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1,565 Responses to GTA 5 ONLINE: *FREE* MONEY LOBBY GLITCH 1.42 – MODDED LOBBY! (PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

  1. Jacobrolls says:

    Thank you bro :))) .gta money generator

  2. unchainedpage9 says:

    username: Unchainedpage9 Money:20,000,000 RP:100,000

  3. james says:

    Hi can I get money, I only want money. Im on pc my name is JamesDc90. Thank you :p

  4. james says:

    20 000 0000 would be great

  5. john says:

    hi bro can I getsome free money and Rp ??

  6. john says:

    ohhh thank you bro :))))))))))))))

  7. james says:

    Hey guys, I ask today for 20 000 000$ but I didnt receive it, its maybe just a problem ^^ I just want to know if it was normal :p Im on pc and I ask for 20 000 000$ thank you for taking your time !!!

  8. Simon says:

    Hi bro can i get some free money?

  9. Richard says:

    Hello, can i have some cash, my GT on Xbone is dockiller210, ill be happy with anything, Thank you.

  10. sovtlich says:

    Thanks. I just got 22000000 cash!

  11. santose says:

    thanks ! =D this hack is bloody incredible.. i just got 30000000 cash.. =3

  12. Max says:

    hey im on Xbox one can you help me with about 50,000,000 Gamertag: SolluxfromHS

  13. austin says:

    help me out with some money and rp please, gt on xbox one: Envy Foxtrot : Cash 9,000,000,000 rp: 5400000000 all is appreciated 🙂

  14. Joe says:

    Can I get some money please?

  15. Quinttin says:

    Can I get money?

  16. Quinttin says:

    Can I get 10,000,000,000 or the max you can give me? I’m on Xbox one
    Gamer tag- Jigsaw188

  17. Kenny flamer says:

    Can I get 999999999999 money and rp please on Xbox one gamertag khadafiyola

  18. Ivan Bundurenko says:

    Hello could I please have some GTA money, just money

    I’m on PS4 Gamertag – X1215-_-USSR

    I would love to have 30,000,000

    If you can help I would mean alot to me man

  19. Ivan Bundurenko says:

    Awesome, I’m online now so I’m ready for a lobby, I appreciate it man I really do.

  20. Ivan Bundurenko says:

    BTW how are you gonna be giving me money? lobby invite or something?

  21. Kinitoshi says:

    Hi, give me 500,000,000

  22. Kinitoshi says:

    Hi, give me 100,000,000 money
    Ps4: Kinitoshi

  23. namera says:

    Money…. i got lot of money!!!!!

  24. rala says:

    you are just amazing!!!! i got the GTA 5 money!!!!!

  25. sara says:

    thank you admin! thank you very much……

  26. hanan says:

    this is great!!!!! break more codes and keep updating like this!!!!!

  27. yana says:

    i had doubt before use this! but it works surprisingly!!!!!

  28. santos says:

    wow, im in shock…first actual working hack

  29. moha says:


  30. lara says:

    ive been looking everywhere for a tool like this

  31. nlhido says:

    thx for all guys , i shared and Like this on my Facebook page , sorry for my englis , im from NL

  32. jaki123 says:

    how did you break that code!!!! really it works

  33. jetli47 says:

    hurrah!!!!! i got lot of GTA5 money…. before that i was in lot of trouble… thanks mate <3

  34. yana475 says:

    you are brilliant dude….. I got so many money 😀

  35. 32niba says:

    many many thanks admin
    i received lot of money from this!!! you are the best (Y)

  36. ri4740 says:

    break more codes and update us regularly….. we are with you

  37. missoon 007 says:

    astonishing!!!!! finally it works….. i got lot of money

  38. simlo says:

    you are just worth of praising!!!! it really works

  39. jeane rimka says:

    i already got free money for GTA5!!!! thank you dude

  40. kimka says:

    how did you do that miracle!!!!! :O

  41. oomio 87 says:

    this is so coooool

  42. ahmed says:

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  43. mary says:

    wow….this site works so real

  44. hamza says:

    This was amazing

  45. yeosser says:

    Nice work and best admin EVER 😉

  46. bely says:

    Hey, really tnx for all 😉

  47. charle says:

    I am so confused i make yesterday from PC and i get my money in GTA5 , but today is not working from PC , but i make from Mobile and is working like a charm … I think you need to fix the PC Offers Generator 😛 😛 😛 BTW , Good job mate 😉

  48. JonnyBoy says:

    Xbox one- JonnyBoy1121

    RP- 2-billion
    thank you I appreciate it!

