GTA 5 Online Transfer Solo Unlimited Money Glitch After 1.42

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507 Responses to GTA 5 Online Transfer Solo Unlimited Money Glitch After 1.42

  1. Dakota says:

    Can I plz have 20 billion if So that would be awsome. Im on PS4 and my psn is Mesprit001

  2. Ty says:

    Can i have a couple million? My psn is Lil_Richie15

  3. darthvader362 says:

    I was wondering if by any chance you guys would be hosting a money lobby I could join anytime soon? Thank you.

  4. Dakota says:

    Can I have 30 mill please if so my ps4 gamertag is billyjean556

  5. Daniel says:

    Can I get 10 billion dollars please, I’d really appreciate it since the new dlc is coming out and all. If so my psn is darthvader362, thank you very much.

  6. Gabriel says:

    Please man, give-me money on PC version, GabrielDnh

  7. Juan Hernandez says:

    Hi, would you do a money lobby on xbox one?

  8. jhon says:

    admin I would like to know if u could send me 20999999 cash please. my gamertag on ps4 is qwerty1231231715, this would be greatly appreciated.

  9. King OatMeal says:

    Hello, can you help me out? I would love to have $70,000,000. Im on PS4. PSN: OatMeal67

  10. David says:

    Hey can u help me with money? Can u send me 100 million Im on PS4 my psn is kenneybell80

  11. Catita_Esp says:

    Could I have about 100 Millions? Ps3: Catita_ESP It would be awesome

  12. ali akber says:

    Hey can u help me with money? Can u send me 100 million Im on PS4 my psn is aliakku786

  13. Herey says:

    Could you give me 50 million gta dollars, thanks my psn id is tripel_r

  14. Josh says:

    Can you send 100 million ??
    xbox one vetgangpapi
    thanks !

  15. haywoo says:

    can I get 1billion dollar psn haywoolinkin

  16. Hank 81 says:

    Hey Admin can you give me 100 million dollars please? Greetings from Germany

    PSN : der_poet81

    Thank you

  17. Joe says:

    Hey admin, can you please send me 100 million? I’m on PC – notjustanyaverge

    Thank you!!

  18. Ross says:

    Can you send 5 billion on xb1 – GT ir0ad1e

  19. Caleb says:

    Hey can you please send 1 billion to my ps4 account? Psn: mop3ylungs420

  20. aLeX says:

    i have said it in the other post, if you can adnim i just want 15 million in pc, “aLeX_pro19 Thank you

  21. Ken says:

    Admin can you please give me 100 billion and 100000 rp gamertag is kenant23 ps4

  22. Darren says:

    Can I get 500 million please man. Im on xbox one and my gamertag is R3D D3V1L D0G

  23. Jamie says:

    Could I please have 400 million on my account

  24. Jordan says:

    Hi there, Admin. May I have 100Mil please?
    Psn is: maineventkalvin

  25. dhrv ambavta says:

    can i get 1 billion gta doller and my pc name is dhruv_ambavta thanks

  26. tnxt says:

    Hi admin Can i have 40.000.000$. i’m on PC and may social club name’s alex152rus1

  27. Jack Burns says:

    Can you generate 20 million in ps4 , CaptainSandyHook

  28. tastien says:

    Can you give me 50 000 000$

  29. Merty says:

    can i have 500.000.000 money please in my windows gta 5 name :lokrobsterr2

  30. Ajay says:

    Please I need 700mil username is Ajay-011 on pc

  31. eagle_tim says:

    Admin,can i get some 900000 pls? Sc: eagle_tim

  32. Lukepeculier says:

    Can I get one billion on PC, username is Lukepeculier

  33. Romeo says:

    Please generate 90 billion on my account Romeo9975 and i am on PC

  34. Lewis says:

    Can u give me 10 billion on xbox 1. My name is C0oKIE Ninjaz. The ‘0’ is a zero.

  35. Blackbeltpro95 says:

    Hey could I please have 1 billion dollars on to my ps3 account? My ps3 is blackbeltpro95

  36. Hat man says:

    I’d like 100 millions on pc, my gamertag is tiguiauclair

  37. Brian says:

    Admin, any help toward 1 billion dollars would be greatly appreciated Ps4 – HoagiesFeet420 thank you very much

  38. Heufchenbauer says:

    Please GTA5 Money of
    Psn: Suko2111

  39. Joey says:

    Hey admin, can you please swing by 200 mil for my character? Im on PC and username is –


    Many thanks mate!

