GTA 5 Money Hack RP Generator After patch 1.42 (GTA V ONLINE)


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712 Responses to GTA 5 Money Hack RP Generator After patch 1.42 (GTA V ONLINE)

  1. HITRA540 says:

    After 5 min :O im best now xD
    Have alot of money and
    Share on my Netherland facebook page !

  2. Doctorres87 says:

    recieved Bank $1,383,741,830 cash , Really Tnx mate , I get my Money and is working like a charm with
    last patch 1.34 🙂
    I support you with share on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest 🙂
    I send you all my friends to you and I have some friends 😉 Tnx again !

  3. brad says:

    can you do it for me please.Username is IneptCuid609 and i play on the xbox 360

  4. WilliansNinjaa says:

    I need please RP Xbox360

  5. rrrrrrr says:

    can u help me plizzz. username Ryomirz18 i play on the ps4. i wont money 999,999,999 and rp 59000. ty

  6. Anthony says:

    Hi can you do this for me? We love the game but theres no fun without any money.
    III MULLER III – for the xbox 360
    MEGA APPELFLAP – this is sons account for the xbox 360
    XxSn3aKy G1RlxX – this is daugthers account for the xbox 360

    999,999,999 and rp 500000

    If you ask money for it please contact me.

    Greets Anthony

    • Admin says:

      *XxSn3aKy G1RlxX * okey , generate for you money 999,999,999 and rp 500000 , It has been sent successfully , check your account after 12

      • Anthony says:

        i got 15000000 cash. This hack is fking amazing! c: i can not believe that this is not fake and actually works except this cheat took some time! c:

        • Anthony says:

          admin please don’t change my message, i DIDNT get any money. To bad no one can actually help me with some ingame cash.

          Please dont tell anyone you give me cash if you didnt my friend. maybe you tried but when you changed my message thats not cool.

          Too bad you cant help me.

  7. al says:

    Money & and rp or just money. themohican88 on xbone

  8. al says:

    Puzz and thank you. I’m not greedy, I just wanna enjoy the game a little more.

  9. al says:

    I don’t know if it works but can you do $50,000,000 and 50,000,000 RP? Themohican88 on Xbox one. thank you again.

  10. Vwheelz says:

    Hey Admin can you please generate me 25 Mill on Xbox one: RuskiaMafia. I would really appreciate it man.

  11. Amer says:

    Help me !!! My account:AmerRabah Ps4 Cach:999999999 Rp:max

  12. Amer says:

    can you do $9999999999 and 999999999 RP? AmerRabah on Playstation 4. thank you again.

  13. Amer says:

    Admin working for me please try again AmerRabah ps4

  14. Amer says:

    Admin I’m need to wait 12h?

  15. oliver says:

    admin please can you send me some money

    xbox one
    money:100 billion or what you think is good
    level 400
    please admin

  16. RC says:

    Looking to see if I could get 250 million. Would really appreciate it bud.

    PSN (PS4): MetzX2

  17. Hueseyin2001 says:

    Hi can you generate me 50 Billion and and can you make me level 565 please?
    Xbox One name: Hueseyin2001

  18. oliver says:

    admin it work for me i Received the money after 12 hours :))

  19. Kelvin says:

    Admin can you please send me money

    Xbox one: causeimliketht

    Can i get 200million

    Rank 120


  20. Suker says:

    can you help me? i need that money and RP..

    PC : Sukereas

    please.. Thanks

  21. javier vara ferrero says:

    Bro i need money, 100.000.000 $ for ps4. My id Javi_Vara. Thank you bro from spain!!

    • Admin says:

      javier vara ferrero . welcome people Spain , i can help you i send you 100.000.000 $ on ps4 you can check your account bro after 12 Javi_Vara , enjoy money

  22. nick says:

    i need money 2 man could u send me 100000000 on ps4 my psn is nick23939

  23. Stik says:

    I need money for XBOX360 10 Billion if you can and max RP please. GT is : STIK E FINGAZ

  24. carlos cabrera says:

    hey can i have some help on gta 5 online need some cash and level higher i just want about 10billion dollars

    gamertag is …. daddy2cool4you

  25. bradley says:

    Can i have infinte money and level 1000 ps4 name is brad123412341234

  26. bradley says:

    can i have infinte money and level 1000

  27. Bas says:

    Hallo my name is bas can i get 100.000.000 mil on my account xbox one Godfather 070


  28. mando says:

    Can I please get $500mill on gta online XBOX ONE no rp
    Gamertag:TaBz Pandaz
    Thanks for your time

  29. Zac ellis says:

    Hey man can u give me some money and rp please. I play on ps4. My gamer tag is Zachary_Scot_Ellis_. Thank you so much in advance.

  30. Tesla says:

    Admin can you help me to , work for my
    pc nickname:NexR_Silent
    Money: $1500mil

    Plz help me

  31. Fuzion Facts says:

    Hello I need 50 million and 10 thousand RP
    My console: Xbox360
    My gamertag: StuckAnemone45

    Hope you do not mind!

  32. Pusteblume says:

    Admin can you please give me some money ?
    Pc: Pusteblume_

    big thanks to you

  33. Bubba says:

    hey dude/ admin could you please help me

    PC username: DiamondRaven
    Money: 50 million
    RP: enough to get too rank 120

    thanks in advance

  34. Finn says:

    can some one help me to get 10 billion and around level 200
    im on ps4 and my name is finnyboy2607

  35. Flamingbeck says:

    Hey can I get 10 bil on my Xbox one account pls?

    GT: flamingbeck

  36. N40m1 says:

    Can you give me full money and 100lvl ? PC tag : Hdxwi-

  37. Steven Oakley says:

    I live in Cyprus and it don’t work in my region.
    I have a PS4 and would love to get more money!! Steve40akley gta tag

  38. Leonard says:

    Can someone help me
    PSN: LeoLenzkie13
    Money: 1000000000
    Rank: 100
    Please Admin Im Begging You Hope You Will Help Me.

  39. Mario says:

    Administrador plz help on Xbox one, gamertag: Outermostlion8

    Need 90,000,000
    Rank 100 please

    • Admin says:

      Marion . yes i will send you 90,000,000 and rank 100 , after 12 h check your account , enjoy Outermostlion8

  40. Vortex says:

    Please help me on PS4: xGamingVortex
    Need – $30,000,000 and 3,0000 RP

    Please and Thank you..

