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Battlefield 2042 Hacks

We are currently testing Battlefield 2042 Cheats on Secure Cheats. You can buy the cheats by clicking here.

NOTE: We released the FIRST EVER BF 2042 Hacks for the full game just 20 minutes after the game launched! See the new images we posted below! The cheat is NOW online and still undetected. Register with our cheating community and download instantly without having to wait! Also check out our new MW2 Hacks!

Battlefield 2042 Hacks are Online Now!
We just released the first-ever Battlefield 2042 Hacks for the PC today. If you don’t have Battlefield 2042 go pre-ordered the game. Our team also tells console owners for the Xbox and PlayStation how to use a cheating device to help you come in first place in every game.

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Our BF2042 Cheats will help you take out the enemy with any weapon, including assault, sniper, vehicles, etc. Our cheat features also include ESP to help you see the enemy at all times and a triple secure anti-cheat measure to keep you undetected and your account ban-free. Anti cheat systems can’t detect our great cheats.

IWantCheats started making Battlefield cheats back when BF 2142 hit the scene in 2006, so purchase products from the best developer in the world with the most experience. Might as well get an edge on your opponents before they do! Get our BF2042 Cheats today! If you enjoy large Battle Royale games have a quick look at our Super People cheat!

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Do We Include a Battlefield 2042 Aimbot?

Yes, our team has the best Battlefield 2042 Aimbot that’s included with every membership for one fair price. You’ll also get access to 20+ other features and our team keeps adding new features with every release.

The great news is we never have any downtime except for maybe a quick update when a new patch comes out from the game developer. Make sure you take a look at our CSGO hack if you enjoy shooter games.

How does the Aimbot work?

  1. Purchase the product from our store
  2. Start the cheat and then the game
  3. Setup the BF 2042 aimbot to work with any keyboard key or your mouse
  4. Once in any match, you’ll see the enemy with our advanced ESP
  5. Press down the aimbot key and the hack will lock onto the enemy
  6. Press fire and the enemy will die instantly, even on the other side of the map


How Our ESP Cheat Helps You See Every Player

The new BF2042 releases seven huge maps, and each one of the maps will support up to 128 players. When you use our ESP we highlight each player with a box showing where they are at all times.

So instead of having to camp and hide on every map, you can run around freely because you can see everyone. The ESP works by displaying red outlines if you can’t hit a player and green outlines once a player can be hit and killed.

Like in previous Battlefield games ESP allows you to see dropped weapons, players, vehicles and more. Use the advanced and moveable radar hack to see more enemies with our fading distance settings.

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What Maps Are Included with Battlefield 2042

  1. Orbital: Massive rocket base where the rocket blasts off. This map includes dynamic weather patterns, including storms and tornadoes.
  2. Hourglass: Our ESP cheat works great on this map because it’s a huge city with dust storms and limited visibility.
  3. Kaleidoscope: A massive city in South Korea where you can zip line between the skyscrapers and use our sniper aimbot to take out the enemy.
  4. Manifest: This map is stationed around the harbor and has hiding places everywhere, you’ll experience wind and tornadoes on this map.
  5. Discard: This map is a massive beach strip in India where ships are laying around and being dismantled for parts.
  6. Breakaway: Another dynamic map that takes place in Antarctica around huge cliffs. You can blow up oil and fuel tanks and leave massive fires burning.
  7. Renewal: Parachute into this map and fight the enemy on two separate sides of a massive wall fortress.

Can You Get Detected Using the Battlefield 2042 Hack?

Safety and undetectability are top priorities for IWantCheats. Our Battlefield 2042 Hack is confirmed to be undetected, as we always update the second a new patch comes out from the developer.

We stay a step ahead with community members and other cheaters to keep you safe while using our hacks. Your gameplay and combat style will allow you more fun and let you win more when playing.

Updating quickly keeps you safe with new code and offsets that other BF2042 cheat developers don’t have access to because they lack our advanced features like safety shields or proxy IPs (to keep your game account ban-free).

IWantCheats has over 1.2 million registered users and our hackers haven’t been banned in any Battlefield game for years. Were the top cheat provider in the industry with the most experience staying undetected from anti cheat systems.

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The features below are just what our team is starting off with, we plan to continue to add more features to BF2042 weekly as we get more users. If you think BF2042 looks awesome make sure you check out the updated Cycle Frontier hacks for PC we have online now.


