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1,913 Responses to GTA 5 Online Shark Cards Codes Earn Free UNLIMITED MONEY Glitch 2018

  1. Tyler says:

    i need 50000000 and my GT is DerpyPuncakeHD

  2. Tyler says:

    srry im on xboxone and my GT is DerpyPuncakeHD and i would like 500000000

  3. JayWalk says:

    admin I would like to know if u could send me 9,999,999 cash and 10,000 rp my gamertag on xboxone is II JayWalk, this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Admin says:

      JayWalk . ok i will send you 9,999,999 money and 10,000 rp on xbox one , transfer process takes 12 hours up , after check your account , enjoy

  4. JayWalk says:

    admin please get back to me as soon as u can, no rush.

  5. Omar Olmos says:

    Hey could you add 100 million to my account my gt is xMf FLACOx and I am on Xbox one

  6. Parth Chavda says:

    i need 50000000 money too im on pc SamHamIBM13

  7. Max Smith says:

    Could you do 40,000,000 to KrazyKat122 please? Xbox one πŸ™‚

  8. Tyler says:

    hey admin i was wondering if you could send me 500000000 to me again on xboxone , DerpyPuncakeHD

    • Admin says:

      Tyler . ok Sorry for the delay, there is considerable pressure on a server Generator Money, I’ll be sent as soon as possible

  9. Zorro says:

    Hi admin could you send me 100 million to Zorro-san_83 plz on ps4 thx

  10. Tyler says:

    thank you admin :]

  11. John says:

    hi admin I’m on xbox one and my gt is TheTechnoKiller and I would like $200,000,000 please

  12. Adrian says:

    Hola buenas me gustaria que me enviaras 10000000000 doares ami cuenta de ps4 gta v
    Mi cuenta es
    muchas gracias

  13. lucas says:

    hi admin can you send me 100 million to _Nexaii_ on pc and some Rp? thx alot

  14. Manuel says:

    Hey i need Money Please πŸ™‚ 100 million money.
    My gamertag is ManuelGamer98 on ps4

  15. Francisco Millan says:

    Hey Admin can I have 100 million to BABY_RAMBO2 on ps4… Thank you

  16. Jas says:

    Hey admin can you send me 100 million on my xbox one to AirsickKing15 please and thank you! πŸ™‚

  17. Nils Erik says:

    admin could you pls send me 40.000.000 gt naas1337 on ps4 thanks.

  18. jarwin says:

    cudal08 ps4

  19. Manuel says:

    You give me Money ? 500 Million ? Please

  20. Live says:

    Can someone send me some money please

  21. Pino Stelk says:

    Admin can you please send me 50mill?
    Gt: Pino Stelk
    Xbox one

  22. HadeS says:

    admin I would like to know if u could send me 9,999,999 cash and 10,000 rp my gamertag on pc is IHadeSI69, this would be greatly appreciated.

  23. Cory says:

    Hey could I get 40 million? my psn is ASoaringSloth

  24. capxx says:

    hey Admin can you send me 50.000.000 millions money.
    On Ps4 gametag : capxx

  25. Talon says:

    Hey admin can you send me 99 million money? Gamertag~deepobruh
    On xbox one

  26. HadeS says:

    Hi admin can you send me 50000000 pc IHadeSI69 thanks.

  27. grga says:

    admin would you like to send me 30.000.000 on my ps3 PSN is lukagregur, please

  28. grga says:

    hello just if you need something else to know about my psn account or maybe my mail just please if it is possible send me that money

  29. Alex says:

    Hey admin would you like to send me 50.000.000?
    On xbox one
    Gamertag: VesperalApple

  30. Dakota says:

    Sorry autocorrect changed it to Mesprit481 it’s actually Mesprit001

  31. Daniel says:

    Hi admin. Can you please send 4 billion dollars to my account on xboxone.
    My GT is StingySuperior5. Thanks.

  32. olivier says:

    Hello, can i have 100.000.000 for CriMiNaL on PC ? thanks (k)

  33. Manuel says:

    Give me a Money Please 500 Million.

  34. Jim says:

    admin, would you please send 300,000,000 to icequake11 on ps4?