  41. Jaden says:

    Can I have 90,000,000 And rank 120. PSN ID: U-Dont-Callout

  42. Jacob says:

    Please 100,000,000 and rank 105 on xbox one GT:SuperVegito9Q1

  43. Azoz says:

    Please 999,999,999 and rank 7500
    ID: azoz_0990


  44. Jacob says:

    I get the money 🙂

  45. sleezyninja says:

    can you hook up 9999999999 $ for sleezyninja ps4? You’re the best!

  46. Jacob says:

    Ok so I got my money, my xbox one gamertag is SuperVegito9Q1

  47. Big Dad says:

    Can I have 50 million dollars for my PC account? BigDaddyWhiplash

    Id like to be level 100 too please.

  48. NAROTO says:

    OK This is All Real , I get Money From Generator, Thank You Admin :)))

  49. Ghost says:

    Can you give me 500 million please
    Tag is Andrew-Ghost91
    Thank you

  50. Shaun c Elliott says:

    Hey this bridgecity29 im tryna get 10 billion and 500 rp ,cud u help me for my ps4.

  51. Bridgecity29 says:

    Hey admin cud u help me tryna get 100,000,000 and 10,000 rp. My ps4 gamertag is bridgecity29.I wud greatly appreciate it

  52. Juggernaut 7203 says:

    Hey admin cud u help me tryna get 100,000,000 and 10,000 rp. My ps4 gamertag is juggernaut 7203.I wud greatly appreciate it

  53. geg says:

    Can I please get 100,000,000 and rank 105 XBOX ONE GT- JustCrAcKaLaXiN

  54. Ghost says:

    Can i get 50 million for my ps4 account

  55. Carlos says:

    Can I please get 100,000,000 and rank 120 game tag karlos_REN on ps3

  56. peter says:

    can I please have 1 billion gta dollars and level 120 on xbox one user name SolarTexas3641 thank you!

  57. JayWalk says:

    Hello admin I would like to know if u could generate 9,999,999 and 10,000 rp to my xbox one account II Jaywalk, I would greatly appreciate it.

  58. zain says:

    can u help me out guys. can nit get it to work. i only need some money please.

    ps3 gamertag : M_A_S_T_E_R____Z four underscores after master.

    kind regards,


  59. JacobMars says:

    May I have 500mil on PC? JacobMars

  60. Pino Stelk says:

    Admin can I please have 500mill and rank 120 please
    Gt: Pino Stelk
    I play xbox one

  61. What-Sup-853 says:

    can i have 10 billion money and lvl 300

  62. What-Sup-853 says:

    on ps4 plz

  63. HadeS says:

    Please money 999,999,999 and level 250 thanks.



  64. Matt says:

    ps4 50 million AKILLERUK PLEASE

  65. Woddak says:

    Please money 50,000,000 and level 250 thanks.



  66. Javin says:

    MiSTeRR WiNNeR xbox one 500,000,000,000 gta money. Thanks if you can, no rep or glitches just gta money thanks again if you can later.

  67. ali akber says:

    MY PSN ID aliakku786


  68. Akkuakber says:

    Dude 999999999 money plz on my psn account aliakku786

  69. junior says:

    hi guys can i please please have some money to my PS4 acount??
    my name is junior.broo

    many thanks really appreciate your help

  70. SuperTrooper90 says:

    Could you give me 100’000’000 GTA ONLINE Dollars? I’m on PS4 and my gamertag is z3bashtian 🙂
    I would reallly appreciate it as I need some cash for the upcoming update…

    Huge thanks

  71. darien says:

    plz send me just 20 000 000 thanks
    name: Darien008
    appreciate that

  72. James says:

    Hey Admin, I’d love sum cash on my account, im on pc my name is FOHengineer . 100,000,000 would be great brother.

  73. Streets says:

    Can I please get 20mil and 20k rep on Xbox one? Gt: TML Streets

  74. TheJiin says:

    can you give me 10 billion and rank me up to lvl.250 on ps4 my psn id is TheJiin

  75. cy says:

    Get 500 million and rank 200, much appreciated. Thanks.

  76. Juliobl says:

    Hey bro , would give send me 1 billion to Juliobl1 on pc, please bro, thank you in advance 😀

  77. Kevin says:

    If possible i would like to have $400 million please. My Xbox one gamer tag is KissedLoki37744

  78. ajw4606 says:

    I don’t know if you can do ps3 or not but if you can then can I have 970 rp thanks my psn is ajw4606.

  79. alex says:

    i am broke on gta can you please help me
    ps4 Hulk_smash985
    rank 120

  80. alex says:

    please and thanks

  81. Benedict says:

    My PSN name is: XYZMAVERICK
    May I plz have 4 billion and rp upto 128 level or so. If u cn do this that will be great. Thank u so much 😀

  82. Jarrett says:

    Can I have $100,000,000 im in desperate need of cash please, my psn is TNUC_A_HCUS

  83. Marius says:

    Could you help me with some money on xbox one my Gt is krauuuuser. Im poor and I dont have any friends to play with..

  84. Rhys Meddins says:

    Hey Admin, I would really appreciate it if u could add 2 billion gta dollars to my account as I am preparing for the update on June 7th my gamertag is McnabSwag on xbox one would be great if u could help me out

  85. Kenneth says:

    Xbox one gamertag: MindBlower BE.
    Can you gave me a 999.999.999.999 cash pls? Highly appreciated

  86. Marcelo says:

    Ps4 BossMan9093
    Need money please and rp and can I be a level 250

  87. Marcelo says:

    Gamer tag: Bosan9093 can I get 6billion please

  88. Jamie says:

    I need it done 30million gta money 12rp my psn sgtbloxam15

  89. Thembe007 says:

    Can you send me 50billion on ps4 and make me level 111

    PSN Name= Thembe007

    thanks if you do

  90. Jamie says:

    Hey admin can you 2billlion into my gta5 online it is sgtbloxam15 Please and thank if you do it rp 170

  91. Amus says:

    Hi! Can you work on PC?
    I want 1 billion.
    ID: Two-aunt

  92. Ownzorr says:

    Can you give 100.000.000 cash please? i’m also desperate for money. THX

  93. freado says:

    15 million and level 125 plzz

  94. Lewis says:

    Need money desperate. Billions would be prefered. Xb1 GT C0oKIE Ninjaz. Can u help me out???