  49. Jessica says:

    PS3: ImGRLWHoKiCuRAzz

    Anything u surprise me thanks

  50. pol ahojes de la hinojosa says:

    hello please I need 50 million in gta 5 online
    my id is ahojes96
    Thank you

  51. A-A-Ron says:

    Is it possible to get about 75 mil. on 360 or One from you? It would be much appreciated!

  52. A-A-Ron says:

    Really sorry, xbox one gt PVT Fruitloops and $75,000,000 please (didn’t mean to put 360 on there)

  53. Troven says:

    Xbox 360. Gt: A Human Squid, and 75 mil + if you can please, and thank you.

  54. Skelly slayer says:

    Can I have 100000000 money and 999999999 rp

  55. Skelly slayer says:

    My gamertag is skele7on slayer and I play on Xbox one

  56. Skelly slayer says:

    My gamertag is skele7on slayer and Xbox one

  57. Rachelpeco2 says:

    I need just money on ps4 gamer tag is rachelpeco2 I need 30
    Million dollers thank you

  58. Samebolle says:

    Hi can u plz give me 165 mill and enogh rp so I can get lvl 378 my current lvl is 45 I am on xbox one and If u can it would been awesome if u can give me some special cars and clothes thx btw my gamertag is samebolle

  59. Ari says:

    Can I get some money no rp plz

  60. Ari says:

    Why have my messages diassapered

  61. Ant says:

    Could I just have cash 20 000 000
    Ps4 platform Ant-1033 gamer tag

  62. Zach says:

    Platform: PS3
    Username: Meat22Head17
    Money: 50,000,000
    RP: 150,000
    Please and thank you

  63. Anthony says:

    $500,000,000 please
    Ps4 dark_zec

  64. Fenrir says:

    Please 100 Millionen ps4 Fenrir8814 danke

  65. Troven says:

    Xbox 360 – A Human Squid
    $500,000,000 500,000,000 RP

  66. Danny says:

    Please can i have 100,000,000 will be greatly appreciated gt NaNo Fuse platform xbox one

  67. Danny says:

    Also can i have enough rp to get me from lvl 47 to 150 thanks

  68. Max says:

    Hey, can I have 1,000,000,000 dollars? Thanks.
    Gamertag on Xbox one – SolluxfromHS

  69. Kaismith says:

    Can I get some money

  70. Skillz says:

    Can I get some money I’m on ps4 my ID is skillz_voltzz
    Can you give me 99 million pleas

  71. Marty says:

    My Xbox One name:MartyLXBOX can i get 20.000.000 please?

  72. IRONVANGUARD says:

    HEY pliz can i have some money

  73. IRONVANGUARD says:

    i want60M-100M and 300-500K rp TY xbox 360 gt IRONVANGUARD67

  74. IRONVANGUARD says:


  75. Robin says:


    Can I get 50000000 cash? Xbox one – BoobieJager Thanks!

  76. paul says:

    wafflesmith for ps3 10,000,000,000cash and 100,000rp please

  77. paul says:

    wafflesmith for ps3 10,000,000,000cash and 100,000rp please and thank you

  78. paul says:

    be really awesome if this was real

  79. przemek says:

    wafflesmith for xbox one 200,000,000,000cash and 100,000rp please and thank you Eftekk

    • Admin says:

      wafflesmith on xbox one 200,000,000,000 cash and 100,000rp I sent you money & check your account

      • Anthony H says:

        Hi can I have 125m on gta, I don’t need rp, just the cash please! 🙂
        GT-Er0 DiViNe
        Platform- xbox one
        I’ll be on for the next 8 hours
        Thank you if my request is granted! 🙂

  80. Marcus Gilbert says:

    Can I have 9000000 please? (: ps3


  81. R3n5_JTC says:

    Hi sorry for much spam but can I get money

  82. R3n5_JTC says:

    999999999999 rp

  83. R3n5_JTC says:

    It Will be awasome if it works

  84. R3n5_JTC says:

    Kan iemand reageren

  85. R3n5_JTC says:

    Hey admin plz do this for me

  86. mohammed faiz hoosen says:

    Can I have some too?my psn is Moe_Faiz133.Im on ps3

  87. Dillon Fuller says:

    Hey, can I get some money, Ps4: SHAAANKLE_kg, can I get 15 million please?