  40. luke says:

    hey admin can I have 150mil and rank 120 my xbox gamertag is “I KILLKEckup”. thnx.

  41. Reece says:

    Hi can I have 50 mil please
    PN- tazmanrp93

  42. Ric says:

    Hey admin, can you send me 500,000,000 $ ? I’m on PC, my ID is RickValkyria

  43. mark says:

    PS3 Psn Xenic_Gears
    can i get 10 billion
    and rank 100
    thank you
    id appreciate it

  44. Nick says:

    Can I please have 30 million dollars if so my ps4 username is LittelNick040215

  45. Nick says:

    Hey can I have 100 million dollars my name on pan is LittelNick040215

  46. raiyan says:

    Please generate 90 billion on my account raiyan2000 and i am on ps4

  47. Ross says:

    please may I have 5 billion on xb1 GT: ir0ad1e

  48. Tony says:

    Can I have 105 billion on Xbox one GT: ZxRealmcCoyZx

  49. Kyle kohanzo says:

    can i have like 10 billion please. My Xbox one gamertag is taco man56124.

  50. BASS Dami says:

    Moge 30m moje psn Bass Dami

  51. Mike says:

    I need 1 billion for gta 5 online my old account was deleted have no money for updates ps4 name is ogspike- please help

  52. Mike says:

    Please admin help

  53. Smiley says:

    Please can i have 2billion? Gamertag: EliTe x SmiLeY

  54. Ty says:

    Hi, Admin can you give me around 150 million dollars, it would be nice to feel comfortable with money on GTA Online. Thanks

    PS4: thumanchu

  55. Peter says:

    Can i have 50 million my XBGT is Blackmatter007 no RP thanks

  56. Milton Tashi says:

    Can I please have $1 billion.My psn is tashikana9806

  57. Jrescobar says:

    Can I get 80 Million on PC? Gamertag is Jrescobar, thanks!

  58. Aiden T says:

    Can I please have 50 million, PC version – Username = CaptainPrivilege

  59. Xx-yojumba-xX says:

    Can i plz get somthing. I am just greatfull if i get somthing . Can you send me a Mail if you are giving me any thing. I am on ps4: Xx-yojumba-xX

  60. Sanchezerino says:

    Can i have 60 million and 500k rp please?

    My psn: sanchez9988

  61. jaden says:

    Can i please have 100million im on ps 4 and my gamertag is jadenvanjaarsvel

  62. XxSlaydorxX says:

    PSN: XxSlaydorxX 10billion would be nice, lol, thanks

  63. ThommyDP says:

    Can you please send me $20mil and 1mil RP?
    Gamertag is ThommyDP
    i’m playing on ps4

    Thank you a lot!!!!

  64. Big jodoug says:

    How is every one getting all this money for gta5 on ps4

  65. Big jodoug says:

    Can I please have as much as u can my user name is big jodoug for the ps4

  66. AMIR says:

    CAN i plzz have 10 billion and 3 billionrp my user name is Amir_Claws

  67. Justin says:

    Hey admin, may I please have 8 billion dollars and 3 billion RP. My PS3 gamertag is: gypsy2204. Also, how long will it take for the money to appear?

  68. Syed Syafiq says:

    Can I have $50 billion and level 350? my xbox one gamertag: SyedSyfq

  69. Can I get 150 million plz.on ps3 gamertag bluewolf2192

  70. Justin says:

    Hey admin, may I please have 10 billion dollars and 4 billion RP. My PS3 gamertag is: gypsy2204. Also, how long will it take for the money to appear?