  95. Lewis says:

    In need of money. 2 billion would be great. Xbox 1 GT C0oKIE Ninjaz. Thanks so much if it works:)

  96. Jamie says:

    Hey admin can you get me 2billlion into my gta5 online ps4 sgtbloxam15

  97. Jamie says:

    Come on please u help other guys i need money on gta5 online

  98. Jamie says:

    Can you do it for me plz my psn sgtbloxam15 my level now is 67 and i want to be 100 and money 10billion

  99. Jay Arvin says:


    Can you help me with some money? Maybe 100 mill or so. My gamer tag is ghostface1906.


  100. Leiurus says:

    pc Leiurus78 100 million plss ADmin

  101. floris says:

    50 million or so

  102. Luke says:

    Hey plz drop me 40.000.000$ gamertag: DENSOL49285 on PC

  103. Brian says:

    Admin, any help toward 1 billion dollars would be much appreciated Ps4 – HoagiesFeet420 thank you very much

  104. job says:

    admin could you give me 50 million on ps4. GT is jeroenelz.

  105. I would love to have money and im fine with my own rank im 140 somthing but for me .

    Gamertag : Haruhi x Phaze
    Platform is : xbox one
    Want is : atleast 2-3 billion dont want to over do it lol if u could send me a txt at (***) *** ****. just send me a txt when you have done it sorry for the eaxtra work just i dont get notfications whenpeople reply back

  106. Switchblade says:

    Can I please get 1 billion and lever 327, OG MafiaWolf, Xbox one

  107. omerfaruk says:

    134 level 12.000.000 dollar please admın game tag omerfaruk5511 ps3

  108. omerfaruk says:

    thanks !

  109. Duke says:

    Hello, Admin. Could you generate me 500 million on my account? Gamertag is DENSOL49285 (PC).Please.

  110. Jon Umber says:

    Hey, could you possibly give me 20 million dollars? Xbox One GT is Ol Pa Reaper

  111. lillinaa says:

    can i have 200000000? i’m on ps4 username: lillinaa thanksss

  112. chrisse says:

    Hi, can I have 100.000.000 (100 mil)? Pc account: chrisse22222

  113. ISG Hazard says:

    Can i please have 10 billion on gta online please, i’m on xbox one my gamertag is ISG Hazard

  114. adam says:

    anychance i could get $25,000,000 and 20,000 rp please?
    username: ACanter

  115. Chun2002 says:

    CAn I have 999999999 money please

  116. keeperhunt says:

    Can i have 100000000 names keeperhunt on PC

  117. GabrielTheBrief says:

    I need just 11 million dollars plz !
    Give me and I will Share your page on facebook and tell all my friends
    Gamertag-SrDickSon-Xbox One

  118. luckyalex3 says:

    can i have 20m name: luckyalex3 on PC

  119. Bawby says:

    I want 1 billion dollars
    Xbox one
    Gamertag : Parkourcaptain

  120. Above Logicz says:

    Hello admin. I was wondering if you could possibly give me 100 mil for xbox one, gt: Above Logicz
    If you could, that would be great.

  121. Anonimus says:

    Help me please do you give me money ( 1 billon ) user name kiritogamer713 ps4

  122. emir says:

    GİVE ME 20000000 AND 2000 RP PLEASE
    NAME AksLepiokS

  123. emir says:

    ADMİN 20000000 NOT A NEW MONEY A 100000000 PLEASE AND 5000 RP
    NAME AksLepiokS

  124. ryan says:

    5 billion gta dollars thanks.Xbox one gamertag: RYSTER123

  125. jordy says:

    hye admin can i get 250 Mil end.. if you can lvl 220 ? thank you in advance

  126. Ryan says:

    Hi admin may I plz have a few billion an some more rp if that’s ok am on Xbox one gamer tag BigGee1983 cheers an all the best

  127. tugaxbox says:

    can u give me 10 billion dollars
    Xbox one
    Gamertag : TUGA

  128. Jay arvin says:


    Forgot to add gamer tag ghostface1906 is on the PSN network.


  129. mlggamer100 says:

    can i have around 15 million? Social Club is mlggamer100…thanks!

  130. Sam Wright says:

    Can I have 100 million please. xbox 1. Trophicbreak564

  131. Chris says:

    Can I have 500m and 200k rp please? Gt Ima Put In Work Xbox one

  132. drake says:

    Can I have 200k rp drakedabomb3451 ps4

  133. Kevin says:

    I could use some too
    And rp to lvl 150
    My gt On ps4 is sweetslikz

  134. titan says:

    admin would you please give me 50 million and 500.000 rp psn id eeren_53 (ps4)


  135. Mike says:

    May I have 146 Million dollars please? On PC, Username Zharuul. Thanks.

  136. Daniel Smith says:

    Need a lot of money and level, been playing since game came out and am only at level 64 and don’t have much cash, need help please if you could. Gamertag big_diesel22 PS4

  137. Zane Humphrey says:

    Hi, this is awesome.
    Could i please have 80 million and level 140

    ps4 id: deadlydata3000

  138. Yousef says:

    Can you plz give me money?
    I really do need your help
    Help me mate

    Xbox one: BlackSomeTime

  139. diogo esteves says:

    can you send me some money? ps4 usernamE: ola-7_xau

  140. george says:

    could i get some money like 900million im on xbox so Gamertag is ULTIMATExxxKILL

  141. QTROMEISTER says:

    Hi can you send me 20,000,000 money PLZ 🙂

  142. Ray says:

    hi can you please generate me 30millon dollars and level 200
    Psn id: Shmoney4eva

  143. lemoboy7777 says:

    Admin please can you send me 100 000 000 cash please ı really need this and rank

    PS4 = lemoboy7777

  144. Lrak says:


    Could you give me 300millions please or maybe 100millions. I would appreciate the 300millions. I play on PC and my Social Club username is “Lraknossravi”.

    Thanks mate!

  145. Lrak says:


    Cant see that my request got posted but I would like 500millions in game money.
    I play on PC and my ingame username is *Lraknossravi*.

    Thanks again!

  146. SEMA says:

    Can you give me 100million please my psn is SemaNo01

  147. LAFLAME says:

    Could you give me 1 Billion Dollars and 2 Million RP?


