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GTA 5 Online // Eğlenceyi Katla Mod ON #9
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223 Responses to GTA 5 Online: UNENDLICH GELD HACK IN 5 MIN 80.000.000 $ | MONEY GLITCH | DEUTSCH

  1. Glyn says:

    Carter boyz 04 XBox one
    99999999cash and 756565Rp

  2. Glyn says:

    xRs TrIcKzZ
    563636cash 566566rp
    It’s my bro

  3. john says:

    pls bro i want money and rp

  4. Some Guy says:

    Psn: appleh3adz0mbi3
    Rp: 999,999,999
    Cash: 999,999,999

    Hope It’s Legit. Thanks!

  5. Some Guy says:

    Btw Platform Is PS4.

  6. Sendermen says:

    PSN geksakh
    RP 999,999,999
    Money 999,999,999

  7. Poppasquat380 says:

    Please send me psn PlayStation 4 Poppasquat380 gtag weedasourus in game please ty

  8. Fenrir says:

    Bitte 300 Millionen$
    Ps4 Fenrir8814

  9. norbert says:

    100 Millionen $
    ps3 wickED__hoOVer

  10. Wolf says:

    Please send me 300,000,000
    PS3 Mordenkrad

  11. Vwheelz says:

    Hello can someone please help me and generate me 25Mill on Xbox one : RuskiaMafia. I would really appreciate it thank you.

  12. RC says:

    ID: MetzX2
    Platform: PS4

    Would like 125m if you could. Would love you forever! Thanks bud.

  13. MESSI240 says:

    Hallo kann ich Geld, ich will nur Geld. Im auf dem PC ist mein Name JamesDc90. Danke: p

  14. RONLADO254 says:

    Benutzername: john92, Plattform: Xbox ein

    ich will 900000000 $ und rp 5400000000

    Dank bro

  15. R1PANDA says:

    Kann ich bitte etwas Geld, Xbox ein Gamertag bekommen, ist David Marvin
    Ich möchte 15 000 000 bitte nicht rp brauchen

  16. SQOMKAA says:

    Hey Jungs, ich frage heute für 20 000 000 $, aber ich nicht bekommen es, seine vielleicht nur ein Problem ^^ Ich möchte nur wissen, ob es normal war: p Im auf pc und ich bitte um 20 000 000 $ danke für die Aufnahme deine Zeit !!!

  17. RI154MAY says:

    Mein Konto ist JamesDc90 ich es dir zu sagen, vergessen ^^

  18. DAVVIDE says:

    Kann ich 1 Milliarde auf der PS3. Auch eine Menge von rp
    Hallo, mein Benutzername ist: Tomassen_liessel

    Bereits dank

  19. ZANGA says:

    Hallo, kann ich etwas Geld, mein GT auf Xbone dockiller210 ist, krank mit etwas glücklich sein, Danke.

  20. JIHANTA says:

    Vielen Dank. Ich habe gerade 22000000 Geld!

  21. SARA2110 says:

    Vielen Dank ! = D Dieser Hack ist verdammt unglaublich .. Ich habe gerade 30000000 Bargeld .. = 3

  22. 25DUY says:

    helfen Sie mir mit etwas Geld und rp heraus Bitte gt auf xbox ein: Envy Foxtrot: Bargeld 9000000000 rp: 5400000000 allen geschätzt wird

  23. Raecer904 says:

    ich brauche rd 2000000000000000 und gled 1Milliarden

  24. Raecer904 says:

    ich brauche rp 2000000000000000 und gled 1Milliarden auf mein xbox one acc

  25. Raecer904 says:

    ich brauche rp 2000000000000000 und geld 3Milliarden auf mein xbox one a

    • Admin says:

      Raecer904 . Ich werde für Sie generieren rp 2000000000000000 und geld 3 Milliarden , Überprüfen Sie Ihr Konto

  26. Moritt1820 says:

    Money 50,000,000
    Rp 999999

  27. Murny says:

    Xbox one
    300000000 money
    210000000 RP

  28. Edwin says:

    Playstation 3

  29. Edwin says:

    Playstation 3
    I mean
    50000 rp
    20000000 money

  30. curious says:

    the_darkmatter62 100.000.000 money

  31. Tiger says:

    Tiger10116 Xbox one

    Could you give me 1 billion please

  32. That Guy says:


    A while ago I was contacted by R*ckstar saying that something had gone wrong when transferring my character data and I lost pretty much everything I had. I’ve been grinding to get back to where I was but I’m sick of it. Please help

  33. Juliobl says:

    Hey bro , would give send me 1 billion to Juliobl1 on pc, please bro, thank you in advance

