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Apex Legends Undetected Cheats & Hacks

Our Apex Legends Product now includes a HWID Spoofer at no additional cost to you! We have had no bans with this new cheat from our new coder.

IWantCheats was one of the first providers to release Apex Legends Hacks when the game was initially launched. Our undetected cheats are able to give you an outstanding advantage over other players. Our aimbot software locks onto enemies before they can even see you and takes them out instantly! We still have the only completely safe cheat in the world, trusted by over 1 million gamers from the PC gaming community. Get your cheat access today for Apex Legends, you can also view our Cycle Frontier Cheats.

If you’re looking to have the ultimate bragging rights with your friends or simply dominate the battlefield, our hacks will give any player an upper hand. You can use our ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) cheat to show where enemies are hiding or even get that perfect headshot in no time with aimbot features like auto-aim and bullet prediction.

Our products are bought more often that any other cheat on the market. We give users the best pricing model hands down matched with excellent 24/7 support. Lots of other sites have parts breaking daily and they can never fix them. Our updates for Apex Legend’s Aimbot, ESP, and other features take only minutes and not days like most providers.


Safe and Easy to Use Aimbot & ESP for Apex

 IWantCheats has been the go-to destination for Apex players looking to up their game. Our team of experts work constantly to test, improve, update and deliver the best hacking products to suit your needs. Whether you’re just getting into competitive matches or are an experienced player who’s mastered all there is on offer, our solutions will at an extra layer of combat enjoyment to the game

We are one of the only providers that have managed to produce undetectable hacks, so your opponents will not know what you have until it’s too late! We have thousands of Apex users playing with our product currently and nobody has been banned. Our Apex cheating products are designed to bypass anti-cheat software, we also back this statement up by offering refunds to our loyal customers

Check out our YouTube video above to experience the ESP and aimbot features of our Apex Cheats. See how they get you unlimited kills on those pesky Wraiths or Pilots in a single shot! Any weapon can be used with our game bots. You will earn the most money on the Apex battlefield with our amazing critical hacks.

Check out our new advanced hardware changer: HWID Spoofer. It is important to use our HWID Spoofer as Apex Legends uses EAC as their anti-cheat software choice for in-game banning of gamers.

Using the Aimbot for Apex Legends Hacks

Apex Cheat Features: Top Rated

Our total members using the Apex Legends hack products are now in excess of 15 000 users. As you will have noticed, Apex is an extremely competitive game where you are matched with players that have many years of experience. How to get the upper hand? Simply view our list below of incredible features for our top-rated hacking products. We constantly stress-test our solutions to ensure that they are battle ready for us after releasing any major updates, performance upgrades, or fixes. The below game-enhancing aspects have the lowest detection rates in the industry. We also have a variety of exciting Warzone 2 Hacks with Aimbot for purchase.

Apex Legends hack features download


  • Instant Kill Apex Auto-aim
  • Auto-aim instantly
  • Movement Prediction
  • Frame Compensation
  • Aim Point
  • Auto Switch
  • Human Aim
  • Visibility Mode
  • Visibility Checks
  • Penetration Checks
  • Smart Target Selection
  • Max Distance
  • Aim Angles
  • Random Bone


  • Skeleton Wallhack
  • Health Radar UAV
  • Class
  • Names
  • Distance ESP
  • Visibility Check
  • Aimbot ESP
  • Item ESP
  • Glow
  • Bounding Boxes
  • Player/ Dummy/ NPC ESP
  • Loot ESP – see Weapons, Equipment and Ammo on the ESP
  • Health and Shield Indicator (From Seer Q)


  • Wallhack Unlock
  • 3D Radar
  • 2D Radar
  • No Recoil
  • No Sway
  • Undetected
  • Clean Screenshots
  • Clean Videos
  • Custom crosshair Keys
  • Profile System Engine
  • Save Setup
  • Customizable menu themes and colors
  • Menu translated to 8 different languages inc. English, French, German, Chinese, Korean and Japanese
  • Spectator Watcher (shows a warning and active spectator names watching you)
  • Shield Finder (Automatically finds a nearby shield with better health and applies to your character)
  • Auto Looter (Automatically finds the best loot and applies it to your weapon or character)

Apex Legends Aimbot

We have the most advanced cheat setups such as our aimbot for Apex Legends. Do you want to increase your precision-based firing? Are you just a terrible aimer when it comes to first-person shooting games? Are you tired of losing combat rounds and getting knocked out early? Then not to worry, our Apex aimbot locks onto your target automatically and all you have to do is press the firing command. Get instant kills and save your precious ammunition at the same time.