  35. Brdthebest says:

    Hey admin! Would you like to send me 10000000000$ and 10000rp on my account? brdthebest on Ps4

  36. Jeferson says:

    Hey admin can you send me 30 million money?
    on PS4

  37. AnGrY A5SaS5in says:

    Hi admin can I have 50 million cash xbox 360 AnGrY A5SaS5in, thanks

  38. Josh says:

    Can I get 1,000,000,000 please

    PSN: OMG_Its_Josh1999

  39. Jacob says:

    Admin can you hook me up with 30 million dollars?
    My gamertag is proalpha2002.

  40. Daniel says:

    Please give 5,000,000,000 to gt StingySuperior5 on xboxone one. Thx

  41. Ezequiel Amador says:

    Admin can you send me $60 million my name on ps3 is C00L_DUDE_POTATO.

  42. VEXT0RBR says:

    admin 900000000 please
    For VEXT0RBR on Xbox one

  43. Eddy says:

    Hey mate, can you add me 999 999 999 dollar or more πŸ™‚ i just read that u did it already my psn: GErdinc50 on PS4

  44. Hi dude can I have 100 Mill on ps4. My name is bloomey03

  45. jonathan says:

    Plz can i get 5000000$ MY gt is ocxc-N ps4

  46. jonathan says:

    No can u give me 10.000.000$ gt ocxc-N (Ps4) plz

  47. Jeferson says:

    admin 1000000000 please
    for jefgoulartb on ps4

  48. Andrew says:

    Hi Admin
    Can you send me 10,000,000$ my account is aronjonner15 please.

  49. HadeS says:

    hi admin please send me again on pc IHadeSI69.

  50. Yang says:

    Can you please add 999,999,999 to my account please? Yang_719_420 on PS3
    I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!!

  51. Jesse says:

    will you send me 100,000,000 to EchoHoneyBadger ps4

  52. Travis says:

    hey can you add 1 vill to my ACCount ps4 travis_ofarrell

  53. Travis says:

    1 bill to my ACCount ps4 travis_ofarrell thank you so much

  54. Elmomey says:

    Hey admin i am going to give you money. Check your account in 12k hours.
    You’re welcome and enjoy the money.

  55. Cryle says:

    Hey Admin! Can you send me 500 million to my account KyleEliott on PC? Will I also have a possibility of getting a ban from this? Thanks

  56. Kenny says:

    Will you give me 100,000,000 plz. KL_WARD23

  57. Adam Healey says:

    Hey what’s up guys ,can you send 999,999,999 to O-LO-O-L-O-OL-O (PS4 GT)

  58. Zane HD says:

    Could you send me 100 Million on PC? πŸ™‚

    Username in GTA V Online on PC: ZaneHD.

  59. John says:

    Hey man, my Gamertag is Dark Emoji. Can you please add 250 million? I’m on Xbox one

  60. David says:

    Will you plz give me 100,000,000. kenneybell80 on ps4

  61. David says:

    This would be awesome and would help a lot.

  62. Hi admin

    Pls can I have 2 billion pls

  63. On ps4 my name is bloomey03

  64. victorysim says:

    hey can u send me 100 000 000 to victorysim on ps4

  65. Juliobl says:

    Please would like you to send me 1,000,000,000 , or 500,000,000 to Juliobl1 on PC .
    Please bro, :\

  66. Rodrigo says:

    Hey I’m on ps4 my account is XxTHE-HORIZON5xX can I get atleast 36000000? That would really help me and thx.

  67. Andrew says:

    Hey admin, can I get 36,000,000 on my account on ps4 my gamer tag is XxTHE-HORIZON5xX

  68. Gabriel says:

    Pls, send me money on PC version, GabrielDnh

  69. Electric_Eagle93 says:

    Can u plz have 1 billion on Xbox 360 my gamertag is Electric_Eagle93

  70. ProG6amer909 says:

    Admin pls may you send me 10.00000000$ in my acount in ps4

  71. Amarel says:

    Hello admin, can I please get 100 million ?

    SocialClub name : AmarelAzul

  72. ProG6amer909 says:

    my psn is ProG6amer909
    with 10.00000000$ in ps4

  73. G6amer909 says:

    hi admin can i have 10.00000000000$ in my ps4
    My psn ProG6amer909 I appreciate if you sent this

  74. bob green says:

    Hey admin can you give me $100 million on PS4 to id soccergguy please?