  148. Lrak says:

    Hello me again

    I saw you responded on my request, but when will I get the money? I have been waiting for some hours now. Could you tell me when the money sould arrive?

  149. john says:

    Could you help me with any RP if I could get to level 200 that would be great.

    Thank you in advance

    Ps3 Cookeemunzter818

  150. James Koosees says:

    Hello Admin, Would it be nice if you can send me n50 million please and thank you my gamer tag is L0neWarri0r420 for xbox 360

  151. Grim says:

    can i have $150 million? Xboxone GrimGhost95

  152. John says:

    Hey Admin, could you hook me up with 20-30 million dollars on ps4? please psn is voodoo5154

  153. Ryan says:

    Would it be possible to get around a few billion dollars? Thanks in advance
    Xbox one gamer tag: RYSTER123

  154. Admin can you help me on xbox one gamertag is JAH ARMY76 cash 4 billion rp 4 billion plz if you can’t do that much you can do less

  155. Jeremiah Rider says:

    Hello admin,
    May I please receive 40 million dollars?
    PS4- miah503

  156. Spencer says:

    Is there a chance i could get some money, pc gamertag Lord-Hippo-V

  157. Adnan Hussain says:

    Hello Admin, pls could you can send me 200 million please and thank you my gamer tag is adster7866 for ps4

  158. jorge says:

    May i have 4 billion dollars pls. I would really appreciate it. Its so difficult to get money in this game.
    Ps4 gamertag: EL_REY_DAVID_17

  159. Igot says:

    Can I get 150million and 100rank thank you✌✌

  160. Michael Pi says:

    Hello Admin – i want to try benny’s – may i have 100 million dollars? im on PC and my gamertag is Clyd3Frog

  161. Marco says:

    Hey Admin.
    Can you put me on lvl 150 and send me 100 Mio Dollar? PSN: maruun_
    Thanks a lot!

  162. Serious says:

    Hey, can u help me? can u give me $ and up me on 120? on pc lSeriousl (short L infront of the name and after it)

  163. Jet stream says:

    Hi. Can you pls send me 100 Million Doktor diggler ps4 thank you

  164. Luke Godden says:

    Could I get 100 million please, gamertag nK Enzo xbox one

  165. Jet stream says:

    Pls send me 100 Million $.

    doktordiggler ps4

    Thanks a lot

  166. Nicholas Garibay says:

    may I have 30 billion dollars please it would be much aprreciated GM is Pthizz187and im on xbox one also if you want we can hang out and play some gta online

  167. erik rivera says:

    mayi have 50 billion? and level me up to 100? im railriderer on ps4. Itll be apriciated and ill pay you back some how if you want.

  168. Anthony Wilson says:

    Awills31 ps4 can’t get 700 mil and a ton of RP

  169. LDonat515 says:

    Can someone send me 30 billion dollars?
    PS4: LDonat515

  170. Aldin says:

    Can I please just get 50 million dollars?
    GT: Rapid_killer24 (Ps4)

  171. jordan says:

    can I have 10 billion dollars please

    GAMERTAG: HotTurtle54

  172. jordan says:

    my GT is : HotTurtle54. im on xbox one. and I would like 1 billion dollars please.

  173. Ryan says:

    Hey,can I get 500 million GTA dollars. Thanks.
    Xbox one gamertag: RYSTER123

  174. mihlu says:

    hey man,
    Can i get some money i almost deleted the game because i dont have money
    my GT mihlu03

  175. Igot says:

    100million 100rank tnx man pc:igormadafaka ✌✌

  176. thelumberjack says:

    hello we can give me 200 mil on ps4

  177. thelumberjack says:

    we can help me

  178. thelumberjack says:

    can 1 of you give me 50 mil on ps4 ????

  179. stefan says:

    Hi can you send me 500 Million Dollar on xbox one Heavensdream pls

  180. shawn says:

    can you give me money im on xbox one and my gamertag is X 38 Krazy x

  181. sarah says:

    hi can i get 100000000000000 rp and 1000000000 dollar
    my psn id is sarah_0909

  182. Ryan says:

    Hey,can I get 500 million GTA dollars if possible. Thanks.
    Xbox one gamertag: RYSTER123

  183. Vendetta973 says:

    Lvl 200 and 100 billion $ plz.
    If u do that,u probably jezuz.
    PSN: Vendetta973

  184. Rares says:

    Admin can you please give me 37000000 $ at my account on my PS4 BaDboyRary

  185. Devon says:

    Hey I need 10 billion dollars and I want to be level 8000 my gamer tag is ROGUE_BUD

  186. Devon says:

    And I’m using a ps3

  187. ShayanShadow says:

    admin can you please give me 3billion dollars I have nothing right now

  188. Jamele webb says:

    I want a mod menu with 40billion dollars and chrome camp unlocked

  189. meet illusive says:

    hey admin can you please give me 1 billion dollars?
    xbone gt: Meet ILLusive

  190. Joe says:

    Hey dude. Good on you for helping people out getting money in this. We all know its really fucking annoying trying to get money to buy all the new stuff. Could you be even more awesome and hook me up with a few hundred million please. Whatever you can spare really. PSN is LynchyNuggets

  191. Ryan says:

    Hey can I get 1billion dollars please?
    Xbox one gamertag: RYSTER123

  192. Eron says:

    can i have 500,000,000 million my psn is eron_01

  193. Poor player says:

    Hello there
    Xbox ONE
    DEMON da CZ
    300 milions
    thank you for your money 🙂

  194. ThundaBerries says:

    Admin, please can I have 500 million,I would greatly appreciate the help.

    Xbox One Gt: ThundaBerries

  195. demon says:

    request #2
    DEMON da CZ
    300 milions THANK YOU 😉

  196. kaioken89 says:

    Yoo admin anyway you could help me out with 1bil or 100mil in gta$ gamertag XB1:iSpyro0

  197. Ry says:

    Hello, would would be good if you could give me like 500 million dollars on GTA online? Or just whatever you can. I don’t know if you would do this for me but it would be greatly appreciated thanks.
    Xbox one gamer tag is RYSTER123

  198. Rez says:

    Rank 99

  199. FallSleet458 says:

    i want 2 billion dollars pls my gamertag is FallSleet458 on xbox 360

  200. Sarah says:

    Hi Admin could I please have 10 billon
    Gamer tag is Acg1225
    Console is ps4 Thanks!