Make sure you only target with the aimbot when the player bounding box is green, when it’s red, that means the aimbot can’t hit the enemy. Our aimbot has various features that you can modify within the settings panel. These include Aimbot FOV/Radius, Instant Kill, Smoothing, Lock Delay, Hotbox or Bone Selection, Ignoring Knockouts, Visibility Check, Bullet Drop Prediction, Key Selection and a Humanized Aim Option.


How Does The Apex ESP & Wallhack Work

The Apex Legends ESP shows you the enemy location at all times. By using the Apex cheats we have available, boxes will be displayed around each player. You can track every player with the box and the name displayed beside them. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see the enemy behind walls, objects and landscapes hidden by the human eye.

Use the customizable ESP and wallhack to gain a significant advantage over each player and take down your opponents fast. The Wallhack shows you every player’s location at all times. Our hacks combine ESP, with a bunny hop during the aimbot to take out people with hilarious results. No other Apex Hack has our features and has better detection rates than the IWantCheats aimbot ESP hacking software.

Our item ESP can also increase your looting speed by allowing you to find valuable in-game items that you need at that exact moment in time. You will also be able to see exactly what your enemies are wearing and ultimately improves your gameplay and advancement to be faster than your opponents.


Apex Legends Radar Hack & No-recoil

When playing Apex Legends, it is important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings which is made possible by using our radar cheat. The 2D or 3D view depends on what you prefer, be sure that wherever there is an enemy player located (either seen directly above them as well behind), they will show up white against a black background so it’s easy for us to track them down if need be.

Our no-recoil hack for Apex also becomes extremely important. Although often overlooked, re-coil can be responsible as one of the main reasons for draining your player’s life. When firing, your weapon will recoil from the bullets combustion when exiting the chamber, you will then need to refocus and reposition your aim to be able to fire accurately on your target. The recoil cheats completely remove the firing movement of your weapon so you can get more kills more effectively.

So, you want to look like a pro while playing games? Here are some ways that will help! First off all – make sure your aimbot settings match what’s considered “legit.” If it is too high or low then people might suspect something fishy. Next, adjust where on-screen items appear by lowering their size with aimbot smoothing turned ON (this should mimic using mouse aims).

Apex Hacks

How Can You Download our Apex Cheats Program Now

Make sure you register first because you need an active account to download our hacks or use our cheat.

  1. Register here first.
  2. Select your Apex Legends cheats package of choice.
  3. Go to the VIP page for Apex Legends hacks and download the software loader.
  4. Load the Apex Cheats and start the game.
  5. Once inside the game at the main menu click the blue square in the left-hand corner.
  6. Configure your aimbot and then start playing any game.
  7. All features of the Apex Cheats are already configured correctly for you.

The Best & Most Popular Apex Hacks

The free-2-play shooter released on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One is one of the most popular shooter games in the world. Apex had over 2.5 million players in just under 8 hours after the launch and now it has over 50 million people online. After our developers tried the game, we wanted to bless the cheating community with the best Apex Legends cheats and hacks for 2022.

Use the radar hack and aim-locking features to target the enemy across the map. Your playing style will help you with body content styles in ESP to target the enemy faster. Our ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) in-game or normal mode allows you to always win as a member of our products. Apex Legends users can now stay undetected by using our cheats developed by the best hackers in the industry.