  88. Maxi says:

    Do you still give free money and Rp?

  89. Maxi says:

    My gamertag is BridledAxis9 much appreciated

  90. Maxi says:

    Platform : Xbox 360

    GT : Bridledaxis9

    Cash : whatever you think is fair 🙂

    RP : Same as above

  91. Dillon Fuller says:

    Hey, not trying to be needy or anything but still haven’t got any money…. I’m on ps4 my username is SHAAANKLE_kg and I would like $9999999999999 dollars and 12000000 RP, Thank you

  92. Boobies00 says:

    Wow this is cool can I have some money please. Its taking forever to get a nice car.

    I have the PC version and my username is Boobies00

  93. Dillon Fuller says:

    We have to wait 12 hours, that probably explains that

  94. Marcus Gilbert says:

    Can I please get 90000000 money
    And 90000000 rp because my other account isn’t working
    Psn:Kingz_textbook ps4

  95. Maxi says:

    12 hours in-game time or 12 hours in reality?

  96. Maxi says:

    Could you please re-send me the money and Rp? I didnt receive it.

    Platform :Xbox 360
    Gamertag : BridledAxis9
    Cash : $10000000000000
    RP : 150000000

    Much appreciated 🙂

  97. Can u guys get me 60 million for the xbox360 my GT is TutelarySalmon

  98. Dillon Fuller says:

    I still haven’t got my money and RP

    Console: PlayStation 4



    RP: 1000000000 (or rank 200)

  99. Praveen says:

    Can someone do money drop in Xbox GT is PraveenCool2000.
    Pls PM me.

  100. Praveen says:

    Can someone do money drop in Xbox GT is PraveenCool2000.
    Pls PM me.
    I need 40 million dollars and I don’t need to.

  101. Praveen says:


    Received $930000000 cash , thank you admin :))))))))))))))

  102. Dillon Fuller says:

    Nice Bro!

  103. Dillon Fuller says:

    Admin, how long until the money comes to your account?

  104. Maxi says:

    woooooooow thank you bro 🙂 im happy for money

  105. YoYo69 says:

    Xbox One: x C A W S x
    Money: $25,000,000

  106. Dillon says:

    I’ve got the money Thank you , my brother!

  107. Dillon Fuller says:

    I’ve got the money Thank you , my brother!

  108. Darren says:

    Hey I’m in desperate need of some cash it would be a bro move to send me some cash and some rp

    Console:Xbox one


  109. SoildSnakeFTW says:

    hey bro can u please give me money idm how much as long as its over a million thanks bro. -SoildSnakeFTW (xbox one)

  110. SoildSnakeFTW says:

    Hey dude, just gotta say ur a legend for this website and in genreal, i would like 5-10 million please thanks bro. i play xbox one gt: SoildSnakeFTW make sure u spell my name right

    • Admin says:

      hey SoildSnakeFTW , Sorry for the delay, there is considerable pressure on the server, will send you money tomorrow

  111. SoildSnakeFTW says:

    can u get back to me soon

  112. SoildSnakeFTW says:


  113. Abdillahi says:

    Can u gave me 90 million dollars and 120 rank
    my gamertag is: SwitchZack109

  114. Abdillahi says:

    And Xbox one is my platforn

  115. Fabian says:

    Can i have



    User name MCFabjo

  116. SoildSnakeFTW says:

    hey admin, u said u would get back to me today and thanks for the reply. once again platform is xbox one and name SoildSnakeFTW make sure u spell my name right

  117. Dillon Fuller says:

    Someone tried to be me…. I still haven’t got my money admin

  118. Dillon Fuller says:

    I’m on ps4: SHAANKLE_kg

    Money: 99999999999

    RP: 9999999999

  119. SoildSnakeFTW says:

    admin when do u get on to view people messages cause im starting to think u are trolling

  120. Dillon Fuller says:

    Yeah… I’ve been waiting for 4 days

  121. SoildSnakeFTW says:

    hello can u please get back to me

  122. Maxi says:

    probably a hoax , i still dont got my cash .. and someone tried to be me ..

  123. SoildSnakeFTW says:

    oi admin u there

  124. Carlos says:

    Hey admin I always knew you were a fantastic person and the problem I have is I need money in Gta 5, the gift I want is up to 25 million, my gamer tag for Xbox one is MI6 Varis

  125. mrlemen says:

    Hey man I’m i’m on PS4 and my PSN is repo-man233
    Could i have 999999999$
    and 300000 rp?

