Gta 5 DNS CODES 1.29 1.41 (2017) Infinite Money/RP [Ps4, Ps3, Xbox one, Xbox 360, PC]

gta dns codes


New Hack DNS Server By GTA HACK DNS V 2.0 The Best.
You can Hack GTA 5 ONLINE : GODMODE,Unlimited Money Unlimited RP Level Hack Max health + Amor Invincibility Special Ability Recharge Wanted Level Down Fast Run Slow Motion Aim Moon Gravity Super Jump Fast Swim Good Mod AND MORE

Video :

Tutorial for GTA DNS for Xbox 360 AND PS3 AND PS4 AND XBOX ONE AND PC users wants to hack

Open GTA HACK DNS and select What you want to hack , and click save ,
go Xbox live or ps3 or xbox one or ps4 and Put these settings into System -> Network settings -> Configure Settings -> DNS Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :
Join GTA Online. (this will take longer than usual)
Back ” GTA HACK DNS v 2 ” Click Hack …………finish


132 Responses to Gta 5 DNS CODES 1.29 1.41 (2017) Infinite Money/RP [Ps4, Ps3, Xbox one, Xbox 360, PC]

  1. hmida says:

    hello bro can help me , i want money and rp pls

  2. raiha says:

    thanks ! =D this hack is bloody incredible.. i just got 30000000 cash.. =3

  3. gregory says:

    Can u give me money

  4. robert says:

    can you give me rp please wany level Xx-_-typoon_x ps4 want level 100

    • Admin says:

      ok bro, give u rank up maxi 1000 , check ur account after 12h

      • robert says:

        March 30, 2016 at 8:55 pm

        sorry the name is Xx-_-Typhoon_xX not (Xx-_-typoon_x) please can you give me 10mill and what ever level you can give me please thanks

  5. robert says:

    sorry the name is Xx-_-Typhoon_xX not (Xx-_-typoon_x) please can you give me 10mill and what ever level you can give me please thanks

  6. Fast Furious53 says:

    Hey guys !
    Can u give me 1bill$ or 900millions$ doesn’t matter but no rp for my xbox1 account : Fast Furious53
    Hope you have a nice day, and thx if u do that.


    Por gentileza, se puder me dar dinheiro para mim, agradeço muito!

    Username: SANINPLAY-2

    LEVEL: Não é necessário!

    MONEY: 20.000.000,00

  8. francis says:

    can I get some money ?

  9. Joey says:

    Can I have money please i’m on ps4 my psn is: Raw_FkF i want 99999999 $ please if you want

  10. Justin says:

    can i please 20 mil and rank 200

  11. acubaton24 says:

    can you give me level 160 and alot of money ? if you can is aubaton24 is ps4 .
    thank you

    • Admin says:

      yess i will send you 999999999999 rp can get “1000” level max and 900000000000 money check ur account aubaton24 Ps4

  12. daler_baimuradov says:

    Hello. Can I get the money ? My username is : daler_baimuradov . I want 100 million cash

  13. daler_baimuradov says:

    Platform Ps3

  14. Aryan sardhariya says:

    Can I get 3 bill and level 1000
    I’m on Xbox 360 my gt:Demon1953

  15. Can I get 3 billion and rank 1000
    I’m level 116 and hav 9 million currently
    I’m on Xbox360 my gamertag is Demon1953
    Please help me!!!

    • Admin says:

      Aryan sardhariya . can get any amount money want , it 1 website generator money free money, i generator for you 3 billion & 9999999 rank on xbox 360 , enjoy money , rp

  16. Michael says:

    Please give me money it’ll make my day my gamertag for Xbox one is Oh Kryptek I’d like 100 million and around 2 million RP thanks!

  17. Ryan Morris says:

    Hi, can i have 40 million cash and my level 125 please. Im on xbox one and my gamertag is Marzbar1456

  18. Ryan Morris says:

    Quick question, how long will the generator take up to generate the resources?

  19. Benjamin says:

    Hi there could you please help and give me a couple hundred million?
    my gamer-tag is BeButchered on pS4

  20. motylanoga91 says:

    hey i need $$ my name: motylanoga92 . PS4

  21. Rick says:

    Can you give me a lot of money please :B 🙂 id: RICARSENAL platform: PS4 , thanks

  22. zane says:

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  23. zane says:

    thank you very much I appreciate it very much have a wonderful day

  24. Zcn90 says:

    Think I accidentally replied to an older comment please may you send me 30 million please I’m on ps4 my psn sweetboi90 thank you!