  75. NER-NER says:

    Hi admin i dont know if my message went through so i was wondering if you could put 500 million into my account my gt is MARINEMAN03 (xbox 1)

  76. Jay says:

    Hey, if this is not bannable, I would love like 100 million on a Gta account for xbox 1

    GT: HD Covert

  77. jacob says:

    hi could i please have 10000000 mill plz and 10000 rp and I’m on ps4 and my gamer tag is retrogamer864

  78. Zane says:

    Could you send me 100 million on PC? πŸ™‚ (ZaneHD.)
    My username is ZaneHD.
    Would be very awesome. πŸ˜€

  79. Kevin says:

    Can i get $200 million please xbox one Kissedloki37744

  80. john says:

    Can i get $300 million to xbox one account gamertag kissedloki37744

  81. Timothy says:

    Do we need to be online for this? And

    Xbox one:
    GT: NexP Shockwave
    $50 million

  82. John says:

    PLEASE!! Xbox one

    GT: digger0714

    $150 million

  83. Gabriel says:

    Pls send me 100 millions on PC version plssss, social club: GabrielDnh

  84. DManPower0223 says:

    Hi admin can you send me 100,000,000 to DManPower0223
    Windows plz

  85. Yang says:

    Please add 1 billion money and 1 million RP please? Yang_719_420 on PS3 PLEASE??

  86. OneWordEssay says:

    so i was wondering if i could get like 100mil on my account. Im on PC and my Gt/social club in game name is OneWordEssay . thanks bro.

  87. PRO says:

    Admin can you send me 100million and 8000 level in gta pls help my psn is ProG6amer909

  88. Blake says:

    Admin could you send me $100,000,000 and 1,000,000 rp please
    my xbox one gt:Clariff

  89. RealProBG says:

    Hey,Admin can you send me 100.000.000 money my ingame name is RealProBG
    i hope you send me :D, thanks πŸ™‚

  90. Merson says:

    Hey admin can u please give me 500,000,000 in my account my gamertag is THEMARINEMAN01. Thanks

  91. Mason says:

    Hey can I plz have like 500million and my gt is THEMARINEMAN01

  92. Clemintine59 says:

    It doesn’t have to be specifically that much but preferably over 100 million. You can make a dream come true admin

  93. Hey plz ADMIN can u send me 500.000.000.000

    My account is bloomey03 on playstation4

  94. Kenny says:

    Could you send 200 million it would be greatly apreciated psn is kenneybell80

  95. MASON says:

    Hi admin could u please add 500million to my character. My gt is THEMARINEMAN01 on the Xbox one. Thanks

  96. Streets says:

    Hey if possible could I get 100 million on Xbox one? Gt: TML Streets

  97. Alex says:

    Could you send me 100 million on Xbox one? GT xFluffyHamsterx please

  98. Tomy says:

    Hi give me 100 millions i am on PC my r*ckstar club name is Nightels

  99. Matt says:

    Hello. I am on PS4 and I request 100 million $ sent to my PSN, AwsomeDiamondMin. It is spelt like Awsome instead of Awesome.

  100. Lrain says:

    Hi admin.can i have 68million gt indianreaper8

  101. QuintJustus says:

    Hay admin can you send me 5000 milion plzzzzz

  102. Pebzey says:

    Can I have 10 billion please? Gamertag Pebzey PS4

  103. Billy Bob says:

    Hey Admin, could you send 500 million my way please.
    GT: AV3NGA
    i’m on Xbox one

  104. Jamie says:

    Hey can you give me 100 million on ps4 please gamertage is GnarTOP

  105. Kenny says:

    Hey admin, will you please send me $150mil and 10000 rp to my ps3 gta v online account. Id- KL_WARD23

  106. sinead says:

    can you drop 100,000,000 ps4-dundalklad825

  107. jacob says:

    hi admin could i plz have 1000000 mil plz I’m on ps4 and gamer tag is retrogamer864

  108. jonathan says:

    Admin can u send me 10.000.000$ plz send it again gamertag ocxc-N on ps4

  109. brian wrigglesworth says:

    Hey mate, can I get 100,000 on ps4 GT is Stella Bloke

  110. ajskjaljdl says:

    Hey Admin, could you send 500 million my way please.
    i’m on PS4

  111. Clemintine says:

    Can I have 500 million admin? Xbox one gamertag: Clemintine59

  112. LKW says:

    Hey would it be possible to get 30 million for Xbox one?
    GT-I PUR3 S1L3NT I
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  113. Admin plz can u give me admin plz I’ve asked many times and u have egnored me all I want is some money for my ps4 account and the DLC is coming out to tomorrow