  126. Abdillahi says:

    i still didn´t get my money yet can i get 1,000,000,000 money and rp 129
    Console: Xbox One
    Gamertag: Golden05AfroZ9

  127. Imadeafunny152 says:

    Hey my pin is imadeafunny152, can I get 750,000,000 aND no rp plz.

  128. Chris says:

    I complète the offeR, but the page is not unlock, and i receive nothing…
    Id ps4 gta 5 Chris6724

  129. przemek says:

    Can u gave me 90 million dollars and 220 rank
    my gamertag is: Eftekk

  130. Eftekk says:

    Could you please re-send me the money and Rp? I didnt receive it.

    Platform :XboxONE
    Gamertag : Eftekk
    Cash : $10000000000000
    RP : 150000000

  131. Oli p says:

    Can i get as much money as you can give me please

    Xbox one

    Gametag: A1pha nd Om3ga

  132. IsYOUUmaDD says:

    Hello admin can you please money drop me 90 million on Xbox one my gamertag is IsYOUUmaDD thank you I appreciate it

  133. Will you help me out?
    Platform: PS4
    Gamertag: Jeykll3

    Rank: 200


  134. Jordan says:

    Please can someone send some money to my gta5 need some more would be much appreciated ps4 theboy6556

  135. dawidlowca says:


    Can u gave me 500 million dollars

    my gamertag is: dawidlowca


  136. Matthy38 says:

    Hi Admin, could you send me 999.999.999$ please? I’m on ps4: Matthy200038
    Thanks already!

  137. Matthy38 says:

    Hi admin! Could you send me 999.999.999$ please? I’m on ps4: Matthy200038
    Thank you!

  138. superbaentje says:

    Hi, could you please send me 2.500.000$ please?
    My ps4 is superbaentje

  139. Eftekk says:

    Hi Admin, could you send me 555.555.999$ please? I’m on XBO Eftekk
    Thanks already!

  140. ShakyDuckling59 says:

    Hi Admin, could you send me $999,999,999 please. Xbox One: ShakyDuckling59 Thanks

  141. Henry says:

    Hi Admin, could you send me $999,999,999 please. Xbox One: ShakyDuckling59 Thanks so much

  142. Matthy38 says:

    I receive Money . Thank You Admin

  143. ewan says:

    Can I have $50,000,000 and 999,000rp plz
    Xbox one = EGHx K4RmAx

  144. ewan says:

    It would be amazing if u could by the way

  145. ewan says:

    I’m not sure if my message came through on here but could I have $50,000,000 and 500,000 rp please
    Thanks it would be amazing if it works

  146. Eftekk says:

    Hi Admin, could you send me 555.555.999$ 5000.00000rp please? I’m on XBO Eftekk
    Thanks already!

  147. jason says:

    xbox 360 gt: xVERSACExGODX
    money:800 million
    rp:4 million

  148. WilliansNinjaa says:

    Please could give up my account?
    Am Player Brazil

  149. WilliansNinjaa says:

    Xbox 360

  150. Andre says:

    Please could you give me 8 million please my gameplay is
    warrior-dre-jr on ps3

  151. Myztra says:

    Hi Admin, could u help me out need some money around $30,000,000,000 pls, I am on PC, Myztra, thanks.

  152. Eftekk says:

    Hi Admin, could you send me 255.555.999$ 5000.00000rp please? I’m on XBO Eftekk
    Thanks already!

  153. Nic Cappy says:

    Can I get gta money pls as much as you’ll give me and rank

    Gamer tag- Ometal mulishaz

    Xbox one

  154. Saanil Taneja says:

    A Very Warm Hello, If This Mod Thing Is Possible, kindly help out.
    Want Money And RP Both, As Much You’re Willing To Help.
    PSN ID: santan1225991
    GamerTag: Saanil IND
    Platform: PS4
    And Thanks In Advance.

  155. TheShadowHawk says:

    If someone one could help me get money please I’d really appreciate it, I’m on GTA V ps3
    Gt: theshadowhawk12

  156. Eftekk says:

    Hi Admin, could you send me 255.555.999$ 5000.0000rp please? I’m on XBO Eftekk
    Thanks already!