  71. Robbo says:

    Can I have 100 million pls, that would be great. Xbox gt exotiic example

  72. Juan says:

    Can i have $50 billion pls my xbox one Gamertag: thegearselite thanks

  73. Daniel says:

    can i get 20 million my PSN is djdavis826 i said nvmd before but I changed my mind

  74. Juan says:

    Can i have 50 million plz my Gamertag is thegearselite thanks admin

  75. xDoctorGx says:

    can i have 50 billion my pc gamertag is xDoctorGx

  76. Fajri says:

    Can i have $5 billion money and 1 million rp plizz
    My gamertag : Fajri_Azmi
    Im on ps4


  77. Emad says:

    I am very poor in GTA 5 Online. PLEASE HELP ME IM DESPERATE.
    PS4. Psn: captainmacktavis
    Amount : $20 million or more

  78. Ruy says:

    Can you please send me $10 billion, My Gamertag (ps3) is GustRuy

    Thank you a lot!

  79. NikBerto says:

    Can i get 15 Million plz? NikBerto, on PC

  80. Justin says:

    Could you please send me 100 million. PS3 gamertag: gypsy2204

  81. balstran says:

    Hello admin, can i get 30 million please, my psn Balstransyah (ps4)

  82. Rishik says:

    Hello admin can I get 20 billion $ on ps4
    My user Id – resurishik
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  83. Rishik says:

    Maybe 20billion is a bit more.
    Can you plz transfer 500 million. 🙂
    Id – resurishik

  84. Rishik says:

    Can u please add 2 billion $ ?
    ID – resurishik

  85. sharcruiser says:

    Admin I’ll love you forever if i please can get 1 billion on PS4. Name: sharcruier

  86. Dom says:

    Can I get 400 million I’m on ps4 my gamertag is Dom_Dawg98

  87. John says:

    hey Admin, can I please get 20-30 million on ps4 please? psn is Voodoo5154

  88. Simphiwe says:

    Hey Admin maybe I please have $30million in order for me to boost my account xbox live account Taxingpoem92147

  89. David says:

    Hey admin may I have 30 million on ps4 please? psn crazycubby

  90. Chris says:

    Yo could I get $5million please I really need it. PS4:PSN: thuggerthugge271

  91. William says:

    Admin if you don’t mind could you send me 10,000,000 please
    Xbox One Gamertag:

  92. Rishik says:

    Hey Admin, could i get 2 billion please?
    psn – resurishik

  93. Gerrard says:

    Can you please give me 200 million on ps4. Psn killer_398 thanks.

  94. Luke Godden says:

    Hi admin could I get $100 million dollors please on xbox one, gamer tag: nK Enzo , socialclub: Borolayd99 thanks

  95. Ali Taleb says:

    Please man kan you give me 200 million please gamertag:alijr-1234 (ps4)

  96. Ali Taleb says:

    Admin can you please give me 100 million? Ps4 gamertag:alijr-1234

  97. Kevin says:

    Could you please give me 200 million on ps4. My PSN is: WYK1960

  98. Kurtis says:

    can you please hook me up with some rp and money for account mayhemmobvp social club account Whitekingdom602 thanks so much anything helps

  99. Jay says:

    Can i plz have 20 million my gamer tag is spriggerman on xbox 1.

    • Frank says:

      Can i please have 25 billion i admin i am really struggling for money thanks.

      Platform: PS4
      Username: fmastro96

  100. Caio says:

    Admin can you get me 100 million PSN: etchebehere

  101. Mikey says:

    Admin can i please get 50 million. Gamertag on ps4: buttersmania84

  102. Nathan says:

    Can I please have $2 billion, my gamertag is UltraN913 on Xbox One. Thank you.

  103. don says:

    i am on xbox one can u get me like 10 bil. username is hansenbr7

  104. Owen says:

    Can I have like 70mil? PSN: Firefli123

  105. joey says:

    will someone plase give me some money please please you will be the most helpfull person i know my gamer tag is on ps4 BaZooKa_Joey665 please and thanks in advance

  106. Execute xtc says:

    hey admin can i have 20mil on my acc pls? my gamertag is Ex3cu7e xTc on xbox one thx =)

  107. Timomatic90 says:

    Hey can someone give some Money? 70.000.000 Would be awesome. Thank you very much.