  201. Shoaib says:

    Admin I need 200 million and rp till 500 rank please I will very appreciate you on this act on kindness thanks
    Ps4 (malik2819)

  202. Erik says:

    Can i get please 2000000000 dollars.

    My name: Ballay007

    I have PC.


  203. Kevin says:

    Pls help me ps3 acc: REaLKeViN96_YT RP an Money pls! much RP pls

  204. Jacob says:

    Hey can you give me 5bil on xbox 360
    My gamertag is itsjacob713 thanks.

  205. Mark says:

    Can i get please 3.000.000 Dollars.

    My name: aaFaithfulaa

    I have PC.


  206. Ryan Graham says:

    Hello, would would be possible if you could give me like 800 million dollars on GTA online? Or just whatever you can. I don’t know if you would do this but it would be greatly appreciated thanks.
    Xbox one gamer tag is RYSTER123

  207. Poor player says:

    Hey admin…
    please will you give my 300 milions on my Xbox ONE account
    DEMON da CZ
    Xbox ONE
    i want this because i want to be rich

  208. Serious says:

    Hey, can you help me out with 100Mil? Im on PC lSeriousl is the Name on PC =) thank you very much =)

  209. haren says:

    Hi can I please get 600 million on gta 5 for Xbox 360 user name UpcastDrip.

  210. Blain says:

    I need money and rp my ps4 user name is Killer472908 if you could put some on plz.

  211. Baver says:

    Admin i beg please send me 50 M

  212. Tuxenus says:

    Can You send me 50 milions please.
    Name: Tuxenus

  213. L337BOLT says:

    Gamertag: l337bolt
    30 million pls
    Thank you

  214. Toke Sørensen says:

    Hey admin can i have 10 billion and rp for lvl 200 -PC – gamertag Le-death

  215. diddy says:

    please add me 50million dollars and high rp points and confirm when will be completed

  216. diddy says:

    ps4 name diddster187
    50 million and 42000 rp

  217. RocketV94 says:

    Admin can you give 2 bilions and 515 rank on Xbox one
    My nick ShockedSine8482

  218. Armin says:

    Hi my username is ” armin_vl ” and i need 10000000 money and 900000 rp please hack it for me for ps4

  219. Alex says:

    Hi admin could you please give me 90000000000 for User name AMO9110 on ps4 please.

  220. Bernardo Guijosa says:

    Can I get 2 billion $ please I’m so tired of only a 100,000$ on gta5 online.
    Psn : Guijosa93

  221. Isaac says:

    Hey, i was wondering if you could give me 5 billion dollars…please. My username is Yosoy_chito

  222. jacob says:

    can i get 20,000,000 on my account?
    username: beepbob
    i’m on pc. thanks

    • :(( says:

      can i had some money on ps3 ? please ? 🙁 i really need it
      money: i need max of it if you can
      rp : make me 700 lvl if you can pls it would be fantastic <###

  223. spongebobsqear says:

    Can someone drop me some money please my name is spongebobsqear (PS4)

  224. Darth555 says:

    Hi Admin!
    Can you give me 25 million dollar please?
    gamertag: Darth555
    GTA V PC

    I hope you can help me.. 🙂

  225. Hitesh says:

    Can I have 20 billion dollars and rank 250 on Xbox one my name is KillSwitch23

  226. Brandon Washburn says:

    Can i get money and rp whatever u can do would help southrnbloodd88 xbox 360

  227. Andreasen says:

    Hey admin, can i have 500 million? Plz
    PS4: Andreasen-8930

  228. Ray Naugle says:

    My username is on the 360 and its cold kill01

  229. Luke says:

    Help I need 50 million I’m broke and it’s so hard to make money please I’m on ps4 game tag is TattedLuke

  230. FaulessKidSiah3 says:

    Can I get 20 billion please I don’t have no money

  231. 1nhum4n says:

    can I receive 14 million $$, and 20000 rp as well plz.
    pc thanks for the help man in advanced!!!!

  232. Harjot says:

    can i please have 10 billion money and rp

    my xbox one gamertag is:INSANExSHOTZ49

  233. cla339 says:

    can i have 20,000,000 please i want money and 1000000000000 rp

  234. jakub says:

    can i had some money on ps3 please ?? :(( i really need it
    gamerstag: rEZIKING

  235. FaulessKidSiah3 says:

    I’m the guy that needs that 20 billion my gamer tag is FaulessKidSiah3 and I’m on the Xbox one thanks for the money if I get it and you guys are the best giving the money to everyone thx

  236. Kirenluck says:

    I need 1 billion pls Admin ><

  237. Khofax says:

    Can i have like 3bil admin plz if you can and level me up to 400 plz this will be really helpful it is for Ps4 Username : Khofax03

  238. Steven Bell says:

    Hey can i have max money on 3 ps4 accounts please???

    Boorsy14 and level 120 on all them please

  239. Armon Bradley says:

    10 billion, rank 120 please and thank you…GT SoloDolo228 Xbox One

  240. john says:

    is there any chance id just take a couple of million but if u could send melike 10million and rank me level 150 that be absolutely perfect mate please? if possible my gamer name is SwiftSuperJohnny

  241. DeftGamer1999 says:

    can i get 10 billion dollars and rank 100 please on xbox one
    gamertag DeftGamer1999

  242. Kwebbelkop says:

    Hello Ken you plz send some monney abd rp to my ps3 acc for GTA my name is YOURxDREAMxBOY im a youtuber and i Ken use yoyr Help if you send this site will ve in discription on my channels ty greets kwebbelkop YouTube

  243. Marcus says:

    Can i have 20 million on MarcusQuikdraw7 on Xbox One

  244. Fred says:

    hey can you give me $100 billion and make me level 120 please my profile on gta is called GrumpyTheftCat, if you do this i will be grateful

  245. Thomas says:

    can you give me money? on :6800SiMoNsEn on PC

  246. Badpilotman says:

    Hi admin,
    I really appreciate you because you help people in need. 🙂
    You look like a nice guy/girl to me, you really do!
    But I’d like to ask something if I’m not bothering you. 🙂
    Could I have 9 billion, and be rank 120 please?
    My name is Badpilotman and I play on the xbox 360.
    I would appreciate it alot!! Thank you very much already!
    Greets, Badpilotman

  247. Peter campbell says:

    I know it would be difficult to give all of these people money and rp and I know I’m late but can you still hook me up?
    PSN PS4: KrYpT_KaRnage
    Level 150
    Money: 175,000,000

    This would mean the world to me so I hope you see this, thank you.