    My account name is bloomey03 and plz plz plz

  114. ali akber says:

    i want money in my ps4 account 100 million
    psn id aliakku786

  115. ali akber says:

    could your please give me 200 million in my ps4 psn is aliakku786

  116. Itachi says:

    Good evening, you can kindly send me 100 million? my user and MMitachi91 and on ps4

  117. Ftancid says:

    Can i have 100 million gt indianreaper8

  118. Morgan says:

    Hey can you give me 100 million on ps4 please gamertage is MMitachi91

  119. Jarrett says:

    Hi admin can I get Β£35,000,000 on ps4 pls my psn is TNUC_A_HCUS

  120. Jackson says:

    can i get 500 million please? xb1 gt is el guapo roboto. comment wont post so ye

  121. Brian says:

    Adim can you send me 500.000.000$? My gamertag is brianolsen67. I just have 34$

  122. Jack says:

    500 million please? gt on xb1 is el guapo roboto

  123. dylan says:

    admin can i get some money 20mil thanks and gamertag is skunkwurks

  124. Steve says:

    Hey Admin,

    Can you send 100kk to me on ps4.
    My GT is LyEx2626.


  125. AFROissi says:

    Plz, can you send me 500 million on my ps3 acount? ID: AFROissi

  126. Matt says:

    Hello Admin. Can you send 150000000$ to my PSN AwsomeDiamondMin? It’s spelt like awsome, not awesome.

  127. Jackson says:

    Can i get 500000000 cash and no rp?
    Xbox one GT is El Guapo Roboto

  128. J1245 says:

    Hi admin could you add 100 million dollars to my account H3ppiii PS4 please

  129. mudassir says:

    I want 100,000,000. My account is prince_1-fam. Ps4

  130. Dazza says:

    Hey im on Xbox one and my GT is Dazbot95 and i would like

    500,000,000 Thanks πŸ™‚

  131. James says:

    Hey man can I have 20 bill. Gt bloomey03
    Ps4 man

  132. Alex says:

    Can you give me 500 million on Xbox one please. Gamertag: Clemintine59

  133. Sam says:

    Admin can you send me $500,000,000 pls on Xbox One, I need money! Thanx! GT- SupremeGxD930

  134. James says:

    I really need money bro plz

    Only just 20 billion I need money

  135. jonathan says:

    I dont know if my comment came so i aske again can u plz send me 10.000.000 $ gt ocxc-N ( Ps4 )

  136. Ben says:

    Hello admin. Can I ask for 75.000.000 $ ingame cash for gta5. I am on pc and my nametag is: BenHunTheOnly
    I am realy greatfull!

  137. Hank 81 says:

    Hey Admin can you give me 50 million dollars for PS4? Greetings from Germany

    PSN : der_poet81

    Thank you

  138. notproskater says:

    hey was wondering if you’d be willing to give me some cash, something over a 1 mil. If you can do that, well words would not be able describe my thanks.
    my social club is notproskater (PC)

  139. Jamie says:

    Hey could I get 400 million I’m on Xbox One my Gamertag is Jammie231

  140. Vajky99 says:

    Pleas 50000000 money! Vajky99 my account name
    pleas πŸ˜€

  141. NoobMuncher334 says:

    hi can i have 5 billion cash and 1 mil rp i am on xbox one and my gamertag is NoobMuncher334

  142. Henry says:

    Please admin I need you. Please put some money on my gta v! Ps3!! Oh please Im struggling in getting some money. Maybe 100million. Pleaaaase? Im looking forward to it. Ps3, psn name is newkiepie

  143. Rynogow says:

    Can you get me 20million Admin? Id appreciate it a ton. Xbox gamertag is RynoGow

  144. Dan Smith says:

    Hey Admin can you please give me $100 million please much appreciated thanks.
    On PS4 and my PSN: Joker5217

  145. Boran says:

    Can you send me 20 billion$ Δ° need money please
    My nickname(ps4) boranulas0

  146. Rhys says:

    Gamer tag on Xbox one: McnabSwag
    Need 2 billion dollars and would like to get up to level 100
    Thank you

  147. David says:

    Admin can you plz send me 500.000.000 on pc plz GT: grodan990809

  148. Sonicbooster12 says:

    I really need money on Xbox one my gamer tag is sonicbooster12 can someone help me plz

  149. Matt says:

    Admin can you send 100 million to AwsomeDiamondMin on PS4?

