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Discontinued Cheats

You can check out our older cheats that we no longer support by clicking the button below. Most cheats were taken offline due to lack of interest.


The Best Multiplayer Cheats & Features

IWantCheats Provides You Undetected PC Game Cheats for Over 45 Games. We Help You Dominate Online Games with Our Amazing Features!

Cheat Launcher

With our custom launcher, you can launch every cheat with ease. Just select your cheat and the server will download it for you in seconds!

The Most Features

Our hacks are packed with all the features you need to give yourself an advantage. You’ll find aimbots, ESPs, and even wallhacks in our hack suite!

Easy to Use Menu

Our in-game menus have been strategically coded to be light weight, easy for you to use and undetectable by anti-cheat developers for every game.

Triple Layer Security

We have an anti-cheat launcher that secures the user’s connection, and we also implement hidden layers of security measures in order to ensure safety during gameplay.

24 Hour Support

Our staff is available 24/7, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or expert. We can help set up cheats for your game of choice – just ask!

Undetected Software

Download the best software in the industry, with anti-cheat measures to secure your performance and privacy when you play.

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