  248. JJangle says:

    Hi Admin,
    I have one wish. Can you give me pleas only money 100 000 000 $ ? I would be very grateful, if you help me. Thank you

    My nick in game is : JJangle
    : PC

  249. Drogindito says:

    Hello Amm… Im not sure if the admin is still here but if you are plz give me some(a lot)money and some RP would be cool too 😛 thanks my tag: drogindito on xbox one thanks…

  250. River says:

    Can i have 200mil admin and rp dont matter xbox one gt MASTER MONKEY86

  251. shahriyarmazid says:

    can you give money 80,000,000 and rp 1000 my username is shahriyarmazid – ps3 please

  252. shahriyarmazid says:

    please give a reply to my other message

  253. gayet says:

    hi, i need 100 billions please, thanks ! lulu53000974

  254. Fabian Noriega says:

    Can I pleas have like 10 billion an rank me up to 400 please and thank you so much is for Xbox one FNG23

  255. Jordan says:

    Please may somebody help me out with my money & rp problem in gta online? I would really appreciate it. Gt Phantom0Bladez (Xbox one)

  256. anonymus says:

    Can i have 10billion and be level 120 gametag


    On ps4

  257. Balazs says:


    Would you please help to send me 50 million cash and 10 million in RP points? Poppy3232x and the platform is PS4.
    Thank you!

  258. finet says:

    PSN: Letueur6240, 10000000000$ please and level 120 thanks you

  259. Antonio Lopez says:

    100 million,rank 200 please gamertag:superajua

  260. hey can anyone help me in gtav online 2 billions dollars would be great thx,name tag is :wolfshadow7904 and im on ps4 thank you very much

  261. Hexplays91 says:

    pls 10bill IGN:Hexplays91 thanks Admin this is the best 🙂

  262. Hexplays91 says:

    Pls admin
    give me 10bill

  263. Hexplays91 says:


  264. Hexplays91 says:

    IM oon psn pls 10bill IGN:Hexplays91

  265. kaiden w says:

    Can u give me 100000000cash and 1000000rp

  266. kaiden w says:

    psn kaidenanthony

  267. kaiden w says:

    level 300 plz

  268. Ruben says:

    can you give me 250,000,000$ on my ps3 please? nickname: pto_sky

  269. Fong jian wei says:

    Can I have 1billion please…thanks
    Name tag is jwfong12

  270. Cali-_-khaos says:

    Can u give me 1-2 billion plz

  271. Hairul says:

    Hey admin can you help me get 1billion on my psn account for gta … gamertag is hairul-43….help me pretty pls

  272. Dan Rus says:

    xbox 360, profile name SublimeMink42, 30 millions please

  273. cinaa says:

    Admin please can u give 200 millions and level 170?
    Cina77_77 my username

  274. Nick says:

    I’d honestly settle for 2 Billion ign: seepuku_182 on PC, I wont push, honestly want to record footage of the yacht for friends.

  275. Beejay says:

    Please I need 200million dollars
    ID:beejay7677 on ps4

  276. Beejay says:

    Hey admin,if all these is real then on behalf of all the people you’ve given money thank you that’s a good job
    Please I need 400million if you may
    Thank you
    On ps4

  277. Owen Gallimore says:

    could you give me 1 billion pls? my ps is cookiemonsterous

  278. mainerfishin101 says:

    could i get 100 million and get rank 100 im on ps4 gamertag is mainerfishin101

  279. Ryan says:

    Can I have 1,000,000,000 please. I don’t need rp or anything else. Any amount will help if you can’t do the 1 billion. Thank you! 🙂

  280. Ryan says:

    Can I please have 1,000,000,000 on PS4 for MULISHATROOP816?

  281. dylan2014 says:

    Hey @Admin Could i please have 10/100 million so i can buy the new cars? the_dylmeister ps4

  282. Cushion says:

    Does this actually work? Been stuck at 200k for months now sense noone plays heists anymore,tag is Comrade_Cushion on PC if its legit drop me a few mill

  283. Siddh Patel says:

    Can you give me 5 billion please I really want it and I want to be level 100 please.

    My username is: CHHOTTA_DON

    Please make it happen:)

  284. Johnny says:

    Can I get 500 mil dollars Xbox 360

    cod 2 beastxxxx

  285. TJ BUCKLAND says:

    Can i get 50 mil and level up to 170? ps3 SHAGGY-420BLAZE

  286. Aryan says:

    Hi may i please have 2 billion dollars please and level 100 on xbox 360 please? GT:Khishan2002 🙂

  287. Kala says:

    Plz I REALLY need 5 million gta dollars Plz and 250 rank Plz my gamer tag is KALA-THE-KING PLZ RESPOND AS FAST AS POSSIBLE AND THE

  288. Jacob Tello says:

    Can you give me 100 billion for xbox360
    Gt itsjacob713

  289. utku says:

    hello please your many gametag-utkuturkey xbox one please 🙁

  290. SteegjesTuig says:

    He man,
    can i please 5 bil and rank 160

    My username is: SteegjesTuig

    ( already 140 ) hard work i would realy realy love the money!!

  291. Migello Leach says:

    Could i get 10 mil please :o) psn: MigelloLeach

  292. reegs102 says:

    Hi admin.

    Username = reegs102
    (One. Zero. Two)

    May I please have $10,000,000,000 (10 billion)??

    NO RP

    Just money.