    Username: Timomatic 90

  108. Rocco says:

    Admin Can i have 20 Million $ in Gta 5 online please
    My psn: rocco_banks

  109. thomas says:

    Hey admin please can I have help leveling up and 300 million please my own is tthawkins3

  110. CJ says:

    Please give me $ 1 Billion i Need it so much Name: BlueGlowingJelly

  111. Farley says:

    Hi, just wondering if anyone could generate for me up to 50mil? My gamertag on PC is Farleybwd

  112. luis leon says:

    Admin can i get 20 m pls? ps4 THE_DARK_JOKER21

  113. Jonathan says:

    Hey admin may I have 10mil psn: Warzombie18

  114. Gavin says:

    GT is CyKo Toaster on Xbox One can I have 350 million please Admin

  115. Ishmael says:

    Can i have 40 million? Psn: Mellow_Genesis712

  116. Ishmael says:

    May i have 40 million dollars please psn: Mellow_Genesis7 srry i put wrong number last time

  117. Pook says:

    can i get like 800 million gt is Poookerz on xbox one

  118. Jason Shaw says:

    If could get 50,000,000 ( $50 Million ) and if you do RP can I also get 40,000,000 RP too? On PS4, PSN is RagnarokOfLight.

  119. Jj says:

    Admin can u give me 2bill on my PS4 account

    Psn- spideypunch986

  120. Kevani says:

    Hey Admin,
    Can I please have 50 million.
    I play in windows and my user id is KevaniKunju
    Thanks a lot!!!!!

  121. Jack says:

    Hi admin, can I get 100 million? ID: jadk310 (yes it’s a d)

  122. ghaith says:

    hey can i please have $10 billion, im on ps4 my gamer tag is food-radar

  123. Mark says:

    Can you give me like 2 billion please my Xbox gamertag is mmonsters

  124. Mark says:

    Can you give me like 2 billion please my Xbox gamertag is mmonsters thank you

  125. Kris says:

    Can I get 100 mil?
    Xbox one gamertag Domel87

  126. Dre says:

    Can you please send me 20 million also 1 million RP?

    My ID is king_kuffler
    i’m on ps4

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  127. Unstoppable BM says:


    Can you please send some GTA$ my way?
    XB1: Unstoppable BM

    Give me a paypal account and I’ll return the favor.

  128. Arturo says:

    May I have $ 5 billion please admin. It would help me a lot. Xbox one Username: arturohdz56

  129. Shayan says:

    Admin I really need money please help me can you give me $1 bilion..please thanks
    On PC:ShayanShadowZzz

  130. Quemell Brave says:

    Hello Can you please put 15mil in my account my username is QDB155 I am on PS4. Please and Thank You

  131. bkeenan says:

    could i possibly have 100million and level 200
    thanks so much 🙂

    xbox 360 gamertag- VIPERORTONS

  132. Sutton205 says:

    Can I get 500 mil pleasee
    Xbox one- gt- ELITE HappyMEAL

  133. foxflyers says:

    hey dude can yuo give me 20million on xbox one? gamertag is foxflyers

  134. marko says:

    can i get 2 billion please admin on ps3 username:kosticm823

  135. Kevani says:

    Admin can i plz have 100 million… my userid is KevaniKunju and i play on pc

  136. Amit Dadwal says:

    hi admin…can you please add 2 billion in my account…i am on my PC…my id:LifeisInfinite

  137. Jonas says:

    hey admin ca u give over 500 million dollars i play on pc my GT SpongeBobJonKopf

  138. bk says:

    100million? 🙂
    viperortons – xbox 360

  139. Rob says:

    Can I have money plz

  140. Logan says:

    Admin, can i get 30mil on ps4 evoskywalker553

  141. James says:

    Is this legitimate? Can I please get some $$? Ps4 Wafflesurfer

  142. Please help says:

    Can I please have 5 billion on ps4. My username is stevek88. Thank you

  143. Krazed_khan says:

    Could I have 10 billion pls, my username is Krazed_Khan and I play on pc

  144. Gavin says:

    Can I please get 1 billion xbox one GT is CyKo Toaster

    Please admin I will love you forever

  145. randall says:

    Requesting money help,

    Need a few billion,


  146. Arshia says:

    Hey guys
    Admin can i have 15M on my gta account on ps4??
    Psn: arshiamohseni

  147. Brad says:

    Sup admin can i get 20M please PS4-Xx-BRADZiLLA-xX

  148. mo says:

    Hey admin, could i have a transfer of 30 million on my ps4 account
    psn: Mo_Cho246
    appreciate it

  149. kayden says:

    can i get 20 bilion please and thank you
    PSN bubba204

  150. saleh says:

    please can yo put 20m in my account:ahmed_hazza3

  151. josephstallin says:

    Admin can you please give me 500 million? PS4 tctc2008

  152. mosies says:

    can i plz have 20 billion for my ps3 my username is mo_2007

  153. Christopher jara says:

    Can I plz have 2000 billion dollars if so can I also have level 9000 if you can give me rp points if so it will be great my ps4 name is CHRIX-_-KILLER2.