  150. Leah says:

    Drop me 200,000,000 please? Fondestocean87 Xbox 360

  151. James says:

    Thank u ADMIN u are the boss

  152. Justin says:

    Can I get $500,000,000 on Xbox one pls GT: Ruan Nohbdi

  153. Bill says:

    Hey admin. Can you send me 5000000000 dollars my gamer tag is Ill_Intentions22 on ps4

  154. Alex says:

    Admin can you send me 100million on Xbox one gt xFluffyHamsterx

  155. christopher says:

    can I get money the dlc came out and I have no money plz help me

  156. Justin says:

    Hey admin I only need 30 million, 30,000,000. Im on pc and my name is TheRagingHobo

  157. Casey J Krizon says:

    Admin can you send me $100,000,000 pls on ps4. Thank GT – krazy1801

  158. A7xAlyssa says:

    Hello Admin, would you mind sending 20,000,000$? Game system is xbox one, gamer tag is A7xAlyssa and same for social club.

  159. Ross says:

    Can you send some money over as I need it for new update to the tune of $750,000,000 #awesome

  160. Pancho Acevedo says:

    Admin can you give me $500 million dollars? My gamertag is LocoFloow_Rq4L on Playstation 4. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  161. Charles says:

    Can someone send me 1billion my psn is seazonz24 ps3

  162. xShiiNee says:

    Hey Admin !

    can u send me money if u can ty bro ! maybe like 100 mil?

    Gamertag: xShiiNee

  163. Chef Surrey says:

    Hey admin, you mind giving me about 10 mill My ps4 psn is, Acxesss thanks you.

  164. Ricky says:

    Could use some cash GT is EndsWithCyanide on ps4. Hoping for 750 million

  165. jacob says:

    sorry admin my psn is retrogamer642 on ps4

  166. Alessandro says:

    Can i have 90000000 on PS4?

    Account name: SantoroFavij

  167. FE4R says:

    I need money, pls send me 30 billion if u can. thnx ^^

    GT: GOD PIG F E 4 R

  168. seb says:

    admin i can t do : verify now
    i just want 15 000 000 cash ( for a try ) on ps 4 system my tag is sebastoku

  169. jonathan says:

    Can I get 10.000.000 $ gt ocxc-N on ps4 and how long do i wait fore it

  170. Soepler says:

    Would you mind giving me some money? I would be very happy about 10 billion.
    GT(pc): Soepler

  171. tony says:

    I just want 30 million. Idc about the rp. My gamertag is MRDAIL0420

  172. Jack Murphy says:

    Hi Adam hi admin can I please have 7 billion I have no money

  173. aLeX says:

    i know u have a lot of work but i just want 15 million admins pls, Thank you anyway.

    PC: aLeX_pro19

  174. Vajky99 says:

    Pleas 50000000 money! Vajky99 my account name
    pleas PC!

  175. Jay12345 says:

    Hi admin could you please add 100,000,000 to my account my gamer tag is H3ppiii on ps4 please thankyou

  176. Justin says:

    Admin can I please have $999,999,999 on Xbox one GT:Ruan Nohbdi

  177. jonathan says:

    Can i get 10.000.000$ my gamertag is ocxc-N on ps4

  178. Jon says:

    Can u give me 10 billion and rank 4000 plz username jmo973

  179. Colin says:

    Hi Admin. Can I please get $500000000? Would really appreciate it.

    GT: BeauDubbin

    Console xboxone

  180. Dolgerdzik says:

    Hello i just want some millions for new update nick on PC: Dominos1337
    thank You so much!

  181. Drew says:

    Any money you can throw my way I’d greatly appreciate it. XB1: HOLTZAPFEL

  182. Tanner says:

    I need 500 Million and my name is Dreads Bean on Xbox One

  183. Maknun says:

    Because of how expensive the new dlc is can u give me 20 million my Psn is VanPersie1291

  184. LuluBerlut says:

    Hi, I would like to have something like 1 000 000 000$ please.
    Thank you

    PC : LuluBerlut

  185. YetiASX says:

    Hi, I’m totally broke, could you send me 100 billion for a try please ?