  34. Cjay says:

    H-D_MASC money 40000000 rank up 8000 plz ps4

  35. Chance says:

    PS4: xx_BB_Stacker_xx

    • Admin says:

      Chance . ok i will send you $100,000,000 and 200,000RP on ps4 , after 12 h check your account xx_BB_Stacker_xx , enjoy money

  36. sajanbir099 says:

    hey i really don’t know it will work or not
    i’m playing on pc gta5 online
    can i get money or rank up
    my username- sajanbir099

  37. Sonicbooster12 says:

    Xbox one




  38. PRO says:

    hey can i have 10.0000$ pls

  39. PRO says:

    hey can i have 1000000000000 million in gta5 my psn is ProG6amer909

  40. TheLeedal9000 says:

    Can I at least get 500million Gta money.
    Psn TheLeedal9000

    • Admin says:

      TheLeedal9000 . ok i will generate for you 500 million money on ps4 , after 12 h check your account TheLeedal9000

  41. flo123 says:

    PS4: florido123

    500 million

  42. sajanbir099 says:

    hey admin
    5000 million cash
    10000 rank up
    pc gta 5 online
    username: sajanbir099

  43. Eben Jones says:

    Xbox 360:

    $1 billion

  44. Foe666 says:

    Hey Admin,
    Please can U give me Dollar?
    Big thanks
    Xbox one
    Gamertag: Foeman 666

  45. Max says:

    Hey Admin

    I need 500 million on PC please


  46. raphael says:

    send 99.999.999.000 plz

  47. Christian says:

    Hey admin can you please give me 50 million if you can do it? Thank you and have a good day.

  48. sajanbir099 says:

    hey admin i had requested you twice
    5000 billion
    with 100 rank up just
    will be thankful
    when i will get ? do reply about time ?
    pc username : sajanbir099

  49. sbaerfett10 says:

    can i get 500,000,000 ps4 saberfett10

  50. Tobi says:

    tobi12022 on PC

    10 Billion $
    Rank 360

    Thank You.

  51. shadowsniper says:

    Can I get 50 mil please. My gt is shadowsniper432

  52. Jason says:

    Tr1x Sh4dows, money 999,999,999, rp 999,999,999. Thanks

  53. Dark_Star says:

    Admin can you please add 10 billion cash and 500000 rp to my ps4 GT owais51. I would really appreciate if you do so.

  54. sajanbir099 says:

    hey admin i’m going to request u third time now
    plzzz tranfer me money nd rank up
    pc username : sajanbir099
    do reply about time ?

  55. alex says:

    Yo man 25mil and 2mil rp platform-PS4 IGN- YTFury91
    ty bro

  56. sajanbir099 says:

    hey admin plzz transfer me some money
    like 500 billions or million
    atleast 100 rank up plzz
    pc user
    username: sajanbir099
    do reply about time when will i get
    requesting u fourth time admin

  57. donald says:

    can i get 80 mil and rank 300 ps4 leftfordonald

  58. Darryl says:

    Hey admin ps4 username Thebigbaddaz 2 billion and at least 100 rank up cheers

  59. Albert says:

    Hey admin,

    Can i get 500.000.000 and 200 rank up

    Thnx in advance



  60. Emir says:

    Can I get 500000000$ and 400000 rp

    Psn name is emirdanger77

    Please send the money

  61. Matt says:

    Can you give me 400 million please I em poor gamer tag JAH ARMY76 plz all caps

  62. Luis says:

    Admin can I get 800 billion and level 888 psn:MrLovo8 plz I beg u plz and thanks

  63. Purtgas12 says:

    I need 100 million in gta online V my Ps4 ID purtgas12


  64. Knightkillers707 says:

    I please need 300 million or somewhere around there. Ps3 KNIGHTKILLERS707

  65. Radipok says:

    Hey Bro. Can you give me 300.000.000 cash on ps4 nö rp pls? Name Radipok

  66. the_man says:

    Can I have 250’000’000 cash on PS4 please?