  154. Tree says:

    can i please have 400 mill on xbox one?
    GT: Treetop
    Thank You so much!

  155. Steve says:

    May I please receive $20 million and enough rp to buy tank.
    That’s all. Just want some fun!
    GT – beelowmenow
    Xbox one
    Thanks in advance

  156. jerinno says:

    admin can you give me 200 million? my ps4 name is J7RO7N

  157. seppooo jou says:

    Admin can i have 20 billion? I’m on PC and my SC is kelm1k

  158. Jared V says:

    Hey can I please have 200 million$ to my account, my Xbox One gamer tag is DJ Avos, thanks.

  159. elijah montoya says:

    hey can i have 10 mill please? Xbox one username:LogicsticTxDxE

  160. yoshii says:

    can i have 9000000 please my ps4 account is yoshalmutairi

  161. darryn pearson says:

    Hi please can i have 10 billion money and unlimited rp points
    Iamgod1989 ps4

  162. Declown says:

    Men can you give me 1 billon ? Ps4: Declown thanks

  163. Help me ^.^ says:

    Hey admin if possible can I have 20 mil in my acc i really want to buy a plane and cars thank you in advance very much

    PSN: Chickenthug69

  164. Goalan420 says:

    Hey can you get me 250 mill thanks ps3 goalan420

  165. scarlite420 says:

    Dear Admin, could i please have 800million $ and 2million RP ? Pc platform social club name : scarlite420
    TYSM yet!

  166. Zvire says:

    Dear Admin, could i please have 150 million $? Pc platform social club name: .Zvire

  167. john says:

    could u please send me 10 milliom admin please

  168. john says:

    SwiftSuperJohnny ps4 please could i have like 10 million not alot lol haha please???

  169. manekineko777 says:

    can you give me 100 billion in gta 4 (pc) and 2 million rp,, nametag: Manekineko777 ,,thanks for the helps

  170. Matthew Hecox says:

    Hey admin can I please have 5 billion if possible, thanks in advance I have a PS3 and my psn is: ElusiveCanadian

  171. Fred says:

    hey admin could i get $billion and 2 million RP on PC my name is GrumpyTheftCat, thanks

  172. TheRipper says:

    Could i please get 20 billion for ps4?

  173. Z says:

    Dear admin may I please please please have 950million $ and 5million rp ps4: gt5674ikghy thanks

  174. Leprocon28 says:

    Admin can you give me 999999999999999$ and 99999999rp plz
    PS4 Leprocon28 Peyton tappan

  175. Dutchie says:

    Can i have 250 million pls thx in advance
    PC Dutch-Finest-050

  176. Alex says:

    Admin, send money my way dog. Much love from Scotland!!

    PSN AlexNightXD

  177. Ryan says:

    Can I get any amount please? Thank you. PS4 MULISHATROOP816

  178. arian says:

    Admin I need money give 1000000000(1billon)

    $So many thanks$

  179. arian says:

    Psn:aryan sabzlian
    Gta online username:arianfiru18

  180. Kieran lees says:

    50 million please? PS3 brownslimshady and Celestialrampage

  181. daniel foster says:

    not goning to be gready, can i have $2 million please
    ps3 dannyfoster0393

  182. Johnny says:

    Admin! Could you possibly send me 20 million? My ps4 ID is Assassin-Phsyco1

  183. db says:

    Hey admin could you add 100 million to my account? PSN: therocha11

  184. Eric says:

    Can I have 50 million cash?