  25. Connor says:

    Hy my name on xbox one is xXWarFareLordXx can u send me $1bill thx

  26. Connor says:

    Actually if you can please just give me Max money and Max level thanks you’re the best xXWarFareLordXx

  27. mando says:

    Can i please get $1bill for my xbox one account no rp
    Gt:TaBz Pandaz
    Thank you very much for your time

  28. Dylan says:

    Can I get 3,000,000,000 Xbox one SoD DEFIANCE

  29. Brock says:

    Because I need money and I want 3 bil dollars and my name is darksniper432 and my platform is ps4

  30. Tbc0204 says:

    Can I get 2 billion dollars and 500 rank on Xbox one would be appreciated gamertag:TBC0204

  31. hassan says:

    hi mate can i get some money for gta ps4 i wanted 400 million psn H4554N_W4R1S

  32. Kevin0348 says:

    Does iT still works?
    If than i want max money but no rp.
    Psn : psv4woerden (ps4)

  33. Mike says:


    Could you give me level 200 (or just some high level like that) and like 200 mil cash?? I have ps3 and my tag is El_Rey_Miguel

    It doesnt have to be those specific numbers, I just want money and a high level haha.

    Thank you so much!!!!

    • Admin says:

      Mike . i will up your level 1000 max and send you 200 million money on ps4 , enjoy El_Rey_Miguel

      • Mike says:

        Oh I dont know if you maybe just typed it wrong but I have a ps3, does this change anything? I am on gta online now.

  34. CURT says:

    can u guys give me 30 million please and loads of rp please ps4 name CRACKheasCURT09

  35. Pino Stelk says:

    Admin can you send me 500million cash and rank 200
    I play on Xbox one and my gt: Pino Stelk

  36. Bluriify says:

    Can u give me 20 million dollars. Xbox one and gamer tag is Bluriify

  37. Oliver Mason says:

    Can I have 200 million dollars. Rank 300. Xbox one. Gamer tag is Unbound Mason.

  38. johannes16 says:

    send me some money plz

  39. johannes16 says:

    can you plz send me 200 000000 ps3 JohannesJNR

  40. wajdee says:

    Hey, Admin ummm… Would you Be Able To Put 250 million On My Account ps4

  41. MrJendrick says:

    Bitte senden sie mir 3 Milliarden Dollar Rang 300

    Gamertag MrJendrick

    Konsole Xbox 360

  42. Javier says:

    hello can help me , i want money and rp pls
    Rank: 250
    User: J-F-N

  43. deez nutz says:

    Can I get 80,000,000 pls? I don’t need any RP
    Im on PC:

  44. ProctypeHD says:

    PS4 ProctypeHD rank 1000 money 9999999999

  45. Gianeckel says:

    HI, can I get 15.000.000 please for ps4


  46. ProctypeHD says:

    Hi Can i get 150000000 Money and level 1000 Ps4 ProctypeHD

  47. Steezedmonkeyyy says:

    Can you give me money, my gamertag is STEEZEDMONKEYYY Platform is a Xbox360 please and thanks you any amount will work

  48. Slayer_of_DeadSo says:

    Admin can you give me money but no rp. Im on ps4 psn Slayer_of_DeadSo
    Perfect would be 1.5 billion dollar

  49. Alex says:

    Can i have 10bill on xbox one please?

  50. hays says:

    Can I please have 195.000.000 $ ?
    Big thanks to you.


  51. Tha666Beast says:

    can I get $600,000,000 xbox one GT is Tha666Beast

  52. Jake says:

    Can you give me and my friend 50,000,000 however we dont need RP. It would really make my day.
    My GT;iPro ReMiiX v
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  53. JacksonGp says:

    Buenas me puede dar 200 millones porfavor


    para ps3

  54. allanlimaborges says:

    Please… XBOX ONE

    RP = 500K


  55. Braian says:

    Necesito algo de dinero amigo

  56. Carty092 says:

    Hey can u give please give me at least 1 billion {platform xbox 1} my gamertag is Carty092 thanks alot admin.

  57. Dame says:

    Gamertag..bobbyrushjrIII xbox360
    500,000 to if still possible???

  58. Sacrercrow says:

    can you please give me 1 billion platform ps 4 Scarecrow Nightwatcher

  59. Rob says:

    I need some money on ps4 plz user name TRAPGOD-87

  60. Matheuscgcg says:

    Can you give me a money ?

    Xbox: Matheuscgcg

    Level: no level please

    Money: 75 million

  61. jesse says:

    hi can u give me 12 million please and 1000 rep on my ps3….. thank u so much my name is goldenbeast75

  62. Cortez says:

    Can you help me out ? I want 5 billion cash or the maximum amount you can give me , I don’t need the rp my gt is rubabandmn on PS4

  63. Chase says:

    Hey can you give me 5 billion in cash and level 300 worth of rp im on xbox one my gt: itachi187uchiha

  64. Serkan says:


  65. Paiin.. says:

    Hey bro,
    Can u give me some money pleas like 3 billion.. no rp 😉 thank u. 🙂
    Name: Space Paiin platform: xbox one

  66. Jon Wilson says:

    Can u help me out I would like max cash and rep id is hammertime7877 platform is xbox one

  67. Damian says:

    Please please money. Damian_8989 PS4

  68. Damian says:

    Can I have money and rp 1 billion
    Gamertag: A0ne916
    Thank you

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