  157. kieran says:

    can you add some money to m account
    anything will do

  158. kieran says:

    thanks in advance it will help alot

  159. kieran says:

    50 mil plz? ps4 thnks admin

  160. Ky says:

    Can you send me 80000000 and get my rank to 160 my gamertag is Wovenspoon60474 and I’m on xbox1

  161. oliver says:

    hi can you please send me money and rp please


    platform:xbox one



  162. ALFIEBELL says:


  163. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  164. Vwheel says:

    Hey Admin really appreciate this your the man. Can you generate me $25mill on Xbox one my gamer is RuskiaMafia.

  165. Eftekk says:

    Hi Admin, could you send me 255.555.999$ 50000.0000rp please? I’m on XBO Eftekk
    Thanks already!

  166. Torrie says:

    Can you give me $1,999,999,999 and rank 555?

    PS4: T-Roy32


  167. Torrie says:

    make it $999,999,999

  168. Alchemist_Neptik says:

    Admin hasnt been on in a while but worth the try.
    Billion dollars, 100k rp

  169. Eftekk says:

    Hi Admin, could you send me 255.555.999$ 3000.0000rp please? I’m on XBO Eftekk
    Thanks already!

  170. Michael says:

    Don’t think I’ll get it but worth a try and it would make my day I’d like 10.5 billion along with level 420 my gamertag is Oh Kryptek on the Xbox one thanks.

  171. Michael says:

    Please be active admin you’d make my day so much better! Please I want 10.5 billion and level 420 I’m on Xbox one ganertag is Oh Kryptek thanks please respond!

  172. Michael says:

    I have completed the offers numerous times please help me out Admin I’d be very much appreciated!

    Xbox one
    Oh Kryptek

    $10.5 billion
    Level 420

    Please help thanks!

  173. Hollister says:

    Gamer tag:Hollister252PB

    $100billion plz


    Plz and thank you

  174. ExCalibre420 says:

    xbox one
    GT ExCalibre420
    Money: 99999999
    RP: 10000000

  175. Dennie says:

    Good day, if ita possible can I have 200mil and like 1mil RP?
    Psn name: InstantLQD
    Platform: ps3


  176. Eftekk says:

    I have completed the offers numerous times please help me out Admin I’d be very much appreciated!

    Xbox one

    5.5 billion
    Level 420

    Please help thanks!

  177. iLoveMySpxns says:


    Money ammount-1 billion


    Please help Thankyou

  178. oliver says:

    admin i already put a post but please help me

    xbox one


    money:3.5 billion

  179. prince hero says:

    I am on ps3 can u send me some money?

  180. prince hero says:

    My psn is princehero10000 I just need 20-30 million pls help me

  181. Eftekk says:

    Hi Admin, could you send me 255.555.999$ 4000.0000rp please? I’m on XBO Eftekk
    Thanks already!

  182. Torrie says:

    Sorry gave you my ps3 acct. Here’s my ps4 info.

    PSN: T- Roy (spelled T-(space)Roy)
    Platform: PS4
    1 Bil
    Rank 550

  183. Bertos says:

    Please could you send me Money, i really need some money Help me
    Ps4: bertos1218

  184. Hueseyin2001 says:

    Can i get 1 Billion? Xbox 1 Name: Hueseyin2001

  185. Mikael says:

    Hey, my friends got a shit load of money from you guys, and i was wondering if i could get some too :3
    Ps4: Sky_danger
    Could you sendt like : 9999999999 money

  186. Jerobrine243 says:

    Hey bro, can I get some rp and money plez, I heard u were the best of the best.(I would like money: 250,000,000. Rp: rank 135 I guess) Xbox gamer tag: Jerobrine243, platform: Xbox 360.
    Plz and thank u in advanced

  187. Jerobrine243 says:

    Can u plz giv me 250,000,000 money and rank 135 plz.
    Gamer tag: Jerobrine243
    Platform:Xbox 360

    • Admin says:

      ok Jerobrine243 . i generate for you 250.000.000 dollar money and up level 135 , the operation take 12 h check your account after. enjoy money and leve

  188. Jerobrine243 says:

    Ignore the last comment

  189. Hueseyin2001 says:

    Hi, can i have 50 million?
    Xbox One name: Hueseyin2001

  190. Jerobrine243 says:

    Thanks, bro

  191. iLoveMySpxns says:

    Hey i herd you were the best to go to im on ps3 and psn is iLoveMySpxns i was trying to get 1 billioin and level 172 please and thank you in advance

  192. Clayton says:

    Hey man it looks like your a miracle worker do you think you can send 100million dollars to Dv8_4u2 on PS4 ? Thanks man email me