  67. John says:

    Can I get


    On Xbox 360.
    Gamer tag is RADDUD327

  68. Hen says:

    300,000,000 money pls
    1,000,000 rp pls

    Xbox360 BYDKILLER

  69. gtav2015gat says:

    i want 300000000000$

  70. gtav2015gat says:

    i want 30000000000
    please ps4

  71. ticho123456 says:

    admin can you putme 999.999.999 dolars my account is ticho123456

  72. Juicebanditchop says:

    I would like 500 million cash and 500000 in Rp points my gt: JuiceBanditChop thanks

  73. SchoolboyTF says:

    Would you please send me $300,000,000 and 1,000,000 RP on GTA online?
    My acc is “ScHoolboyTF” and my platform is PS4

  74. kaleb Brown says:

    Can I please get about 500,000,000 money please, I don’t so much need rp, my ID is P_I_T_A_123 and it is for PS3

  75. Jason says:

    Can I please have 999 mil psn acc is HitMan33410

  76. Gilgamesh says:

    Can i get 500,000,000 money and 10,000,000 rp please. PC user id : GilgameshTR

  77. Miedrof says:

    Please give me 50.000.000
    Gametag: miedrof
    Platform: ps4

  78. TheOne says:

    Admin Can I get $300 Million or even half of that my account is Adrian_MFGarrett ps4

  79. Awesome242 says:

    can i get some money on ps4?
    name is dinorocks100
    thanks 🙂

  80. Jasoom says:

    I want hack my account gta

  81. Balazs says:

    Would you please help to send me 30 million cash and 10 million in RP points?
    Poppy3232x and the platform is PS4.
    Thank you in advance. Best regards.

  82. Balazs says:


    Would you please help to send me 30 million cash and 10 million in RP points?
    Poppy3232x and the platform is PS4.
    Thank you in advance. Best regards.

  83. mercur12344321 says:

    Can I please get 125,000,000 money please,and I don’t need rp
    My ID: mercur12344321
    For PC.
    Thank you!!!

  84. Singersx4 says:

    Can I please get hooked up with 500,000,000 and 1,000,000 rp
    My xboxoneuser is Singersx4

  85. Sai says:

    Can you send 2 billion to my account. GAMERTAG: Sai1999

  86. Kevin says:

    PS3 gta username and ps network PEACEL8VEANARCHY MONEY PLEASE

  87. l3avess says:

    Hey can you pls give me 25,000,000$ and 1,000,000 rp.
    Gamertag: l3avess
    Plattform: PC
    Thank you, really!:)

  88. Edvin says:

    CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE ME 80.000.000$ AND 1.000.000 RP.PLATFORM PS3,USERNAME BIHGamer123.

  89. Andi says:

    Would you please send me $300,000,000 and 1,000,000 RP on GTA online?
    My ID: Andi123___
    For PS3

  90. Mr Rocco says:

    Could u please give me $69,000,000 on gta5 on Xbox 360 online, my name is Mr Rocco 69

  91. Christine says:

    Hey admin is it possible if I can have rp for my character my ign is TRIXSOS19 thank you would greatly appreciate it

  92. CCC says:

    Rp: 1,000,000
    Cash: 500,000,000

    Thank you…

  93. Anthonyt says:

    hi admin can i have 100,000,000 $ and lvl 100 please and ty my xbox one gt is rainbowdash19xx

  94. Ray says:

    Can I have 1million please and level 150. My name is XAWESOMENESS93X Please and thank you

  95. Ray says:

    Btw mine is for ps4 and I meant to say 2 million. Nothing I try is working for extra money

  96. Xroyx says:

    Hey, would be so happy when i get 500’000’000 please 🙂

    xroyalx1993 (PS4)

    Thank you

  97. vansaiyuki05 says:

    PC: vansaiyuki05
    Rp: 1,000,000
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    Thank you…

  98. Rasit says:

    Playstation 4 : Alikku1998
    Rp: 100,000,000
    $: 999,999,999
    Thank you C:

  99. Bakhtiar Khan says:

    Hey Admin I need $100,000,000 (One Hundred Million). RP 50,000 (Fifty Thousand). My platform is PS4, and my PSN is Da_Khan_Flict. You may add me.

  100. Sheena Campbell says:

    500,000.000 cash 2,000.00rp please and thanks ps4 ianmike08

  101. Gage says:

    Admin hey can I get 500mil and 20k rp my gt is KILLERSHOT Xbox one the have a nice day

  102. Baller says:

    2 billion dollars and 100,000 rp plz
    Username QuiK_InKorrect ps4

  103. kkdogss says:

    Ps4: kkdogss

    Rp: 1,000,000

    Cash: 50,000,000

  104. hunter says:

    Yo can I get 100,000,000,000$


    gamertag hunterash1

  105. a says:

    Can you get me 500,000,000 plz
    xbox- AngelB30

  106. momo says:

    Hello ! Pour moi ? for me ? Momoo698 pls comment faire ?