    Thank you !

    PC : YetiASX

  186. Sam says:

    Hey Admin can you send me $900Mil on Xbox One, i really need the money GT- SupremeGxD930

  187. Sam says:

    Send me $900Mil on Xbox One please, i really need the money! GT- SupremeGxD930

  188. Peyman says:

    I need money please give me money,ps3
    Id: peymanem80

  189. Joe says:

    Hey admin could you give me 20 million on gta online my gt is JoeKing you xbox one

  190. CruelKilld says:

    Can I please have 30mill and enough RP to get to level 120. Thanks my Gamertag is kg demolisher 4 on Xbox onr

  191. Jasper says:

    If I can get 1 billion my gt on xbox one is jasinat0r

  192. Pancho Acevedo says:

    Hey Admin I requested money last night $500 million I checked my account and still have the same amount

    Gamertage Ps4: LocoFloow_Rq4L

  193. Toby says:

    Hey Admin I would really appreciate about 15 million please , if you could.

    PC: DefectiveWombat

  194. Tanner says:

    can i please have 1 billion please, my name is Dreads Bean and i play on Xbox One.

  195. willy says:

    Hey admin, need 100 millions please
    My gamertag is WiGoLly and play in PC

  196. WarHero says:

    May I please get 50 mil my gamertag on Xbox is xW4RH3R0x

  197. WarHero says:

    Admin would you please send me 50 mil when you get the chance? my gamertag on xbox is xW4RH3R0x

  198. James Swag says:

    can i get 40mil and like 1,000,000,000 rp ty great man/woman πŸ™‚ GT: Pete_O_File on PC

  199. jacob says:

    admin how long does it take for money to get in to acount

  200. James Masters says:

    hey admin can you drop 8 mil please trying to get the ceo thing going my tag is jurymonkey9685 xbox one

  201. gary says:

    Hello admin my gamer tag is pure-evil175 on Xbox 360 I need 50 mil and all the points you can spare

  202. Edwin says:

    Hello Admin,

    I’ll need 500 million. Can you please add it? My gametag on PC is Edwin1969.

  203. steven says:

    Hey can I have 150,000,000 on xbox 1 my GT is QZBLAND

  204. Jamie says:

    I know your quite busy with all the requests but can I have 20 mil on my account on ps4 would be appreciated

    My psn:IDX-PRICE-IX

  205. Jack Murphy says:

    I know you are busy but could I please just have 15 million admin pls thank you

  206. Oberpuffer says:

    Hey can i please get 100.000.000 GTA $ my gamername on PC is Oberpuffer

  207. doug says:

    hello. could you please drop me 200 mil admin? gamertag is dougy_234-. thanks

  208. Maky says:

    Please Admin can i have 500000000 cash and 100000RP, thank Γ  lot in advance !
    Ps4 Liquidsoul1290

  209. Edwin says:

    u have a lot of work but i just want 500 million for PC, gamerstag Edwin1969, Thank you

  210. Nick D says:

    admin can u please send me 50 mil? ps3 is Nick_D_13. I only have about 20k

  211. Dave says:

    Hey admin I requested money yesterday heard nothing Xbox one gt armystrong2013 can I get 400 mill please?

  212. Dave says:

    I have had no luck doing heist I have no money no cars I have nothing besides weapons be nice to be able to buy things so I would really appreciate it if you could drop 400 mill to gt armystrong2013 admin and thank you.

  213. FanSim says:

    Hi Admin can you help me just for 50 000 000 GTA$ on XboxONE: GT: FanSim please, Thanks

  214. xShiiNee says:

    100 mil love u admin



  215. Johnathan says:

    Admin, can i have 100 million cash? PC gamertag is ny2sys

  216. Daniel scaddon says:

    Can I have 100 million ps4. Gamertag is scaddon thanks.

  217. GamerGuy says:

    Hey Admin, do you think you can drop me 250 million on the ps4 platform please. My name is YesYouGotKilled. I love you!

  218. Riley says:

    100 Million dollars please? psn: sachems1269

  219. Xmas says:

    Hi, my PSN ID is XmasXxSantaXx, requesting 340000000. Thx.