  193. kickmanryan says:

    Hey man can I get 2 billion money, it would be greatly appreciated!
    Xbox 360 Gamertag: kickmanryan

  194. Michael McNutt says:

    Hey I heard you were Amazing im on Ps4 and my psn is Apithicus221 if you could generate 100,000,000 for me and bump my level to 135 that would be amazing thanks 😀 <3

  195. Steveofnazarath says:

    Could i get 5000000 to xbox steveofnazarath thanks so much

  196. iLoveMySpxns says:

    can u get me level 172 and 1 billion im on the ps3 console please and thankyou in advanced

  197. Jerobrine243 says:

    Yo, I get da money and rp,
    -$250,000000$ dollars
    -rank 135
    My info is:
    -Platform:Xbox 360
    thx admin

  198. ht says:

    Can i get
    -rank 150

  199. Mattz :) says:

    can get me gta money please:
    gamertag:HCGF X KILLZ
    thanks so much.

  200. HomeBorn1 says:

    I need some money and rep for GTA 5 ps3

  201. Tom Riley says:

    Platform: Xbox One
    Gamer tag: Memacer
    Money: $800,000,000
    RP: 200,000 (or level 200 whatever is good)
    I really would like if you could do this, thank you so much.

  202. Steveofnazarath says:

    Platform: xbox one
    Gamertag: steveofnazarath
    Money: 500 mil
    I would really appriciate it

  203. Zayan Noor says:

    I need Money Please someone give me Money i would really Appreciate that!

  204. Will says:

    Platform : pc
    Social club name : CasualClarence
    Money : 50,000,000 dollars please!
    Rp : 0

    Please I’d love you forever hahaha

  205. Christopher carvalho says:

    Gamer tag: MegaZombiePman99
    Platform: XBOX ONE

  206. kyle wert says:

    platform: Ps4

    Gamertag: GrandFreshPrince

    Money: 2 Billion please I would greatly appreciate it! 😀

  207. beastly187 says:

    Can you give me billion please I’m on ps4 my gamer tag is beastlykilla187

  208. chris says:

    can i have money plx ps4 ATHA321123

  209. John Smith says:

    Hey if it wouldn’t be to much work, can you give me like 20 billion. I’m on Xbox one and GT is MASS KRU3LTY. Been broke for awhile.

    • Admin says:

      John Smith. yes can it , here money free gta 5 on xbox one , i will generate for you 20 billion cash on MASS KRU3LTY , after 12 h check your account , enjoy money

  210. Tanner says:

    Hi could you give me 100 mil and move me up to level 120 please? I’m on Xbox one. CasinoBoyale55

  211. Ian says:

    Hi admin, pls could you put $500 mil and 5000 xp I’m on ps4 and my psn is bebop101

  212. Daniel says:

    Hey was wondering if I could get $50,000,000 and enough RP to get me to level 120, my gamertag is Asylum Kilo on Xbox One. If I could get this i would be super happy.

  213. Marcus says:

    Hi could you send me 90 000 000? would be so helpful and thankful ofc 🙂

    PS4 gt: macsharp

    money: 90 000 000 $

  214. Gilbert says:

    Hey man,can you give me some on ps3?
    My psn: gilberthudson55
    Thank you

  215. exzanNN says:

    pls money? just want some Millions 🙂
    pc id: exzanNN

    plssssssss thx

  216. Owen says:

    $30,000,000 and 1200 rp please xbox one Elit3 ShOckz xD

  217. Glen says:

    Hey mate don’t know if your still doing it but could really do with some money on gta5 xbox one jammin monkey21 thanks much

  218. Jon says:

    May I please get some cash and RP for ps4?

  219. devlin says:

    could i have
    1 bilion money
    200.000.00 rp

    if you stil doing this i would really appreciate this so much

  220. Jason says:

    Please send me some money I will be the most great full person ever!! 🙂



    Money:15 billion dollars Plz 🙂

    If you can please! 😉

  221. Max says:

    Can you please send me $1,000,000,000

    Xbox One Gamertag: SolluxfromHS

  222. Jon says:

    Hello? Could you please help with cash and rps? Ps4 Thunder5791
    200 mil cash please and enough to to reach lvl 125. I would greatly appreciate your help.