    PSN: Mrbubbles153

  185. Jack Burns says:

    30 million plz. Burnzinator14 Xbox one

  186. brodie says:

    need 10 million plzz

  187. debiiil123 says:

    hey admin can you plz give me a 100 million dollars
    I hope you can give me this money
    i have ps3
    name: debiil123

  188. Rede says:

    Admin I need some money for the new cars please can you give me 650.000.000 pls 🙂

    PC/STEAM: SirRadaZ

  189. broughtfob says:

    my gamertag is broughtfob
    plz give me 1 billion for xbox 360
    thanks a lot

  190. Dillon H. says:

    May I have 5 Billion on Xbox One, StormCommando99

  191. CYPHER___ says:

    Can i have 20 billion added onto my Xbox One GTA V account? Gamertag: EntityCraftMC | if you could, thanks |

  192. morgan says:

    Hey admin. Could I have 50m please?
    R*ckstar name th1ng.tw0
    Xbox one

  193. Rodrick says:

    Could i plz have 50mil

  194. Tyler says:

    Can I have $50 billion on gta online I’d appreciate it I’m in ps4 darktyler83 if so you guys are life savers

  195. Evros cy says:

    I would love you forever if you can get me 1 billion on ps3 name:giannis_PK

  196. Hamza says:

    500 million please, thank you.

    PS4: DON_SHRUGZ_786

  197. Rafael says:

    Admin I really appreciate your work, you can add 50m in my account? Cap_Pontes PS4

  198. Hh says:

    Can u give me 200 million my psn is FriendlyMoose_90

  199. Adam says:

    Can you hook a brother up with 1billion? Bringdapayne29 Xbox one. Thanks!

  200. georgica22us says:

    Can i have 100mil on ps3?
    Social club name georgica22us

  201. Andy says:

    Hello can you give me unlimited money?
    I’m on Xbox One and my name is Lambrechtje.

  202. Dragonflies24 says:

    Please can I have a couple of million. I’m on ps3 and my Id is MII_ME_GAMER

  203. Lucks says:

    Can i have a million dollars in ps4 my psn sh79gh

  204. Josh says:

    200 MILLION please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS4 Damurdz

  205. Erlishkish says:

    Hi, admin, can you give me 70 millon, my gamertag is Erlishkish on ps4. Would appriciate it so much.

  206. Pvmrod says:

    Can i get some money please ty

  207. Cory says:

    Can i get mony i want to buy a house and some vehicles ps3 my id: classik-yyyad

  208. Logie says:

    Please can I have 10 billion? Is so that would be so great but if not then I understand. Only if you can. I’m on ps4. My ps4 name is logieberra2

  209. Kenneth says:

    Hey admin could you give me 40 million. My XBOX GT is AK47TOKER.

  210. Inc1998 says:

    Hey Admin, can you add some money to my Xbox One account? 30mil maybe? Gamertag is XInc1998X

  211. therbo says:

    plzzzzzzzz help me with money im on xbox 360 AND NEED MONEY!!! and any rp is not too much my gamer tag is ExtraTyson

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    I would like rp my name is elchapo713

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    Can i please get 2 billion dollars i have xbox 360 my gamertag is DavidY97

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    Hey admin can i plz have 100 million it would be awsome. my gamertag on ps4 is Rocket_leaguo22

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    Admin can you please give me 500 million please I’m on ps4 and my psn id is akogstriker247

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    Hi Admin, could i get 10 billion please? id iFita95 playing on pc with my psn account. Thanks 😀

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    Could I have $1billion please gamer tag Dr p3pp3r m4n

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    Can i get buckload of money pls? Broke as hell 😉 I’m on ps4 name: abbe_87

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    Could I please have $500,000 im on PC and my username is Nengaman223.

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    Hey Admin can I please have 10 Million Thank You
    PS4 Name : xX_TheMage_Xx

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    Anyone money plzzz. Asking for 20 mil my psn is Bryzay28

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    10 million psn=Raja-_-raheem

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    admin can u add 10m tp my acc:scorpionf4

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    Hey Admin, may I please have $100,000,000. My Xbox One Gamertag is AssassinJake2. I’d appreciate it!

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    Please can someone send me $100,000,000 please I am struggling to get big amounts of money my gamer tag is hebrew69onass ps4

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    Hello Admin, is it possible to get 100,000,000 please if possible on my pc G1X3R.
    thank you.

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    Hello Admin, may you can get me 50,000,000 please ? On PC: Whitywhiteman27

    Thank You!