    Thank you 🙂

  293. mike says:

    Can i plz get 2 billon dollars plz? i really need it! My PSN is B-u-l-g-y-p-a-n-d-a

  294. Balazs says:

    Hi Admin,

    Could you please give me 40 million money and 1 million RP?
    Platfrom: PS4
    Name is: Poppy3232x

    Please, please

  295. omer says:

    hi admin can i get 10000000$ and as you like rp i play gta on ps4 my username is Geemy12345

  296. Nicolas says:

    Hey Admin could you give me max on money in gta my username is kingcaptain1 platform Xbox 360 thanks

  297. Khalid says:

    Hi amin
    Can I get 100,000,000$ gta v on ps4 username is The_unlimited_9

  298. Please help I need 100000000$ to start getting better at this game

  299. Frankey says:

    May I plzzzz get $10,000,000,000
    Ps4 Frankey_mendoza
    LV. 150

  300. eric says:

    Can i please have 1 billion and be LV 120 PSN: bloodycartel2

  301. Jay says:

    Send me 900,000,000 million dollars and some rp to go up like 200 levels please

  302. joe_ownedyou says:

    yo dawg can i have 900.000.000 million dollars ps4 joe_ownedyou

  303. Jose Nuñez says:

    Money please! jano_21 ps4

  304. Lewis says:

    Can I please have 100 mil and level 150 please johnbo1995 ps3 thank you

  305. Vigilant Moose says:

    Hey Admin, I’d be grateful if you could give me $450,000,000, no RP necessary. My IGN for xbox one is Vigilant Moose

  306. GFBayBeyaz says:

    Can I please have 1billion dollars..

  307. Mario says:

    Online ID: Marioz991
    Requesting 2 Billion And Being Level 75

  308. Eric says:

    Hey dude can i get like 15 million on gta online? I dont need any rp. My xbox one gamertag is RubyCanoe972798. Thanks dude.

  309. Aidil hafiz says:

    Can I have $999,999,999,9 please.And LVL 120.USER name is aidilhafiz2003

  310. Grayson says:

    Can I please have $25,000,000,000
    Level 250
    xbox one BuriedShip53837

  311. ahmed says:

    hi pls can i have 100mill and rank over 100
    add- AHMED_HAQ123

  312. YunusEmre3425 says:

    PS4 Name Yunus_repci26 500.000.000 Thanks

  313. Jonny says:

    Hey Buddy, can you send me 250 mill? ID: Schwaiger_111
    on PS4.
    THX 😉

  314. Kul says:

    Admin could i Get 10 bill coin and boost my rp to 125-250 level ? Would be great man!
    Gt aWachiiE pc

  315. David Marais says:

    can i please have 30billion and rep please WeaklyBoot820

  316. Joe says:

    Hey admin i was wondering if you generate me 2 billion and level 200 everyone i know is such a high level and they have lots of money and they hardley play with me because im the oposite im on ps4 and my psn is: SIR_TWINKIE_TOES

  317. cla339 says:

    i want 2million dollars and leave 200 i play to ps3 and my psn is cla339

  318. can you help me plz i need 10 billion and level 858 my account is Mohamed162X20 on ps4

  319. Nicholas Martin says:

    Hey admin would you give me 25 million plspls imon P’s4 t_i_l_t_Nick_01

  320. Xaernt says:

    Can you give me some money like 100mil? The name is Xaernt on PC

  321. Ta07 says:

    I’m not picky I would just like a little help. TackledArtist07 for the 360

  322. Tupac7412 says:

    Hey WAZZZAA Admin please can i have some money in my account Tupac7412 on pc
    thx 🙂

  323. Walker says:

    I need 20 billion pls- Admin

  324. joulutorttu5000 says:

    i need 10 millions pc In Joulutorttu5000 admin

  325. catachatta says:

    could i have 3 billion xbone name catachatta plz thx

  326. Jassen_HD says:

    HI i am Jasper from germany i have got only a few hours in the week to play gta 5 online and ask for 30 million and lvl 100 on pc my GTA5 online name is Jassen_HD

  327. boytje111 says:

    can i have some moneney i want to be lvl 200 and have 100m
    psn is boytje111

  328. Rainnybob says:

    Hi could i have1 billion please usrename is DylanDestroy02 xbox one thank you

  329. Jake says:

    Yo Admin could you hit me and my friend up with 50,000,000 each just cos money is so time consuming and we dont have lots of time to make money so could you give us some. Our console us XBOX ONE
    My GT: iPro ReMiiX v
    Friends: GT iPro ViiPeRz v
    Lots of love from England x

  330. Trueredneck555 says:

    Hey can u please send me 2 billion and rank 120 that would be awesome

  331. Hamilton says:

    Can i please have 30mil and lvl 145 X_iNNtH3FaCe_X Ps4

  332. RazzyTazzy says:

    Hey Admin could you help me out plz?
    I Need 15 mil and I’m on Xbox One
    My Gamertag is T4zzYxRitZ

  333. obscurewez02 says:

    Hi admin.How you doing? Im good thanks.Is there any chance you could maybe send me 10 mil? I would appreciate beyond note.Many thanks

    Gamer Tag : obscurewez02

  334. Yetti459 says:

    Can I please have $1 Billion or max money and max level on ps4 for yeti459 and yetti459 Thank you!

  335. jose garcia says:

    Hey can I get 1 billion and up my level to 200 plz my gamer tag is GFjos Im on ps3 I would really appreciate it thanks in advance

  336. thekiller6794 says:

    admin can u please put 150 milion in my account on xbox one live? the gamertag is: thekiller6794

  337. DJ says:

    my name on ps4 is DJ_GAMER_SSG
    can you generate 10 billion on my account and increase my rank upto 150

  338. DJ says:


  339. Benjamin Reid says:

    Not that you’ll get to see this but I would like 10 Billion on my GTA. If you can get me RP that would be great too.

    Rockstar PC: LieutenantReid

  340. phyh98 says:

    I would love some cash hhaha
    10Bil ?
    And tonnes of Rp?
    Please that’d be great 😀
    Ps4 Phyh98

  341. ShidoriGT says:

    Hey admin, how are you?

    Could you give 100 billions dollars and 1 million RP, I would rly appreciate!

    IGN Dartaconas for PC!

  342. Jack thompson says:

    Hey admin I would be so grateful if you could put me 20 billion also lvl 897 please I beg you my gaming name is GTA_killer_m3 please pls pls pls I beg you . thanks jt

  343. i need money says:

    i would be grateful if you could give me some money and a rank, gamertag is epicmatthew21 on xbox one 50 billion rank 1868

  344. Jose Marin says:

    Hi Admin,

    Can you help me with some money? Maybe 100 mill or so. My gamer tag is josenore410 Ps4.

    Thanks you. Jah bless.

  345. conor pearson says:

    Hey dude. Could you possibly put 10 billion in to my account .I’m not after any rp as I’m level 180. And my tag is WONDER139895 . Thankyou

  346. Siderealfol0 says:

    Admin Could You give me 15 mil my ps4 account is my name

  347. Jake says:

    I’ve tried everything! Glitches, hacks, everything! Nothing has worked! If you could please help me out and put $250000000 in my account on PS4. Psn is arcangel33420. Thanks a lot.