  223. Max says:

    Xbox one- Max worky
    Could you get me 100,000,000,000 and 1000000 RP

  224. Tyler says:

    I’ll take as much money and rp as possible lol
    PS4 username: squatonmybeard

  225. Jacob says:

    I lost everything about 6 months ago and now I have worked myself about halfway to where I was. but I would appreciate a little help to get to where I was.

    My gamertag is onxywizard13 on ps4
    if you can I would appreciate about 125 million dollars.
    and I was at level 227 if I remember right.

    • Admin says:

      I will help you , i mod your account onxywizard13 and add the amount 3 billion money and up level 1000 max in your Account , enjoy Jacob

  226. Jordaz says:

    Gamer tag:TheJordaz
    Platform: PS4
    Money: $53000000
    RP: level 153

  227. thunderpants713 says:

    My ps4 name is Thunderpants713 and I would love 20 million and no rp please

  228. thunderpants713 says:

    My name is when is ThunderPants713

  229. Aaron says:

    Hey could you give me 1 billion dollars and make me level 200??? Xbox one- Infinite8ullets

  230. Aaron says:

    Well just give me 10,000,000 rp

  231. Daniel says:

    Could you mod me on ps4 PSn- danieltierney1

  232. Myles says:

    Hey would love if you could give me 100 million and as much rp as you can lost everything when switching systems thanks in advance if you get a chance

    Xbox1 : macumsxteg

  233. thunderpants713 says:

    How long dose it take to receive the money because I haven’t received it

  234. thunderpants713 says:

    My name is ThunderPants713 in case you spelled it wrong

  235. NME_PHIL says:

    Hi could I get some free money please on ps4 about gamer tag is NME_PHIL thanks

  236. Jacob says:

    Who ever sent me a friend request on the ps4, I accidently deleted it, so I if you could send it again I would be grateful, and Admin and I will be looking forward to when you help me -thanks Jacob

  237. NME_PHIL says:

    Please admin would really appreciate it if you could send me some money thanks

  238. Clayton says:

    Hey man can I have 90 million please?
    Dv8_4u2 on ps4

  239. NME_PHIL says:

    Please can you help me out its going to take me ages to get back up to where I was on xbox one I t would be a big help gamertag is NME_PHIL thanks

  240. Swarly says:

    Still hooking it up admin? Wanted to see if I could get some cash and 40 or 50lvs.i will share the money with whoever I can if that’s allowed. Also what does a modded account entail?
    Ps4 user: Reaperarcher

    Thanks in advance, if you no longer do it thanks for making gta online more fun 🙂

  241. NME_PHIL says:

    What do I need to do for you to help me out?

  242. evertonjeff says:

    Hi could I get some free money please on ps4 my gamer tag is evertonjeff thanks

  243. Branch says:

    Hy can I have 200 millions . Playing on ps4 . Psn : Xx_Sl33pyHoLLoW_

  244. NME_PHIL says:

    What’s the max amount of money you can give?

  245. Eric says:

    Hey admin all I would like if you have the time is 10,000,000 and just a lil bit of RP
    Xbox 360
    GT xdogassassinx
    Thanks for making the game better

  246. dimitris says:


  247. dimitris says:

    hi bro. could you give me some money?

  248. NME_PHIL says:

    Please help me

  249. Phil says:

    Please help me with some money and rp to get me going again

    Platform ps4
    Username NME_PHIL

  250. Phil says:

    Hey Bro could you help me out with some money and rp please

    Platform ps4
    Username NME_PHIL

    thanks in advance

  251. Eren says:

    i would really love it you can please send me money. i am soo broke on GTA V.
    PSN: I_AM_LEGEND_1404
    Platform: PS4

  252. Jo says:

    Hey, im in xbox 360 gamer tag “MagnaNora040”, is it ok if u could give me $2,000,000 but plz no rep?

  253. Dr_Chappy13 says:

    Hi, my PSN is Dr_Chappy13 and I’m struggling for cash. Is there any way a poor PS4 player like me could possibly make use of this free service?

  254. JMAN8ER says:

    Hi may you please please give me $30 million dollars??
    Im on Xbox One and my gamertag is JMAN8ER
    Id really really appreciate it. Please and Thanks so much Sir.

  255. Swarly says:

    Still hooking it up admin? Wanted to see if I could get some cash and 40 or 50lvs.i will share the money with whoever I can if that’s allowed. Also what does a modded account entail?
    Ps4 user: Reaperarcher

    Thanks in advance, if you no longer do it thanks for making gta online more fun 

  256. thunderpants713 says:

    Please can you try again admin because I received money my user name other is ThunderPants713 and I am on PlayStation 4

  257. EnigmaUK says:

    Hello Admin is it possible to help me with some cash please on PS4? I would like 80,000,000 thank you!!