  220. Halim says:

    Admin can u 100 mil pls 32HaloKing32

  221. El Guapo Roboto says:

    Does this work admin? if so can i get $500000000 and 1000rp? my xbox one gt is my name

  222. Devon Lee says:

    Hey Admin, can you send 500 million to LEEROYYJENKINS2 on xbox one.

  223. Samael says:

    Can i get 50 million dollars and 2 million RP my gamertag is DevilHunterSam1 on XB1

  224. Vincent says:

    would really like a billion or so XBox one xXD4rKRouxXx

  225. Robson Moraes says:

    Please help me
    I get 1 billion and 30,000 PR
    ID RksGamers ps4 platform

  226. Darren Peace says:

    Can you drop 500million in mine
    Psn hellrider546

  227. Ifthi Athar Ali says:

    Hi admin. Can I please get $400 million and 100k RP. My psn is TheConduitt. Thank you.

  228. Gamer Guy says:

    Hey admin, can you please give me 500 Million. My PS4 gamertag is YesYouGotKilled – Love you man!

  229. Daniel says:

    Don’t know if I am here too late or not but can I please have 100 mill I am really tired of trying glitches that don’t work PSN: Mr_Majestic17
    I am on Ps4

  230. Jamie says:

    Can you do it for me plz my psn sgtbloxam15 level 100 and 3 billion

  231. hnatmi says:

    Dear Admin, can you send me 100,000,000 $ on ps4 please πŸ™‚ .My PSN is hnatmi

  232. Samael says:

    Can i have 50 000 000 GTA$ on Xbox1 My GamerTag is DevilHunterSam1…thanks πŸ™‚

  233. job says:

    hey admin could you add 20 mil. to my acc thanks. GT is jobelzinga

  234. matty says:

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  236. PferdAuf2Beinen says:

    Hey admin,
    Can you give me please$ on PferdAuf2Beinen (PS4). Thanks

  237. Halim says:

    hello could add some money to my pc account Gamer tag is 32HaloKing32 thnks frm now

  238. Taylor says:

    Hello. Could you add 50 mil. to my PC account GT: DENSOL49285 thank you

  239. BnK1986 says:

    Hey can you drop me 60.000.000$? BnK1986 on PC

  240. harry mendol says:

    My gt on is deeworldbigheim and I need $555,000,000 on “xbox 360”. If u can plz

  241. jaheim mitchell says:

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    Gamertag: Foeman 666

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  244. DavLTR says:

    Hey! Can you send me 90.000.000$ ? I’m on PC and my Game tag was DavLTR Thanks you admin, appreciated!

  245. PikkebaasNL says:

    Hey can i get 15.000.000$? PikkebaasNL on PC
    Thanks alot in advance

  246. TPbro13 says:

    Please help me get $400,000,000.

    My name is TPbro13

    I can’t figure out how to do this stuff.

  247. marshwandancy says:

    On my ps3

  248. Greeniehead says:

    hey admin, can you give me 100 million. I am greeniehead and Im on PC

  249. Lunchbox1127 says:

    100,000,000 please Psn: Lunchbox1127

  250. Lunchbox1127 says:

    PS4: Lunchbox1127 100,000,000 a.k.a. 100 Million or just can you put 10 million

  251. tiff says:

    Hey admin can i have 500$ million on ps4 for gamertag Gonzalez995? Thankss

  252. tiff says:

    sorry instead can it be 10 Billion? if not the trouble? Gamertage-Gonzalez995

  253. togeworl says:

    I want have 5.000.000 money and 2.000.000 RP my Windows ID is Togeworl…thanks!!

  254. Adam says:

    hey i need 30 mil GT Mr Rey Sicilian , Xbox one please

  255. RAMPOINA92 says:

    hey man can you give me 100.000.000$? my name is RAMPOINA92 thanks bro

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    Hey can u drop me 600.000.00$ to Intellephone on PC?

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    My gamertag is rikivideo

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    Hey admin, will you please send KL_WARD23 on ps3 $150mil and no rp. Really would appreciate it!

  260. Samael says:

    hi admin where is my 50 millions? my PG name is Samael (GTA V) and GamerTag ( profile name) on XboX One

  261. myk says:

    Hey Admin i need 40million my gamername is The_One1988 on ps4.

    Thx in advance

  262. Sonicbooster12 says:

    Admin please can I have 20,000,000
    I play on Xbox one and my game tag is Sonicbooster12

  263. Mrmx says:

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