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    Hello Admin, is it possible to get 30,000,000 please if possible on my xboxOne TataOmBu.
    thank you so much

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    Hello admin, can i get 300 million please, my ID: FRBM-HDNF-RPNF (ps4)

  232. Can u give me 20 billion dollars and the max amount for RP please Admin my username is jd2jeter11.

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    on ps3 can i have 900,000 psn Im_No_Failure

  234. ben a says:

    oops meant 900,000,000

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    Can I plz have 20 billion if So that would be awsome. Im on PS4 and my psn is ilkermelihpolat7

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    buenas admin!! pudiera regalarme 2 billones para pc user: x-le3ex-x,gracias por su paciencia!

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    Admin can you please send me 100 million on my PS4 account I would be forever grateful my gamer tag is TiFFany_8395 xoxo thanks so much(:

  238. Nobre Fonseca says:

    Hey, may i have more then 100 million ID: silva–1995

  239. Domers says:

    Hey admin thanks for doing this for us all. If you’re still doing this may I please get 250,000,000. That would be great and will see me through till gta 6

  240. Chris says:

    Hey admin, can I have 100 million in my account. My PS4 gamer tag is TheGhostReaperX

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    can I have $200 million PS4 FRBM-HDNF-RPNF

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    Plz 🙂

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    Can I have please 100 billion
    On the ps4 are No modded lobbys..
    Ps4: Man_In_Turkey

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    Hello , could you give me 50million on PC for urklXD , Thanky you!

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    Hi is this safe or can get banned ? Limited edition jj psn

  265. Jj says:

    30mill would be awsome

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    Admin can I please get 5 mil on PC my tag is BakeMyButter

  267. Rochlaws says:

    I would really like to have about 20Billion to my Ps4 acc:Rochlaws

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    ive been struggling alot to make money in gta since i had my kid cuz i have next to no time. could yu please help me with 100million to my ps4 account undeadwolfe421. if so thank you and much appreciated

  269. Sakurmaru says:

    Can i get That please?

    Ps4 psn:Sakurmaru

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    Could you transfer me 30mln for my x one acount RobedPopy64

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    Admin could i get 10 billion on my PS4 account Grumpy-GummyBear

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    Admin: i would like to have 100 billion to my ps4 account.
    Name: WaYNe_Lau

  273. Andreas says:

    Hey admin, can u hon me up? 100 mil, GT, fetsnyggifez
    Thanks allt in advance

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    Can you please ad 20 millions to my ps4 account my gamer tag is ammadashraf18.thanks a lot

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    Admin could you give me 10 billion on my account? My Gamertag is AwakenedArc5806

  277. Youssaf H says:

    Hi Admin, can I have 100millions pls on my PS4 for Youssaf-786

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  279. xXPsYKoTiiK84Xx says:

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    Admin can i please get 150Mil on PC gamertag- TheCkofficer999

  281. TommyTuna says:

    hey admin could I please get 50 mill on xbox KiNg7tWo2

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    can i get 100 Mil On PC please ? gamertag is : Tonyzmo

  283. Mason says:

    Hey any way you put 5000000 in my ps3 @ccount? My gamer tag MaYo_420000

  284. Austin says:

    Hey admin do you think you could give me 12 million it would be so much appreciated.

  285. Viky says:

    Admin please give me 10M, my account is VikySVS I play in PC. Thank You Very Much

  286. Woody says:

    Im very skeptical about this, but if it still works and you and I doesnt get banned for it, could you give me some Money dear Admin. About 15 mil and I am W00dmaster (0=zero) on PC. Only if you have time and its safe for the both of us of course.thanks

  287. AwesomeButton73 says:

    Can I Have $50 million? Psn: AwesomeButton73

  288. Maxx says:

    Hey Admin, can i get $100,000,000. my gamertag is Max_Luna66 on PS4

  289. Josh says:

    Admin could you please put 50 million on gta5 my psn is Sepiroth6903 thank you

  290. Charles Small says:

    Can any1 give me about 10mill on PS3? cdsmall123 is the GT

  291. dani says:

    can i get 25 mil on my acc ps3 my name is dxnixen2

  292. Riaan says:

    Hey. Admin can you please give me 1 billion. MyGT: SaintZN using xbox 360 thanks in advance

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