  • Lock On: Press the aimbot key and the crosshair locks on
  • Stay Locked: The BF 2042 Aimbot will stay locked until dead
  • Instant Change: The aimbot will change to the next player
  • Instant Kill: Bullets hit accurately even when moving
  • Visibility Check: Makes sure player can be hit
  • Aim At: (Head/Neck/Spine)
  • Custom FOV (180 Max)
  • Human Aim
  • Custom Aimspeed


  • Name ESP: Displays the name of each player (harass people)
  • Distance ESP: This shows how far away players are located from you
  • Item ESP: Displays item names close to you
  • BB ESP: Draws a box around every player for easy location


  • Enemy: Show on the radar in red
  • Moveable: Move the radar anywhere on the screen
  • Sizeable: Adjust the size of the radar


  • Mouse Driven: Use the mouse to adjust the settings
  • Millions of Colors: Change colors on the fly
  • Fully adjustable: Adjust every aspect of the BF 2042 Hack

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How Do You Download the Battlefield 2042 Hack?

Make sure you grab a copy of the Battlefield 2042 PC game before getting started.

  1. Register on our forum once you have the game setup
  2. Sign up for the Battlefield 2042 Hack
  3. Go to our secret VIP forum for BF 2042
  4. Download the cheat in the forum and you’re all set

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Are There Hackers in Battlefield 2042?

Every Battlefield game to date has had hacks and Battlefield 2042 is no different. So yes, there are hackers in Battlefield 2042. You can usually spot BF2042 hacks when someone has an outrageous score or they keep getting kill after kill without dyeing.

With the latest Battlefield 2042 release, players will be able to enjoy a more competitive experience. With even bigger maps and many new features that give you an edge in battle such as ESP or 2D radar – BF2042 hacks have never been better!

Some people choose to use cheats in the game because they want an advantage over other players. However, there are also those who don’t mind cheating as long as it gives them a leg up and makes their experience more enjoyable for themselves. If you’re one of these types of gamers then we’ve got some advice: try out our undetectable hacks now!

Hacking may be the only way to compete against other hackers. With features like aimbots, wallhacks and radar you can even outplaying them while giving any player on their team access to cheats- so they will have a harder time gaming your system without being caught themselves!

bf2042 cheat

For those who want to dominate and help lead their squad in battle, they can use these cheats. With so many available from Battlefield games you can take down entire enemy squads on your own with the ability of locking onto other players at all times while using aimbots for easy kills!

If completing objectives quickly is what impresses you most about BF 2042 then using some powerful cheats will definitely do it too because if there are no boundaries at what you can do.

Will Battlefield 2042 Have an Anti-Cheat?

The popular game company, DICE has confirmed that their newest title Battlefield 2042 will include Easy Anti-Cheat. The anti cheat systems are identical to what Apex Legends and Fortnite have implemented which they say makes it one of the most advanced cheating solutions on today’s market!

The team at our studio was able to crack open the first Battlefield 2042 beta within an hour of its release, and had a full hack out just 20 minutes later when the game officially came out.

Clearly EAC is not doing such good work on their detection front – can’t say we’re surprised with all these hackers around who want nothing more than for you (and me too!) To Get Our Game On!

We help you avoid detection by providing undetected Battlefield 2042 hacks. Our hack hasn’t got anyone banned and that’s a sign for you to rest assured, you won’t get banned using our cheats.

BF2042 Cheats for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One

That’s right! BF2042 cheats work on console systems! You can use no recoil mods as well as aim assist and a variety of other amazing cheats. You’ll need certain programs to help you on console systems so go check out the Cronus Zen now!

  • Anti Recoil Mod: This mods makes it so all weapons have zero recoil.
  • Aim Assist: This console cheat helps you aim better at the enemy.
  • Sticky Aim: This mod makes the crosshair stick to the enemy player you aim at.

All of these Battlefield 2042 cheats work on the PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X!

How to Unlock All Your Weapons Fast in BF2042 (Battlefield 2042 Farming)

When the game first released you could level up fast in Portal mode but the developers fixed that quickly. This is the new way to unlock all your weapons fast.

    • Start Battlefield 2042 and wait for the game to load to the main menu.
    • Select Breakthrough game type.
    • Click “Collection” at the top and make sure your using Angel as your character.
    • Then make sure the load out you want to use has the spawn beacon selected under gadget.
    • Select Solo & Co-op game mode and pick the Orbital map.
    • Click play and start the match and capture all points.
    • Check out the detailed video below for more details.