  107. WirzCH says:

    Can you add 50000000 on my xbox one: WirzCH

  108. Ballbreakeur says:

    Need 500 000 000cash and max rp



  109. Habize3 says:

    Pls 500000000 cash and max rp

  110. Bunta says:

    Yo man could i get 100,000,000 cash and 20,000,000 RP please
    PS4 and my account is KillaBeez187420

  111. BizJ says:

    Please may I have 100,000,000,00 of money and also could I have 100,00,000,000 of reputation, I would rather appreciate it, my Psn is BizJ and social club if you need it is y0Bizj

  112. Gstar says:

    i´m new here ..
    please can you give me money? i dont need more..
    20000000$ gta dollar if it goes..
    my player name on ps4 is ggggstar1979
    thank you,

  113. Joerg Eckert says:

    My Little son neeeeeds Level and and 300 Level rp.
    Donzizsf , ps3
    So thankful

  114. Corey says:

    Hey admin can I please have 100,000,000 added to my account please? It would be appreciated very much. Psn: sandman1996

  115. Bombka1 says:

    Please help me …. 90000000 Money and 2500000 RP PLEASE!!!!! NAME : Bombka1 System : PS4

  116. Matt says:

    Money and rp would be great thanks, I’ll leave the amount up to you.
    I’m batman sshh xbox 1

  117. Juan says:

    Please my fiend, can I have 100.000.000 money and 50.000.000 RP
    My ID is juanchyros1978 in PS4

  118. Linus says:

    ‘running really ? see my PSN is Xtreme_salathe Rp 999,999,999 and 999,999,999 Give me money . pc

  119. Clint says:

    My gamertag is JamesJamesbond2 admin it would mean a lot if you do this for me cheers Clint.

  120. KartarenaMG says:

    PS4: KartarenaMG

    I would be happy to have 50.000.000 credits please!!

    Thank you very much in forward

  121. Valentina says:


    My PSN is Sk1ttle5_20
    Please? $500,000,000

  122. Jordan says:

    Hell can I have like 50million and some RP please, I’m on Xbox one, gamer tag: smiler username: GSE99

  123. Nico111 says:

    Hello mate! Can I please have 100.000.000 $?
    PC: Nico039
    Thank You very much!!

  124. XxMaDxCrAzYxX says:

    Hook me up with 900,000,000 please and thank you
    Xbox one gamer tag XxMaDxCrAzYxX

  125. MennyMachine says:

    I need money
    xbox one
    Thank U

  126. Jake says:

    Hey Admin. My birthday is coming up and would really like a few billion so I can buy all the new stuff. I’m on ps4 and my psn is snake420- Thanks!!!

  127. georgesteve123 says:

    Gta online is fantastic

  128. bryan campbell says:

    cash $ 500000000 RP alot please
    kingbryan1977 PS4


  129. Mike says:

    can you give me 20000000$ on pc account “DANIELOSOWATY”, thank you admin

  130. jorgiusm says:

    Admin, can you give me 80.000.000$ and 999999RP pls?
    My name is jorgiusm and I play on ps3

  131. Matthieu says:

    Fr NerOxDarK. Xbox one

    Only 40 millions please

  132. Philipp says:

    Hey Admin, can you give me 80.000.000$ pls?
    My username is HamaOssi on PC

    Thank You

  133. dziedzic1 says:

    Hey Admin, can you give me 200.000.000$ please? my nick on PC is dziedzic1. THANK YOU

  134. O_DAAWGG says:

    Admin can you help me out with 500 million dollars gta
    Platform ps4
    Psn O_Daawgg

  135. Calle says:

    Hey Admin. Can you send me like 500 Million?

    Thanks for that.

    Name: KingCalle

    Plattform: PC

  136. Justin Vaughan says:

    Admin can you hook me up?

  137. Justin Vaughan says:

    Platform: xbox one

  138. adam says:

    money and rp please mate psn is stephens1992as ps4thanks

  139. skyrim4all says:

    Platform: PC

    30.000.000$ please

  140. Louie says:

    Can you please give me as much money as possible and RP ! 999999999999999999999999999999999999+
    My platform is Xbox one
    My gamertag is monkeykiller650

    Thank you!

  141. El Nino Felipe says:

    Would be great to get 75.000.000 $ on PS4. My nick is ElNinoFelipe

  142. Oli says:

    pls 5 billion $
    THX ☺

  143. Blubb says:

    80.000.000 $ on PS4 to Lachgasto please! I Need so much Money!

  144. t0ma22 says:

    800.000.000 $ on PC: t0ma22 please!

  145. romao says:

    you can give me 100millions on ps3
    my gt is: pintor2009
    and 3000 rp

  146. Jimmy millard says:

    Southern heritage ps3
    $99,999,999,999,999 no 1,000,000 rp

  147. startdum says:

    money 1000000000
    R.P 50000000

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