  348. Orionstar1988 says:

    Hello Admin Can I get 25 million cash and 1 million RP? Thank you PSN Orionstar1988

  349. Anthony says:

    Admin:I’m trying to get the money generator to work, can you help me out? Any good amount for money or xp would be fine. Thanks; SYNDICATE_TANK- PS3 For GTA 5

  350. jimmylu91 says:

    Hello admin.. Please:
    Name: jimmylu91
    Money: 30.000.000 $
    Thank you so much admin

  351. Mark says:

    Hey Admin, could you give me $$$ 1 billion, and raise my level to 100,, my Xbox one gamer tag is(LOCOPayne1225), Thanks 🙂

  352. Shazin says:

    Hello Admin Can I get 25 million cash and 1 million RP? Thanks a lot! Psn Itozinho, ps4

  353. Melvin Gutierrez Cisneros says:

    Hi admin i just want to ask if you can give me 75 555 555 and 20 000 rp, i just dont need more

    Xbox one
    GT: memvingutierrez

    Thank you btw!

  354. david says:

    please money 100milion and rp on PS4 my NAME is TyJeblington

  355. ivano says:

    Can i have 10 bilion dollars and rp.
    PS4 username Real Game Pro or ivanobuhin.

  356. e46353e says:

    Hey admin can u get me 2 lvl 120+ plz
    pc username SECT0RR0y41Z

  357. e46353e says:

    sorry didnt mean 2 post twice

  358. Marcel says:

    Can i have some cash pls. Ps4 pacman0701

  359. salt says:

    I need money and rp plz goodloe12345678 on ps3

  360. Matattack says:

    Can i please have 100 million dollars and 200 million rp points
    ps4user: K1LL3RKL0WN16

  361. tiago ribeiro says:

    Hi bros im on ps4 i need money and i cant complete survey can someone help me please? pleeeeeeeeeeease =) my username is darkfury83

  362. ROB says:


  363. Kevin says:

    10 Billion rp 118 X1 GT BlueeyedBison

  364. TrSx H3LLF1RE says:

    Please can I have 10 billion and level 130 please
    Xbox one
    TrSx H3LLF1RE
    It would be much appreciated

  365. Unlocker Vier says:

    Can u Give me 50.000.000$ for Windows, and maybe LVL 60. Gamertag Unlocker4

  366. ANACONDA says:

    Admin can you please help me to get 10 billion and level 110 on my GTA5 Account?



  367. milo kazzi says:

    plz can i have lot of money plz i am working so hard as ceo and mc but nothing i need 3 days to get 1 million czn someone help me my name is omgslayer01 using ps4

  368. xA1oNx says:

    Hi my gamer rag is xA1oNx
    and I need most rp and money you can give
    I’m using ps4

  369. Loup says:

    Dear Admin

    Is it still possible to get some money to enjoy the game? Id be really grateful if you could grant some money to money account. Be

    Very best regards


  370. Loup says:

    Using ps4 and my accname is: leloupccc

    Thanks again

  371. Modarnrocky says:

    Could I have Lvl 200 Account with 1 billion Gamertage is Modarn. Much appriciated!

  372. Sakurmaru says:

    Hey, I play on ps4 can I please get 10 billion dollars? That’s all am going to need, Please and Thank you. PSN = sakurmaru

  373. smrad says:

    would be nice to have 40mil

  374. Mino007 says:

    Hey can i have some money my name is Mino007 on pc

  375. antdj5 says:

    i need money and rp psn name is antdj555

  376. haider raza says:

    admin plz give me 10 billion plz i promise i will reccomend all my friends to u , plz just give, me 10 billion and some rp plz. my username on ps4 is MSH2992 thank man i really appreciate it

  377. Babaali77 says:

    Hi CAN i Get 20 billion plz and be in rank 999
    ID babaali77


  378. xeryfebr says:

    adm can u give me a help? i need some money, my user is XeryfeBR on ps3

  379. Casegriffin says:

    Can you please send me as much as you can rp and
    Cash thank you gamer tag is casegriffin

  380. bipolar maniac says:

    ps my buddy told me to try here it worked 2 months ago yall helped him out it 10billion is to much 8billion be fine with rank 450 at this moment I’m broke and would love to have my own MC club house and a yaht my psn is BiPoLar__MaNiac it has 2 under scrolls ty so much hope to hear from you soon…….

  381. WhatWhat says:

    Would love to have ~500000000
    pc: ildjarn91
    Thanks a lot mate

  382. WhatWhatWhatWhatWhat says:

    Would love to have ~500000000
    pc: ildjarn91
    Thanks a lot mate

  383. Nathaniel mack says:

    Hello I’m A struggling player in gta 5 and was wondering if i could have some money maybe 1 million that’s all i ask my xbox 360 gamertag is ATOMBOMBER909

  384. Max says:

    Hey admin, I need 1 000 000 000$ . Plz help me!!!

    Gamertag on Xbox one : KoOTs MTL Qc

    (if this thing work, I will post a picture of the result)

  385. Don Corleone says:

    Ahojte, prosím Vás potrebujem peniaze na začiatok a level aspon 150,
    NICK: DonCorleoneSK
    Konzola: Xbox360

    Ďakujem moc krát!!!

  386. sven van hove says:

    hello admin. is it possible that you give me 100 million for ps4. my name is svenvanhove182. thank you a lot.

  387. Devonicgaming123 says:

    Can i please have like 1billon and tones of rp
    my Xboxone username is Devonicgaming

  388. Kevin says:

    Hey Admin Can you give me please 1bill. And Level 100? Would be awesome
    Ps4 Kalongo_7

  389. Jepoy Shay says:

    Can i have 10 Billion Dollars also RP

  390. Legend says:

    100 million Xbox one gamer tag Legandkiller226

  391. Kielkowskyy says:

    Hi admin please could you give me 200 milions? Ps4 gamertag is Kielkowskyy

  392. Brian says:

    Use the xbox one device connect your website or another device? The username is xbox live username or social club Nick name ?

  393. Odie says:

    Admin please help me to get 30 million on my account PS3
    My username is dependentx.
    Thank you very much & have a great day!

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