The aimbot is straightforward as it will fire at the enemy’s head or a random bone if you set it up that way in the menu. Exact positions can be defined inside our aimbot menu. Other features we use cant be found by anti-cheat software. Level the playing field with the best hacks in the world.

Our Apex Loader Keeps You Safe While Cheating

Hack Apex Legends using IWantCheats to stay ban free. The code team updates the hack and ESP to make sure the loader stays undetected from anti-cheat. If you used another hack from someone else and got banned our HWID Spoofer will get you back in the game.

If you have issues, feel free to contact our support department for help. You can also log in to our forum and chat with us live if needed. Players on our site have the best support of any hack site online today. We post daily to make sure our Apex Hacks remain undetected for our userbase. Other rival cheat providers can’t touch our feature-rich packages on offer.

For very important reasoning we don’t have features like triggerbot, no spread, unlimited ammo, no reload, fast run, fast heal, invisibility, teleport, spin bot, flying, ghost client, or super jump because you’ll get banned almost instantly. Other features which can also result in a ban include speed hack, god mode, infinite health, 1 shot kill, out of the map, lag switch, and dupe are not supported.

Apex Legends on the Console (PC)

Apex Legends is for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The free-to-play Battle Royale packs a solid punch when it comes to delivering an immersive first-person shooter experience.

Most gamers use a PC as their platform of choice, but we also list Apex Legends PS4 Cheats in our new section for all Play Station console players. When you use the Apex Hacks you can dominate every server. Keep in mind we suggest you don’t use no-recoil to stay ban free. Silent aim mode uses the aimbot to hit the enemy without anyone being able to see even when they view you.

apex legends hack with aimbot

PS4 Cheats or Xbox One Hacks for Apex

IWantCheats only makes PC-based cheats but we know how you can easily cheat using the PS4 and Xbox One. Yes, I’m serious and it’s pretty easy. A killer device is out called the Xim Apex and you can buy it from Amazon.

Once you purchase the device feel free to go to the website to learn how to use Apex Legends Cheats on the PS4 and Xbox One. Check out this video showing off the Xim Apex aimbot showing you how an Apex Legend Cheater looks when playing.

Our ESP will help you see every player during the match. Our cheat works on Windows 10 and Windows 11 but it won’t work on a MAC device. IOS and Android cheats work with varied devices.

Glitches and Exploits in Apex Legends

We have Apex Legends Glitches and Exploits as well if you are interested in finding out more. Get as much info as you like on Apex Legends Reddit or simply by searching for Apex Legends in-game exploits.

A glitch that was recently discovered allowed a player to dash infinitely. Certain movement exploits required you to choose a specific Legend, like Caustic, but this specific exploit allowed you to use any Legend on Apex. As an example: gamers explained you need to have two weapons in your inventory with attachments, then hold one weapon and climb onto a ledge. Start hanging from the edge, then go back to your inventory and remove the attachment from weapon 1, afterwards re-equip the attachment and swap weapons in slots 1 and 2. Thereafter exist the inventory and climb up the ledge. Finally, push and press the ultimate button, this would allow you to boost forward for a short time, and chained together to achieve much longer distances

Apex hacks for download

Apex Legends: In-Game Cheating Problems

The game has been out for over a year now and the developer has done a great job with the game so far. Competitive shooters like Apex Legends can have problems with hacks which isn’t just a short-term issue. Apex Legends hacking will be a long-term issue that developers need to constantly fight against throughout the lifespan of a game. Some cheats include aimbots with spinbot, autofire, quick-scope, autoscope, no-spread, 1 hit kill, and aim-lock. Keep in mind these features will get you almost instantly banned so don’t use them.

Dealing with hacks is a big concern for Respawn Entertainment however, the developer also has other points of interest. Apex Legends has now arrived on Steam. Season 3 in October 2019 saw the game reach 70 million internationally. The more popular a game is, the more problems it can have with players attempting to cheat. Our Apex Hack hasn’t been detected yet and our ESP and Aimbot remain completely safe to use. This means that EA and Respawn Entertainment are also focused on improving the gameplay, adding new features, and making other changes.