallhack has become common in this era of gaming and, as such, the competition has been more intense. It’s very helpful to be able to see what your enemy is doing behind structures or walls so you can find their location quickly or even get an idea of where they will attack from. For more game products, you can also view our hacks for Fortnite.

Valorant hacks that include ESPs allow players to find objects, crucial items and attain a greater chance of leveling up faster than their opponents. It’s a great enhancement for gamers who don’t want to spend hours of their time looking through every house they can see, then realizing that it wasn’t even worth going there because all they found was an empty fridge or something else useless like that. In Valorant, players are able to cheat in-game by accessing a variety of different functions including weapons ESP, explosives ESP and player name/health amongst other features.


Valorant Removals, Warnings, and No-Recoil Cheats

Some might say it’s hard to find the perfect downloadable game hack out there, but we have the perfect solutions just for you. Being able to remove distracting elements and on-screen visuals that hinder you ability to see your enemies and battlefield movements such as smoke and fog can increase your chances of victory. With this hack running in background mode, you’ll be able to spot your enemy’s location easier than before, giving them nowhere to hide from their demise. In addition, you can also remove bullet spread and firing recoil from affecting your aiming performance.

Our Valorant hacks also come with a warning function that alerts you if an enemy is targeting you or closing in on your location. With this, you can be more alert and aware of your surroundings to make sure no one gets too close. Valorant cheats with ESP keep you undetected while using the aimbot we provide to completely level up your gaming experience and success rate.

FPS games and specifically Valorant can be worthwhile to get your hands on. Development has gone a long way in providing a fantastic game, with top-rated statistics such as 128 tick rate servers that operate at 30 frames per second minimum, less than 35ms latency server connections and a well-throughout economic approach to receive monetary rewards for kills which you can use to buy weapons and shields. Valorant has a similar gungame concept, such as found in our COD Cold War hacks.

Valorant cheats with ESP, Wallhack and no recoil

How Do Our Valorant Hacks Remain Undetected?

Valorant players who use hacks have a chance of being banned for life. The Valorant gaming community is not accepting of cheaters, and they will face the consequences if caught. The great news is our newly launched aimbot hack has never been detected as it works through your graphics card driver. Another amazing benefit is that we have also not experienced any downtime due to new path updates. IWantCheats.Net is truly miles ahead of the competition. We also have a team of support technicians available 24/7 to help you with any queries that you may have.

We have been in the industry as a top provider for over 15 years and so we know what it takes to get you through to victory. All our hacks are undetected, making them extremely safe. With video-proof protection alongside anti-cheat, there is nothing that can bring us down. We also have specific mechanisms in place for spectator protection, thus ensuring that game spectators are not able to see you using game enhancements. Our main priority is to ensure that our clients feel secure and are completely satisfied with our products.

Why Use Our Valorant Cheats?

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting a new Valorant aimbot and ESP venture on your computer, but you don’t want anything hogging your time and resources. That is why we offer Valorant cheats that are not just high-quality and safe options for you but they’re also at friendly rates. You can browse our different cheat packages available on site.

We believe in building a long-lasting relationship with our customers and also want to ensure the best possible experience for them. To this end, we provide 24/7 customer support service available across all channels – email, chat or call. Moreover, if any of our hacks need removal from the site due to their exclusivity period expiring then it’s always safe as we inform you about such plans beforehand so your game and computer don’t get affected at all.

If you want to dominate the battlefield, then we encourage you to get any of our cheat packages that match your requirements and see for yourself. Every member of our team offers support for all users. Just send us a message and our admins will send links to the proper answers on our website. Some reasons why IWantCheats is the trusted provider within the gaming community:


  • The only cheat site that gives you a refund if you aren’t happy.
  • 99.9% Undetected cheats if you choose our graphic card-driven aimbot products.
  • A wide variety of cheats to choose from for each game. Use our full-blown hacks and rage your way to the top. You can also be super safe, stay 99.9% undetected and use our graphic card-driven cheats in tournaments without being found out.
  • Some of the best prices and discounts in the industry.

Why do Players Hack in Valorant?

It’s high time that Riot Games released their new game. Valorant has been a hit with gamers from across the globe, quickly attracting hordes of beta testers and hackers as well. Though it is unsurprising considering how hard they’ve pushed this project to all corners of cyberspace, from tweets on Twitter to Reddit posts galore – we could see them bragging about its hack-proof software design too soon enough according to some experts in cracking games. It seems like everyone wants access now through any means necessary but what will happen when hacking becomes more prevalent?

Valorant is the latest PC and mobile game that’s taking over first-person shooting. It seems hackers are just as interested in messing with this addictive new app. Valorant cheats will take your game experience to the next level with aim assist, no recoil, spread reduction and much more. Our aimbot, ESPs and wallhack can’t be found by anti-cheat, and we keep you safe on the playing field at all times.

Valorant hacks for sale 2022

Valorant Hacks for PS4, PS5 & Xbox

The Valorant developers said they would be releasing the game on various consoles sometime in 2022. The most reliable way to use hacks on console systems is by using the Cronus Zen solution with the recommended hardware attachments.

Valorant PS4, PS5 & Xbox Hack features include:

  1. Aim Assist: Helps you lock onto the enemy and stay locked on.
  2. No Recoil: This feature makes the guns have almost no recoil.
  3. Radar: This feature will show players on a radar map.
  4. No damage: A new god mode allows for no damage.

Valorant’s Line of Defense

To protect its players and ensure a fair gaming experience, Valorant hacks offers built-in fog of war systems that aim to bypass data often deployed by hackers with the sole intention being to activate wallhacks. A limitation is placed on how many locations can be seen at any given time so as not only to give an advantage but also to prevent confusion in gameplay.

This means that cheating players can now be banned. It, however, technically means that Valorant is still susceptible to hacks despite the game being theoretically capable of preventing wallhacks and cheat menu items. Those who perpetrate a Valorant wallhack can be kicked out pronto and Riot Games had an anti-fraud team in place by the time of its launch as well to take further action.