    PSN: SammyB_94

  258. Devolter says:

    Can I have money on grand theft auto 5 please.
    PSN username:Devolter79

  259. Hunter says:

    Play form – Xbox 1 Gamer tag – Demonassassin8 $amount- 20 million plz

  260. Eren Akin says:

    Can i please have money admin my PSN is I_AM_LEGEND_1404 Can you please send a message to [email protected] when you have done it. Thank you

  261. Pedro says:

    Admin I would really appreciate if you helped me out and Just gave me about 150,000 RP and about $200,000,000. Please my friends have all met modders and have tons of money,but I do not. 🙁

  262. iProLogey says:

    Platform : ps4
    Gt : iProLogey
    Just money please around $100mil
    Thanks man

  263. Sausage Skill says:

    Hey can you help me out please. can i get 50 million cash and some rp

    Xbox one GT: Sausage Skill


  264. Sausage Skill says:

    Please can i get 60 million cash and 1000000 rp

    Xbox one GT: Sausage Skill


  265. HopsonFam says:

    Hello i would like 72000000 Money on my PS4 Account “TheStealthKid975”
    Thx in advance

  266. Julian Lopez says:

    Can you help me out please? I’m really poor in gta and i need lots of money.

    Platform: PS4

    PSN: FairerGnome

  267. Valtrem says:

    Hi I’d like 400,000,000 dollars thanks for doing this and my lol 284 please thanks! Xbox one gamer tag is Valtrem

  268. Valtrem says:

    May I have 400,000,000 dollars and also can I be rank 500. Thank you my xbox 1 gamer tag is Valtrem

  269. Clayton says:

    Hey man I’ve been really needing money in gta can you send me 90mil if you can. I’m on ps4 username : Dv8_4u2

  270. E.N.D says:

    Hello bro can you give me some money and rp

    Ganertag: ZombieMitBanane

  271. who says:

    ps4 username:mohamad81ir
    pls send me alot of money

    love yeh all

  272. Ryan says:

    XBOX 360- the minions 072
    cash: 99999999999999
    xp: 9999999999999

  273. Robot says:

    Hello can I get some money from anyone?

    ID: Robotcomedian

    I would Like At least One billion, that would be nice.

  274. Marinho says:

    Someone can give me money please?
    I really need!



  275. mike s says:

    Please find it in your heart to give me like 50 million and level 101??? I will pray dearly for your soul and sends you some real money after i gets the gta money.i swear it. Mike46342 on xbox one

  276. mike s says:

    Please man i would really really appreciate it.youd be doing a great thing for us. 29 million or 10 miilion is fine.whatever u wish man.hope you will help. Mike46342 xbox one

  277. SAM says:

    Hello, my gt is Capt Cranium 97,

    I could use
    CASH: 99999999999
    RP: 99999999999
    Xbox One

  278. Joseph says:

    Can I please get $1billion and rank 150 I’m on PS3


  279. Phil says:

    Thanks admin I would love some money name is NME_PHIL on the ps4

  280. nick says:

    Need 30,00000 money 2,00000rp cmoneynick gamertag xbox one and 360

  281. dasdsa says:

    admin please me!


  282. Robot says:

    Could I get some money?


    at least 30 million please?

  283. Zach says:

    Can i get free money please it would really help 🙁

  284. Steph Curry says:

    Could i get 250mil please? Xbox1 Gamertag StephLikesCurry

  285. Ian says:

    Can I please have at least 50 million please dude shampahat xboxone

  286. Robot says:

    I really like how i’m being ignored.

  287. Paulayyyy says:

    Hey can I have 2,000,000 cash. Would appreciate it PSN Wigglemuffin18

  288. james G says:

    Hi can i please get 1 billion dollars and rank 150? My psn is bigpapa6foo
    And its on ps3, please i could do anything for you in return

  289. Ghost says:

    Would really appriaciate it if you could help me out with 5 billion on ps4 tag is Andrew-Ghost91

  290. Byron Moseley says:

    Gamertag: Exha13
    Money: 1 bill? Or whatever you can
    Level: 100
    Xbox 360
    I would really appreciate it

    • Admin says:

      Byron Moseley . generate for you 1 billion money and level up 100 on xbox 360 , enjoy Exha13<